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Dec 30, 2020, 17:4712/30/20
Jan 8, 2021, 16:20(edited)

Forum ID: 9754582 

Account Name: Oskoo

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Player Id: um17556656 | 17296852

Name: Aeshma

Faction Dark Elves or Demonspawn


Dec 30, 2020, 17:5812/30/20
Dec 30, 2020, 18:01(edited)

Meet Möses 


user ID: um44832893

name: Lady_Loki

email: [email protected]

unfortunately I ran out of brown markers and couldn't  finish his antler.  



Dec 31, 2020, 02:1312/31/20

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Name: Uncle Ham

Faction: Skinwalkers



Dec 31, 2020, 02:4112/31/20
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ID: um22401374/22030866

Nickname: AlexKraisman

Email: [email protected] 

Dec 31, 2020, 04:4612/31/20

My raid email thingy: [email protected]

My raid account name thingy: Lady Pugasses

My Entry:

The Groundskeeper,

He would be like a shadier member of The Bannerlords, like a taskmaster for them. I would want him to have some kind of resurrection ability, for himself or someone else and also some debuff abilities, but that's really not my say though I guess. The plaid scarf means a lot to me!!!! Really ties his look together!!!!


Dec 31, 2020, 08:2112/31/20
Dec 31, 2020, 08:26(edited)

ID um44612791 | 43701943

nick name  KAI tracid

email  [email protected]


Dec 31, 2020, 12:1212/31/20


Dec 31, 2020, 12:3412/31/20
Jan 6, 2021, 10:08(edited)


Nickname     .Bageera.

ID.     UM22374424 | 22001159

[email protected]


1 skill. Attack three times, 50 % chance [fear penalty] on two moves. 

2 skill. Attack on all enemies 40% [Speed Penalty] and [parasit penalty] on two moves. 

3 skill. Puts a bonus on allies 60% defense for 2 turns. Applies a bonus to counterattack allies for 2 turns. 

3 skill. Puts a bonus on allies 60% defense for 2 turns. Applies a bonus to counterattack allies for 2 turns. Fills the energy of the team's turn by 30 %

4 skill. Attacks all enemies 2 times 30% chance [Penalty Defense] 60% and [Penalty Attack] 60% on 2 moves. 

Passive effect. When health drops below 50%. Gets a 60% Defense bonus and a 15% regeneration bonus on 3 turns. Total resistance [fear] and [true fear]. 

Aura increases the speed of allies in all battles by 30.


Ominous aura around the sword. 

Ominous aura around the hero. 

Skin pale White. 

Black armor. 

Eye socket Black. 

The iris of the eye, bright Red. 

Name The Soul Eater. 

Type of attack. 

The dark element. 

Faction Undead hordes. 

Total stats. 

HP - 23550

ATK - 1511

DEF - 1212

SPD - 105

C. RATE - 15%

C. DMG - 50%

RESIST - 50%

ACC - 10

Dear developers, please create this hero for me in the collection, I really want my own hero in the game Raid shadow legends. 

Dec 31, 2020, 16:1812/31/20

Oora the oracle.

High elf or dark elf, sed the color palets.

A1 Bask In The Shimmer. Attack once and transfer a debuff from this champ to an enemy. Attack twice if the enemy has more than 5 debuffs Attacks a Third time if it has 8 or more. If this attack cant place a debuff increase an a Mount of. Debuffs for an ammount of turna equal to the number of Attacks performed. Máx 3 debuffs increaseed 3 turns.

A2 passive. Purer than gold Clearer than water. This champion is affected by debuffs at the end of her turn. She can resist any debuff that would prevent her from taking a turn when placed,and again at the end of her turn if She has a reflect damage buff.

A3 Words of luminosity.

Places a 15% continuos heal and a 15% reflect. Damage on all allies for 3 turns. This reflect. Damage reflects all damage directed at allies even under shield block damage or. Inmortal.

A4 Glimmering Martyrdom. Passive

Whenever a debuff is placed on an ally has a 50% chance to transfer it to this champ. Works once per ability cant transfer more than 1 if 3 debuffs are placed on dame ally.

Whenever a champion takes damage or debuffs itself heal it for 20% its missing health and takes a random debuff from them. Increase their resistance by 10 stacks 5 times in a same fight. Might work with her own passive, see balance team.

If unable to take a debuff with this ability counterattacks with A1. Works when She has 10 debuffs every time A4 activates

It. Can combo with her A1 to autoattsck every turn every time a champion is debuffed and She tríes to take the debuff and cant cose She has 10.

Balancing would be on her A1 if it can proc giant slayer 1 or 2 or 3 times I lesve that to you guys xd

um11227702 | 11061479 plarium Id

Thunderoso is my ingame account name 

[email protected]   is my mail related to my account.

I'm posting a second time here because I'm not sure if I did it correctly the first time but it's the same entry and I'm the same person. This is for the art contest right?



Dec 31, 2020, 18:4312/31/20

RAID user ID: um40831753 | 40031441

Raid Account name:BobaFetaCheese

Email address: [email protected]



Dec 31, 2020, 20:1612/31/20
Dec 31, 2020, 20:27(edited)


[email protected] ;ID um68179772|66436547; Name: "Aphalin" 



Dec 31, 2020, 22:3212/31/20



1 - The Champion Head ( female with fire hair );

2 - Fireballs in Hands ( the palm of the hand should be colored with "hot color", due to the proximity of the fireball and the character having fire characteristics )

3- Two last images - Represents the Champion costume ( I didn’t highlight the champion’s face and hands together because I don’t have drawing material for miniatures ).

Player ID: um46549755 | 45575058

Player Account Name: LaxuShadow

Email connected my account: [email protected]

you for this opportunity given to all players ... I loved it !

Dec 31, 2020, 22:5012/31/20


Dec 31, 2020, 22:5212/31/20
Jan 1, 2021, 04:52(edited)

Player ID: um22975680 | 22588564

Account name: The Great Fox

Plarium ID: [email protected]



Affinity: Force

Champion type: attack 

Faction: Skinwalker

I like these skills if possible.

Default attack skill, "Plunder": attacks one enemy 3 times, steals one buff, and each hit has a 20% chance of stealing an extra buff.

 Skill, " 4 Barreled Flintlock" hits all enemies, has a 70% chance to place a 50% decrease accuracy debuff, and 100% chance to place a 100% decrease healing debuff for 2 turns.

Skill, "Smuggling" gives all allies a 50% increase attack buff,and a 50% increase accuracy buff for 3 turns.

Skill, "A bottle of rum" places a 50% decrease accuracy debuff on this champion for 2 turns, and places a 20% increase critical damage on this champion for 2 turns, also heels this champion 25% of there maximum HP.

Passive skill, Swashbuckler: when this champion receives a decrease defense debuff, this champion will reflect it back to the attacker, and will increase this champion's turn meter by 50%.

Concept by: The Great Fox.

Art by: Eccentric Monstrosity.

Jan 1, 2021, 00:2701/01/21

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