What we really need in Raid Shadow Legends

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29 September, 2019, 7:58 PM UTC

 Hi, im quite experienced player of this kind of games and I think I can bring some ideas over the table.

 1: Permanent calendar that will change every half of the year. Once in new year, from 1 to 31 december and another from 1 to 31 june.

Normal calendar would be something like 4x 5 days reward. Day 1 200 energy, day 2, 100k silver, day 3 1x random artefact, day 4 40 crystals, day 5 ancient shard. And the last 5 days it would change something like 500 energy, 300k silver, 2x epic 5 star artefact, 120 crystalls and void shard. The special monthly calendar would be something like we had couple months ago wiht ancient voids and a epic champion in the end.

  2: Sky Peak could be a great idea. 100 floors on easy and hard mode. Easy mode should be able to complete almost every early to midgame player, and hard one only for late game players who can complete all dungeon in the maximum level. And each stage 10 should have special reward and boss to fight against. The rewards for completing each floor could be something like this:

 Stage 1 to 9 mystery shard and 10k silver each stage, stage 10 = 1x free energy refill.

 Stage 11 to 19 mystery shard and 15k silver each stage, stage 20 = 20 crystals

 Stage 21 to 29 2x mystry shard and 20k silver each stage, stage 30 = 2x free energy refill and 1x arena refill.

 Stage 31 to 39 2x mystery shard and 25k silver each stage, stage 40 = 1x ancient shard

 Stage 41 to 49 3x mystery shard and 30k silver each stage, stage 50 = 60 crystals

 Stage 51 to 59 3x mystery shard and 35k silver each stage , stage 60 = 4x energy refill and 2x arena refill

 Stage 61 to 69 Rare tome and 40k silver each stage, stage 70 = Epic tome and 1x Clan Boss key

 Stage 71 to 79 2x rare tome and 50k silver each stage, stage 80 = 3x ancient shard and 60 crystals

 Stage 81 to 89 3x rare tome and 60k silver each stage, stage 90 = 1x void shard and 80 crystals

 Stage 91 to 99 1x epic tome and 100k silver each stage, stage 100 = 1x sacred shard and 240 crystals.

Hard mode reward can be x2 or x1.5 of the same. Also hard mode could make people run Frost set or toxic to complete it.

 3: even tho arena rewards of each weekend are random, they should have a guaranteed reward like crystals. Also add more arena leagues.

 I know these updates are huge, specially sky peak. but arena reward and calendar ones I don't think it will take much time to make it happen. The game right now is heavy pay to win, but with this updates it will make free to play players catchup faster and people wont get bored so quickly from the game. Based on all the adds and players coming right now, I think its a right move to do before people start to blacklist the game as pay to win.

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4 October, 2019, 9:17 PM UTC

how about fixing the artifact management and removing silver requirements to equip / unequip. we already have to grind for, and manage a ton of different sets and trying to experiment is just not worth the effort.

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6 October, 2019, 8:15 PM UTC

After playing this game a few months, I think you should consider making energy and potions available in the market to be bought with coins. Its funny how you want people to keep playing - and we do love playing this game - yet you make progressing difficult. Why should we spend our gems and cash for these when we already spend on artifacts, gems and shards?. And to make it worse, at level fifties, you only have about 120 energy meaning you only play a few times then run out of energy. That is pathetic. It’s like you don’t care if people play as long as they spend cash. 

Also, can you consider improving the drops in the dungeon? I don’t get why farming a stage 12 yields the same as farming a stage 5. Why do you have small potions in higher stages when only higher potions should be there. After all, the energy cost is higher. This doesn’t have anything to do with luck.
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9 October, 2019, 11:49 AM UTC
tournaments and events with potion prizes
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10 October, 2019, 5:27 PM UTC
I believe that removing the requirement of manually clicking on the heroes inside of the the sparing pit between each level, would be a great quality of life improvement to the game. This would allow the player to increase their character's level several times, even while they sleep or work. 
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12 October, 2019, 6:21 AM UTC
Less of the sales you guys have spend about fifteen minutes clicking on the sales to play the bloody game you guys are also stingy with giving anything away but of a con really and you don’t ever give shards higher than blue. Three reasons of a few why I’m uninstalling the game and going back to marvel c.o.c at least they aren’t stingy 
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12 October, 2019, 7:09 PM UTC

Sir, in order to allow more players to reach top chest, would it be possible to add a real time score within the clan boss battlefield?

like a progress bar with chest 4, 3, 2 and top chest with scores needed to reach them. That way, players who use a 3rd key just to get a few millions missing, could surrender their fight when done.

Most of the time, players use auto mode and leave their tablet for some time, and instead of reaching 40M for exemple in Nightmare mode, they reach 45+ millions....

With a real time score, more players would have access to top chest. 

Vault: 200 spots is way not enough, cause of faction wars, any epic can help and our inventory size is the problem. At least give us already 50 spots. 500 total would help. Ty


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16 October, 2019, 11:57 PM UTC

clan boss needs more hp 30 players in a clan unm cb 70m for top chest x30 is 2,100,000,000.00 currently its 1,171,200,000.00 thats just over half of what it should be even at 2.1b there would still be 1 or 2 people missing out on top chest because hp is not shown in clan boss during battle so people tend to go over so 2.2b hp and having a numerical value on top of his hp bar would help as well.

or just make his hp a infinite amount so he cant die and x2 chest at total clan damage threshold 1.1b 

because of this issue is why few people are getting salty/upset about unkillable/invulnerable teams nerfing is not a fix it creates more issues
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18 October, 2019, 9:34 PM UTC

Clan wars!

I’m hooked on this game. I’ve been playing it since March of this year and I just had a daydream moment about a clan war setup that players (including myself) would really enjoy. 

Here’s my idea(s)... Clan battles taking place once a week. 

Clan War Setup: This could be a period of 1-2 days where each clan member must choose from their assortment of champions to setup a defense. I thought it would be sweet to have it setup with 3 rounds as if you’re doing a campaign/dungeon run. 

Clan War Strategy: This could also be a 1-2 day period where each clan member is given 3 attempts to attack any opposing clan members defense. Each fight uses an attempt even if a player loses. If a fight is completed, a player earns a star for their clan and the next round is unlocked on the opposing members defense, until all 3 rounds have been completed. The clan with the most stars wins. 

Round 1 - 4 vs 4 - each player must have 4 champions on defense and must use 4 champions for an offensive attack. A champion can be used to both, attack and defend, but only in one round. 

Round 2 - 4 vs 4 - the same rules apply from round 1, but different champions are required.

Round 3 - 4 vs 1 - “the boss round” - each player can only choose one champion for defense and can use 4 champions to attack it. There could be some sort of handicap for the single defensive champion that would increase the difficulty for the 4 champions attacking it.

Random rules:

 1. If a clan member does not set up a defense in the required time, then an opposing clan member may use 4 of their weakest champions to use an attempt and complete a round, easily earning a star.

2. Champions placed on defense in round 1 are always visible to the opposing clan.

3. Champions placed on defense in round 2 are not visible to the opposing clan until round 1 of that clan members defense has been completed.

4. The champion placed on defense in round 3 is not visible to the opposing clan at any time until it has been attempted. 

5. If a clan of 30 members is put to war with a clan of 29 members or less, then it will round down by 5’s and the clan leaders/deputies must choose which members they wish to compete in that war. Some members may be required to sit the bench. Example: only 30 vs 30, 25 vs 25, 20 vs 20, etc.

Naturally, there would be some sort of reward pyramid. I’m sure there are all sorts of ideas that could spawn from this if they aren’t already in the works. I just know that it would make this game that much more fun! Hope to see something/anything like this in the future! Thanks!

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19 October, 2019, 9:57 AM UTC

The fight of the common

Up to now common Chars are more less only for "feeding" Chars which are higher in ranking.

What about giving those commons a second perspective?

I'm thinking about two things.

1. Open a dungeon or (even better) a campaign in wich are only 1st rang commons are allowed. Players now need to train, ascend and equip them to stand the first battles/stages

2. The higher the stages in that dungon or campaign the better the Chars need to be (as usual). But to defeat the tougher enemies the game should offer a new feature. Soemtihng like a "Druid's lab" or "Frankensteins garage" should be available at the players base. Just like "Sparring pit". At that location only 1st rang commons could be merged (for coins or diamonds etc.). With the merge it should be possible to create a new or modified common. The lab will therefore change/raise/add the basic stats and/or skills. Once a new common is formed ad a cloak or a hood to apperance of the original Char to indicate the merge.

To sum it up:

A new feature which allows rookies and veterans equally

- to experience some realy new challanges

- new Heros (which will not lower the chance to draw just "just another" Hero at the portal).

- participate those common 1st rank heros (more than just an other resource to spend) in the game

And watch them impact the "normal" game (arena, dungeons, campaingns) once merged with new built up stats and/or skills and upgraded in rank

Hope you find it interesting :-)

Greeitings Galley 

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19 October, 2019, 6:41 PM UTC

As someone else has suggested.. Some type of small daily login reward at least, PAST the 60 day mark. It keeps you wanting to login. Coins, energy, skills every once in awhile? Give us a little something. 

Also real time PVP, and friend pvp would be AMAZING! 
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23 October, 2019, 11:10 PM UTC

Vault design and Faction Wars:

When we want to go to a battle we are offered ONLY those toons that arent in the vault. This is wrong even more today with faction wars because the amount of toons, of different teams for each faction, plus the arena teams, plus campaign teams, plus dungeon teams with all their different setups... we dont have enough space outside of the vault.

Add to tthis all those toons we are grinding for lvling up... which are a lot.

So, when we are offered toons for combats, we should be offered also those that are in the vault.

If not, moving out and in the vault is timely consuming. Is not adding nothing but annoying us... its not what the game is about.

Plarium your position in this case would be fo rus to use the time for really playing, and not moving toons constantly in and out the vault because of a poor pool list design of how the toons are offered for battles.

Personally, for example, its not motivating so i just mostly dont engage into faction wars because how annoying is to move all the toons daily for different factions in and out the vault.

Are you reading this posts? is it worthy to bring you up these concerns? 


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24 October, 2019, 9:44 PM UTC

I am fairly new to this game but have enjoyed it.  The first 90 days were great because it gave you the ability to gain energy.  After 90 days you have limited play unless you want to spend money on gems or thru the mine which I have increased 3 times.  When I spend money I do not want to have to spend it to get gems in the game for energy.  The more you play the more you are likely to spend rl money on items or shard you want.  Please give us an additional way to gain energy so we can play for longer period of time.

Currently I have to stop playing around 4 so I can have energy to do my dailies.  I personally would like to have the option to play longer than the game allows me to.

Thank you in advance for reading this suggestion.
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26 October, 2019, 10:45 PM UTC

Hi so after playing this game both on mobile and PC, here are a few things I have found.

Clan Boss:

1. is it possible to give the player who kills the clan boss a boss key as a prize? Once our CB was at like 1% with like 9,000 life and no one would kill it. I had to waste a key for everyone else to get a prize, I lost one key and didn't do enough damage to earn any chest. It's the least that can be done since it takes 6hr to re-gen a key.

Special Events:

1. some of the goals for recent events seem very unreachable for some players, the points needed are too high.

2. In the recent Halloween event, the drop rates for the needed champs for fusion seem to be 0%. I spent an entire day in fire-knight stage 7 spending 1000 energy on 100 matches to get the Runic Warder to drop once, nothing! That 0 champ drops out of 100 matches.


1. more sort options  in the champs manager, like maybe sort by Type? (IE: Attack, HP, DEF etc. ) sort by Total Power? Sort by power Buff/Debuff (IE: HP burn, poison etc)

2. Please stop making us have to log in to click on a champ in the sparring pit. Why not just apply the red dot when a champ is at max level???

3. the current energy cap for the cost of end game content is too low. 130 total? 

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27 October, 2019, 11:20 PM UTC

I am curious to know if charging everyone coins to level gear the way plarium does it is legal. You seem ro have made a game of chance out of it and I am pretty sure that it constitutes gambling. Is this a game of chance? I have noticed that there is no specificity to leveling gear, it is completely random even when it says chances are high. Either way it sure seems like a sleazy way to get players to buy more coins. Grinding for gear and selling energy and then charging to replace gear is also petty. This is an interesting and entertaining game but between the 8 pages of pandering and the seemingly limitless charges it gets to be a bit much for the casual player. I am not looking for feedback and I will most certainly check the legalities of the gear upgrade gamble. Looking forward to posting my findings. Enjoy!

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29 October, 2019, 4:27 AM UTC

You guys made some really cool artifact designs and it would be great to see them on champs. I’m not suggesting we have visible artifacts, but rather a series of champs designed wearing the artifact sets. Could even make a faction out of them, like some sort of golems and have the Ice Golem and Fire Knight be faction members. Could even give them passives or abilities that are in line with the set bonuses.

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6 November, 2019, 4:36 PM UTC

Gameplay quality... 

  Vault and mark/flag: Hello it is I the infamous! Someone made some suggestions for vault improvements from another thread from Jan 2019 so Im bringing it here... The vault is an extremely weak area in the game and has MASSIVE potential! I along with the other players of the Raid community could be more... organized. We would appreciate it if we were able to view champion skills whilst in the vault so we wouldnt have to move them in and out... I feel there should also be the option to mark or flag champions with either a number or symbol (colored numbers preferred) so we can be furthermore organized thus we can quickly assemble teams and get to grinding! Suggestion: Add it to the lock function I guess... 

  Campaign menu set bonus preview: Allow us access to a quick preview of champion equip set bonuses by holding our thumb on a champion just like we do skills during battle. Sometimes I have multiples of the same champion and cant tell them apart except for a drop or rise in overall power when added or removed from the team. Or i have to hold my thumb on the character then select total stats and question which one had more of this or that, ultimately I back out and have to make a mental note.

  Sorting: Sorting champions (inclusive of the lock number flag mentioned above)... we should have many options to sort champions in every menu that champions are located whilst not in battle... which is almost every screen outside of battle. Especially in a game with as long and diverse a roster as Raid. Less headache

  Im not one to make suggestions on gameplay mechanics (stats or gear) or currency... that isnt my place personally,  but these aforementioned suggestions you all got to admit are reasonable.

PS. Dont forget about us now

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6 November, 2019, 5:37 PM UTC

Small suggestions:

1. Cheaper artifact swapping-- just like 5-10K cheaper

2. Void Shards in the market-- for like 1 or 2 million coins maybe?

3. Higher epic chances from void shards-- they are so much harder to get, but void shards are nearly as bad as ancient shards! Maybe 10-20% epic chance from void shards?

4. Dungeons dropping beers. I hate it when higher dungeon stages drop beer.

5. Guaranteed void shard drop. Like with ancient, after opening a certain amount of shards you get an epic. SO like every 10-20th void shard could be a guaranteed epic. 

6. Tabs in champion vault. One section for food, one section for fusion, one section for good champs that you just don't need right now, etc.

7. More champion storage. A HUGE ELEMENT IN THIS GAME IS COLLECTING CHAMPS! SO please can we have bigger storage so we can actually collect? 

8. Sacred void shards. Drops a void epic or leggy. THOSE WOULD MAKE BANK! :)

9. More Fusion. There should be like a rotation of fusion champs so more options are available.

10. Extend daily logins. They could be like the day 30-60 login rewards except for the end of the month drops a sacred shard instead of a guaranteed epic.

11. Refresh daily quests with gems THAT WOULD ALSO MAKE MONEY! :) 20 gems per refresh maybe?

12. Biweekly quests? There could be a void shard at the end. Weekly quests drop ancient, biweekly drops void and monthly drops sacred. It all makes sense.

Bigger suggestions:

1. Friends list. You should be able to have friendly battles against your friends.

2. Auction system-- Wouldn't it be cool if we could auction off champions in the chat? Like when you open the chat there will be a keyboard option and an auction. Hit the keyboard to type and the auction button opens a menu so you can chose to auction or bid on a champion. We could auction off champions for gems or start a new currency. And the person auctioning could get something like 25% of gems/whatever currency unit that they sold their item for. Kind of like fusion where it takes a lot of sacrificing dupes to get a new, it would take a lot of auctioning off old champs to be able to bid for a new one. 

I got a lot for this idea from this thread:


3. Clan wars: Requires 30+ clan member to play. Goes exactly like an arena except for you get paired with members of the other clam. Most medals at the end of a certain period of time wins. Then the winning clan gets a "clan wars chest" the more medals you got for your clan, the better the chest is. 

4. Live duels. When you go to the battle menu where you can select campaign, dungeon, arena, etc, there should be a live duels option. You get matchmade with another live player who is within 5 or so levels from you. Fight to the death and winner gets like a medal or something and X medals gives you a chest or something like that.

5. More detailed champion reviews. Input artifact recommendations. For the reviews for a champ, you should be able to leave a review of what artifacts you use. You could select campaign, dungeon, or arena, depending on what you use your champion most for. Then select what artifacts you use. So if I just pulled a new champ I could go and see what other players have said about what gear works best for what area. You should also be able to write reviews for a champion instead of just leaving a number. SO I could get a new champ and scroll through to see what other people have to say. about it.

Thank you to anyone who has read this far, because I know I typed a lot!

Hope Plarium considers!

Best regards!

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9 November, 2019, 4:30 PM UTC
Implement a trade post so clan members can trade or sell anything they have.
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11 November, 2019, 8:05 AM UTC

Champion comparison rework. Making comparing champions easier would help building the appropriate team more efficient. Something like this, but smaller scaled so we can have a few on screen at the same time.

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