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Soulforge Recruiting: 5 clans - beginner to end game

Soulforge Recruiting: 5 clans - beginner to end game

Mar 1, 2024, 02:1003/01/24

Soulforge Recruiting: 5 clans - beginner to end game

Soulforge is recruiting for one of its five clans. We are looking to fill the rosters with active players who want to have fun and be part of a great community.

We have a lot of experienced player willing to help members through any part of the game. 

Soulforge [RAIS]

General Requirements: (We down UNM, NM, Brutal and Hard Clan Boss)

• Minimum Player Power of 1.5M, however exceptions can be made.

• Must earn at least 2 stars of activity level per day.

• Must be hitting UNM and/or NM Clan Boss - no key requirements, as the Clan Bosses go down pretty easily, your loss (sacred/void shards etc) if you don't hit them.

Hydra: (Currently downing Nightmare, Brutal and Hard every rotation)

• Looking for Nightmare and/or Brutal Hydra hitters.

• All we ask is that you try and use all your keys. We don’t care how you use them.

CvC: (Generally bounce between Tier 5 & 6)

• Minimum point requirement of 100k non-PR and 150k for PR, however, if we are pushing for a win, we like to see people actually try and push past the minimum if possible.

• Although we discourage running inefficient areas of the game like Potion Keeps, and Minotaur during any CvC, there is a hard rule that no member should be running these areas at all during a PR CvC.

Clan Quests:

• You may take only one Elite and Expert quest in the first 24 hours, after that it’s free game.

Don't meet the requirements for Soulforge 1, but still looking for a home? Join our discord below and ask about our other clans!

Soulforge Discord: (come say hello!)