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Seeking ACTIVE players with discord

Seeking ACTIVE players with discord

Sep 13, 2023, 18:4009/13/23

Seeking ACTIVE players with discord

This is a casual clan. We are still competitive and active but we do not require any weird stuff other clans ask for. Any level is welcome, we all help eachother grow.

We have up to UNM clan boss unlocked and Easy and Normal are downed daily. Hard and Brutal are very close to being downed daily. Most people in here are early/mid-game players with around 5 late-game players. We have up to Hydra Hard unlocked and very close from downing Normal daily. We usually win around 90% of the time in CvC maxing out our reward threshold and the results are always posted in the discord for proof. We have won the last 2 or 3 Hydra Clashes as well.


1. Hit clan boss/hydra so we can all get better rewards as a clan. 

2. Join the discord because this is where all of the communication is done (raid chat sucks)