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15 July, 2019, 4:15 PM UTC

Looking for english speaking clan not hard core but active that kill hard clan boss and is easy going

Im lvl 59 but with no legendary heroes (no luck) and am still learning for end game play

use 2-4 keys on raid boss per day, i do 3.8-5 mil damage on hard clan boss per key

Name in game is Nyghtshade, leave message here or pm me in game for clan invite if you could use my character

Thank you
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15 July, 2019, 9:38 PM UTC

hi there!

So My friend made this clan called The black fang and we are still grinding our way to getting good characters but we would love to have some more people in the clan to kill the clan boss and making it an active clan.

So join if you are interested we would appreciate it!

Kind regards,

Kaasblokjes and Demos Murmur

Clan Details:

name: The Black Fang

can be found with the [NEMU]

Clan leader: Demos Murmur

Co-leader: Kaasblokjes

members: 13/30

Clan power: 1.611.049

Ranking points: 26.710

We can beat the easy boss repeatedly

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