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Banned no reason

Banned no reason

Apr 29, 2020, 23:4404/29/20

Banned no reason

Hello I got banned for refund abuse, I've never asked for a refund, I got a 1 week ban. I put in a ticket to try to resolve this, andended up getting a 3 week ban. 

I havent purchased anything in about a month,and I know for sure I didn't for any refund. 

I am stressed out about this because I have no idea what caused it. Ive sent tickets, tried looking up other support options amd running out of ideas. Can anyone help me please!

Thank you

May 5, 2020, 06:3505/05/20

Hi, sorry to hear about your issues. Refund abuse bans are usually automatically placed on the account when the player refunds multiple purchases through Apple/Google.

When it comes to bans for refund abuse and other payment issues, moderators cannot help and you will need to wait for support's official reply.

If you have already raised the ticket, please have more patience and support will respond to you as soon as  they can. 
Make sure the ticket is marked as Opened, not Resolved. If you received an automatic reply, read through that and reply with requested information. 

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