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Chargeback ban

Chargeback ban

Aug 24, 2021, 19:2508/24/21

Chargeback ban

Hi, there were some mistakes made on my end with the card used for payment of a few things one day. I did not realise I had used the wrong card until I received an e-mail yesterday that a chargeback was issued (I do work/finances for a family member and often have their card, they were alarmed at charges from a Swiss location, and thought it was fraud, but it was just an accident on my part as both of our cards are identical), and the representative wanted to know why that had happened. I explained the situation and was met this morning with a ban on my account. 

I was expecting a followup from plarium, telling me how the issue could be resolved, and if it wasn't that a ban would be issued. I received no such message telling me how to resolve it, and did not even get an email saying I was banned, all I have is a ban message upon login. This is quite absurd, support is taking a very long time to get back to me, and I'd like to login and participate in this CVC, as I've been holding resources since the last one ended. I WANT TO PAY WHAT I OWE, TELL ME HOW I CAN THIS SO THE PROBLEM CAN BE RESOLVED FOR ALL PARTIES INVOLVED.

Aug 24, 2021, 21:0108/24/21
Aug 24, 2021, 21:02(edited)

Heya Static. It seems like you opened a support ticket, right? Did you respond to the automated email that support sent you?

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