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Please help - 24 hours after purchase - Still nothing in game

Please help - 24 hours after purchase - Still nothing in game

Apr 19, 2021, 03:4604/19/21

Please help - 24 hours after purchase - Still nothing in game

I made 2x pack purchases yesterday but didnt get anything in game.  I contacted Palarium's support and got an email in the middle of the night saying the "issue has already been fixed." I thought that would mean the shards were in my mail in the morning but I have not yet received anything in yet in game.  

Its a bit worrysom since i was planning to pull durring the 2x and having these extra shards secure my 2nd place in the current tournament so i could score the extra fragments for the fusion, but time is running out.  

Any support from anyone would be appreciated!

Support request - 2916165 

Apr 19, 2021, 05:0504/19/21
Apr 19, 2021, 11:21(edited)


All I can say is: You aren't alone in this.

I picked up (or tried to pick up) a couple of event advantage packs. The content didn't come through and I got the same kind of reply from their support, and have been going back and forward with them throughout yesterday via email. Extremely poor response and now they are asking to see bank statements and all that kind of nonsense, despite the fact that they could simply look up my account, view the purchase history and then look into whether the items have been delivered or not (hint: they haven't).

Extremely absurd situation, and certainly one that makes me hesitant to spend any money on this companys titles in the future, and has left me in a position of having to review what further actions I could take if they wont fulfill or cancel the orders.

Update: Can confirm that this was ultimately addressed and that the relevant items purchased were injected into the account after game maintenance.