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Purchased Pack, Items not received

Purchased Pack, Items not received

Nov 27, 2020, 16:3111/27/20

Purchased Pack, Items not received

Hey Guys,

since i am not able to make an official Support Ticket on both Links through the Plarium FAQ, i suppose this is the next best option!

To clarify, plarium-play-faq on zendesk is not satisfied with the ID copied to my clipboard out of the game and plariumsupport on zendesk has no option to select RAID as a game.

I purchased the "Black Friday Pack" through my client on PC (first time i did this on here), usually i use my phone and never had issues, but now it did not work as intended! I purchased through the new window, the purchase is listed in my Paypal-App and the money is yours already, but the Pack is still available for purchase and i did not receive any items!

Please fix this, thank you!