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Attaining Centurion in summon rush event

Attaining Centurion in summon rush event

Jul 15, 2019, 18:5807/15/19

Attaining Centurion in summon rush event

In this current Foli event, Plarium has done multiple events to make users use actual money to buy energy and buy shards to attain certain heroes to fuse into Foli as well as not to mention the time required to achieve certain goals.

In my situation, I've spent tremendous amount of time and money to acquire certain heroes and to reach certain objectives. In order to fuse into Foli, I needed Towering Titan and Centurion which can only be attained by the event or by summoning in Void shards. I purchased two Void Shards pack which costed me more than $190 but I couldn't get Towering Titan (which is understandable because it's Epic) or Centurion (which is NOT understandable because it's just a normal rare and not to mention, Void Shards ONLY summon Void class and I could not even get normal rare Void Centurion despite paying $190).  I attained Towering Titan with effort through the event which was ok.

So what does Plarium do now? It launches an event to attain Centurion which itself is ok but how many points are required for Centurion?  1750 points.  I thought Plarium was going to be little more generous but it’s not the case.

Please Plarium, if I had known that I needed to earn huge points for Centurion, I would've surely waited for the Summoning event to use my Void shards to earn my points but if I am forced to pay again to earn enough points for the summoning rush event, I would have to pay at least another $160 to $180 which I have done before so as a dedicated customer who has spent a lot of money to your service which is more than average, would you be so kind to give me Centurion for free or at least any offer as a compensation?

As a dedicated customer, I sincerely hope that you can see how much I have invested in your service to see how much I'm worthy of compensation.

Looking forward to your reply.