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Bug Report Guidelines

Bug Report Guidelines

AndriiTechnical Support
Jun 13, 2018, 10:4306/13/18

Bug Report Guidelines

Welcome to our Bug Report section!

We designed it to collect bug reports from you and forward them to our developers. We appreciate your cooperation. It allows us to locate and fix bugs faster and easier.

The pinned topics at the top of Bug Report section contain information that can help you solve issues immediately. Read them before posting or creating a topic to keep the forum as clear and concise as possible.


Please enter a keyword from your query in the search option before creating a new bug report. This could help you find an existing bug report and solve your problem faster.


Make sure you have described your issue in detail and provided enough information for our team to reproduce the error. This makes transferring the bug report to our developers easier. You can find detailed instructions for creating reports in the section “Creating Bug reports”.


Make sure you pick the right thread for your report. Off-topic posts may be archived, closed, or moved to other threads.


You will need to create an individual topic for each issue you report. This helps us avoid confusion in the thread and makes issues easier to find by searching.


If a bug only affects your account, or if our developers request additional information from you, we will contact you directly via your personal inbox.

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