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Little Miss Annie - a nuker you don't want.

Little Miss Annie - a nuker you don't want.

Sep 9, 2021, 20:5909/09/21

Little Miss Annie - a nuker you don't want.


I became the happy owner of a new void hero - Little Miss Annie. But after learning the skills of the hero I was upset. This hero has too many exceptions  "if" and has no mass attack. This hero not applicable in the arena  and not applicable in the 25 dungeons. 

For example  Brakus the Shifter have the best arena skills (revive+attack+buff) or Candraphon have best  damage on the first skill. 

Little Miss Annie this is a hero who can't become the best anywhere. 

Please support me those who have this hero.

I want the administration to see the problem of this hero and will be a rebalancing of his skills. 

So that we can play this hero in the arena or in the dungeons with pleasure.

Nov 5, 2021, 11:4911/05/21

Hello @aleksey

little miss annie is a very interesting champion

as you described she is very conditional and requires a lot of setup to run effectively, but when she's got those, she's a monster, literally.

im going to list some positives of this champion and hopefully it'll give annie players some inspiration, 

very high base atk at ''1597'' and generally very high spd/cdmg base stats, as well as a lot of tm gain in passive skills

a passive which allows her to auto hit her ''killer'' upon revive, you can push this heavily and build her around revivers such as raglin with a very short revive cooldown, and/or arin (void epic SO) 

her a3 is insane when the condition is fulfilled

''Will repeat attack a second time if the target has both higher DEF and higher MAX HP than this Champion. ''

at a multiplier of ''5.7'' per hit, that is a whopping ''11.4''x atk multiplier!!!

lemmi know if i missed anything, 

i know this post is very old, so perhaps you have found many different uses for her since,

kind regards