Dilemma between : Gorgorab and FrostBringer

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12 July, 2019, 7:27 AM UTC

Hello Everybody,

I apologize in advance if I am posting this message in the wrong category : Indeed, in "Game Discussion", I see one guy with multiple posts in Chinese. Thought it was spams.

SO… I pulled Gorgorab yesterday (a hero I wanted for long time) but got also Frostbringer…

It will be the character to go first in the Arena buffing my team however:

Gorgorab boost the turn meter by 15% (one time) and +50% attack (two turns)

Frostbringer boosts the speed by 30% (two turns) and + 50% attack (two turns)

My point of view is Frostbringer worthy to evolve as Speed 30% in two turns is more valuable than 15% Turn meter only one time?

If skilled up, yes, Gorgorab has 3 turns cooldown while Frostbringer has 4 turns cooldown.

Can i have your thoughts about it please?

Thank you in advance!
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12 July, 2019, 6:26 PM UTC

The answer is actually not very satisfying, as it is "depends".

Gorgorab is often picked first because he is trying to guarantee you the first hit. That is invaluable in Arena, especially with Speed Teams you delete most of your opponents before they can even attack once. Frostbringer holds - in my opinion - a bit more Overall-Utility, but you would miss out on the first turn, since his aura is stronger for that as well. So if you really planning on only playing that certain Champion in the Arena I would go for gorgorab.
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