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Introducing Our Moderators

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15 June, 2019, 11:25 AM UTC

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! The time has come to introduce our knights in shining armor - the players that are there to help you, guide you, listen to your feedback and suggestions and communicate those to us. They are working on our forum, in Discord, covering the Facebook and Youtube pages. They always stay in touch with us, community managers, and our colleagues from the support team to let us know what our players talk about, which issues they face, which suggestions they put forward, etc. These players are a link that connects us with you guys. They have agreed to help us out of sheer enthusiasm and because of their love for the game. They are the people you can trust.

I will tell you a couple of words about them so that you know who you go to when you want to talk about things:

1. KiwiMcSheep (in Discord and on the forum)

Favorite champions: Alure, Tomb-Lord, Venus, Zargala and Bad-el-Kazar

Family man that loves to aquascape, just started the hobby and now up to 4 tanks. Also, go the All blacks! (rugby sports team)

KiwiMcSheep has been with us the longest, since Beta, he is a pro in game mechanics and a real go-to guy.

2. Sezzy (in Discord and on the forum)

Favorite champion: Athel

Enjoys spending time with his kid, eating fish soup, listening to rock music and other music genres. He is one of the moderators who have been with us the longest and specializes in technical questions, like game performance, account issues etc. He is very affable and manages to be in all places at the same time :)

3. Thorrium (in Discord and on the forum)

Favorite champions: Outlaw Monk

Enjoys simple things: a walk on the beach, a cold beer, ganking Alliance players in WoW .

4. Hasahyo (in Discord)

Favorite champions: Tayrel, Steelskull, Coldheart

Enjoys tennis, squash, gym, swimming, sleeping, hamburgers with double bacon, steaks, pizza, pasta, red wine, ice cream, chocolate, thrillers, criminal, sci-fi and fantasy movies .

5. karhullu (in Discord and on the forum)

Favorite champion: Athel

Loves video games, has been playing them since early childhood. When not gaming, likes to work on his photography skills and travel around the world.

6. ChosenBrad (in Discord and on the forum)

Favorite champions: Bad-el-Kazar, Kael, Apothecary

Enjoys playing and watching sports like football, basketball, golf.

7. Silent6 (in Discord and on the forum)

Favorite champions: Nethril and Skullcrusher

Enjoys hockey, pasta, reading Mark Tufo’s books, and spending time with family.

8. 7thSense (in Discord and on the forum)

Favorite champions: Tayrel, Julliana and Romero

Enjoys gaming, camping, sushi, rock music, American football (The Steelers) .

9. Fynn Dralig (in Discord) Constnt Sar0 (on the forum)

Favorite champions: Thenasil; Executioner; Kael

Enjoys mobile gaming(Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and Marvel Strike Force), fishing, hunting, any works by J.R.R. Tolkien. Currently working on his Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

10. Urahara0 (in Discord and on the forum)

Favorite champions: Venus

An avid book reader, always with a new book at hand. Loves sushi, tacos and energy drinks. Has an eclectic taste in music, from opera to dubstep to everything in between ^^. A gamer at heart, and right now waiting for Cyberpunk, Ghost Recon, Outerworlds and the new Final Fantasy.

11. Habits (in Discord) gperri00 (on the forum)

Favorite champions: Lyssandra, Warlord, Longbeard, Smashlord

Loves murder mysteries, Negroni is by far the most favorite drink.

12. Henry8th (in Discord and on the forum)

Favorite champions: Coldheart and Kael

Enjoys gaming as a whole, playing chess, listening to self-improvement books (recommends Start with why by Simon Sinek), watching Dota2 tournaments, rugby and golf, tries to do the whole gym thing and keeping in shape as a rule of a thumb with the fiancee.

13. OpheliaA1 (in Discord and on the forum)

Favorite champion: Executioner

Starbucks is his home. Loves drawing, is growing butternut squash, watches anime. A lot.

14. ooSKITHIRYXoo (in Discord and on the forum)

Favorite champions: Rae, Venus

An industrial electrician that enjoys fine bourbon and the magic of a gathering.

So, there they are. It is very much likely that we will be hiring more players that are willing to help us and make their contribution to the game. And that’s something for you to think about :)

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