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Artifact unequip suggestion

Artifact unequip suggestion

Dec 8, 2020, 02:1512/08/20

Artifact unequip suggestion

I know everyone complains about the unequip cost for artifacts. This post isn't about that.

Plarium seems convinced to keep artifact costs high. I am totally okay with that. The player base also wants the process to be smoother, and to have more inventory space. I also agree with that. I have a solution (I think) that will work well and makes realistic sense. 

Reverse the unequip cost and have it as an equip cost. The cost could be worded as a "tailoring fee." Obviously armor is not 1 size fits all. So you tailor that piece to one specific champion. We will use Coldheart for this example. You tailor an entire set to Coldheart. You can now unequip it for free, however that suit is bound to any Coldhearts you have. You can also keep sets equipped to your (Coldheart) champions and cycle through them. If you have 2 of the same champion they see the same wardrobe. 

In order to equip it to a new champion, you now have to "tailor " it to them, renewing the cycle.

Jan 21, 2021, 19:1301/21/21
Jan 21, 2021, 19:14(edited)

Sounds like a nice idea but there is still a silver inflation. This might fix some problems but for f2p players like me, this would not be a long term solution. After watching Ash: RAID shadow legends, he came up with a sort of solid solution. He came up with the idea of making a specific boss fight to just to grind silver. Sadly with this, there could be a silver deflation where the silver currency value would drop. There really isn't a solid solution without causing another problem.

Jan 26, 2021, 03:5301/26/21
Jan 26, 2021, 15:39(edited)

Artifact upgrade suggestion:

Why not adjust the minimal chance to low instead for the lvl13 to 16. It still costs a ton of silver to max but the odds are a bit better for the f2p and/or small time spenders like me, because well your packs ARE expensive and more suited to those with deeep pockets.

Mini Mix Pack suggestion:

1 energy refill, 2 xp boost 3days, 1 ancient shard. Worth 3 US dollars.


Edited: 3 xp boost 3days, 1 ancient shard. Worth 3 US dollars

Energy suggestion: why not increase the maximum more than the present at 130, maybe max it out at 230.


Just adjust the energy recharge rate to 35 per hour instead of the present 20 per hour.

Campaign energy cost suggestion: adjust the brutal campaign by 1 to 2 less energy cost per non boss stage.

Or adjust the nightmare campaign energy cost to 10 energy per non boss stage.

Edited: When you have chain energy offers, why not just show us all the prices, dont hide the price of each succeeding offer so we can check if we can afford to start and finish the chain since not all players can just whale out, you are just scaring away potential buyers.

Thanks for considering.

Jan 26, 2021, 04:1701/26/21

I understand people would say it is possible to exist in this game completely f2p with the present energy and artifacts upgrade costs, but the grind becomes too painful if you cant make any more adjustments and settle for the present flow of cash, plarium needs to eat too i know. its a sweet victory for game devs making continuous money off of this game. Just try to consider more on adjustments for the little guys pls.

Thank You

Jan 29, 2021, 23:0101/29/21

As a alternative to the suggestion made in the original post:

Would it be possible to add a "Tailor" step to the end of the equipping process, so a player could change multiple pieces of gear and see the overall effect before committing any silver to the change? So everything would stay the same as it currently is except:

  • There would be an extra button that would say something like "Tailor".
  • When this button is pressed all the gear that is currently on the champion would be equipped and any silver costs would be incurred at that time. (a pop-up notification like the current one would be ideal if the change resulted in removing a piece of gear from another champion)

This would allow players to compare an entire wardrobe change instead of only being able to compare 1 artifact piece at a time. This change could be done with either an unequip cost like in the current game, or with an equip cost like the original post suggested.

I think this would improve the user experience without upsetting the balance of the game at all and encourage players to tinker more with their artifacts.

Thank You

Feb 3, 2021, 12:5302/03/21

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