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(Notice) Player Suggestions That Will Not Be Implemented

(Notice) Player Suggestions That Will Not Be Implemented

Apr 19, 2019, 13:2404/19/19

(Notice) Player Suggestions That Will Not Be Implemented

Greetings, everyone!

Ever since the global launch, we’ve been receiving numerous suggestions from our players, both old and new. A lot of these are similar in the significant aspects or even outright duplicate one another. Some of these suggestions cannot be implemented into the game for a variety of reasons. For the sake of making our position clear and eliminate the need for the Moderators and Community managers to post the same point over and over, I’ve compiled a few of the popular suggestions that will not be implemented into the game and added our reasoning for that.

General Things To Keep In Mind™

When making a suggestion, do not aim for any grant changes that will affect the main mechanics of Raid, its core balance (such as fully changing the way Stats work), etc. We have received so many suggestions for massive features that sound really cool, but would take a huge amount of time and resources to iron out and develop. We will not be accepting these.

What is more likely to be considered:

  • Quality of Life improvements - UI adjustments, small additions to its functionality etc.
  • General Champions Balance - While we will not necessarily take direct suggestions on how to improve a Champion’s Skills, we are taking note of who is underperforming and flagging them for review and potential changes
  • Dungeons, Events, Challenges, Progress Mission - Like with Champions, we will not necessarily take a direct suggestion on how this or that is to be improved, but we are taking note of things that appear to be the most troublesome (Artifact Challenges 6.1 and 6.2 being the most recent example as they are already marked for being changed in one of the upcoming Updates)

Suggestions That Will Not Be Implemented

1) Making Artifact Removal and Swap free. This is a frequent one. However, we have no plans of implementing this on a regular basis. There might be temporary events, there might be some features in the future to make Artifact Builds easier to swap, but none of that is set in stone right now.

The reason is fairly simple. Artifacts, especially at max level, make up the bulk of a Champion’s Stats. Artifact Sets have different bonuses that have a dramatic effect on gameplay, strategy, and the efficiency of certain Champions. Allowing these Artifacts to be swapped for free whenever the player wants would upset the balance of the game too much, making it very easy to min-max your team for each and every specific challenge. It would be most unfair in PvP, where players could easily equip their Champions to counter a specific opponent, then change the setup to counter another team, and so on. Attackers have a significant advantage of being able to control their team manually already, this would skew the scales far too much.

We have also made certain Silver can be obtained with relative ease by farming Artifact Dungeons, selling unwanted old Artifacts, gaining it as a reward for other activities in the game.

2) Significantly increase the chances of Epic and Legendary Champions. Champion drop rates are in line with many other games in the genre. Legendary Champions are not common (pun very much not intended) and are not meant to be. There are many Epic and even Rare Champions that can serve as a basis for an excellent team. Moreover, we already have the means to obtain Sacred Shards regularly via completing Monthly Quests.

3) Remove Energy from the game and make every stage free. Far too many features and mechanics are tied in to the finite - yet renewable - resource. Without it, we would have to revamp the entire Level Up and Rank Up system, remake many rewards, reconsider a typical game cycle and, generally, turn Raid upside down.

4) Make Artifact Upgrades cost a flat value in Silver. The current system was designed with luck being part of it. You might get your max upgrade from the first try, you might have to wait a while until the upgrade procs. In general, the average upgrade cost is much lower than the giant numbers frustrated players throw out in their comments - as per all metrics we have. We are, however, aware that the system is frustrating as it is and there will be improvements in the future.

5) Make a fixed Event schedule and make it visible in the game at all times. That is not currently in the plans. Events will be mixed and changed every so often, we are going to try different goals and milestones. But giving more of an advanced warning than is already given will affect the balance of these Events too much. Not every Event is meant to be simple and having a week or more to prepare will eliminate the challenge - for veteran players specifically.

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