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Feedback Forum Guidelines

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26 June, 2018, 1:10 PM UTC

Welcome to Raid: Shadow Legends Feedback forum!

As you probably know by now, the game is currently in Soft Launch phase and thus feedback from our players is going to be very important. To make certain this feedback is delivered in the most efficient way possible, and to give you some insight into how we are going to work with this, we are posting this small set of guidelines.

First and foremost, these are the things we take into consideration when deciding whether certain changes are to be implemented:

  • Data and statistics that our Developers obtain from live servers; 
  • Feedback received from our players across various community platforms; 
  • Reports submitted by Plarium testers; 

Balance requirements. This is somewhat vague and hard to define, but if this becomes a reason some feature is changed we will do what possible to explain the reasons behind it.

And here are several guidelines to keep in mind before posting in the forum.

  • Be sure to search the forum first, it is entirely possible someone has already suggested something similar or even exactly the same thing; 
  • Keep your feedback constructive. We are more than happy to hear everyone’s opinion, but threads or posts that break forum rules, lead the discussion away from a productive path or are disrespectful members of the community, they may be removed at Community Manager’s or Moderator’s discretion.  
  • We will be doing our best to respond to every post currently. However, in the future that is likely going to become impossible. Because of that remember to voice your support to the suggestions that you find useful. 

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback!

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