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Semi-Returning to the game

Semi-Returning to the game

Jan 23, 2022, 20:5101/23/22

Semi-Returning to the game

After about a hear hiatus, I decided to give the game another try. I got burned out grinding out champions/opening shards in the hope to get the resources I needed to complete factions wars (and of course my timing is great because they just opened the shadow kin crypt, lol).

In any case, havng fun diving back in and beginning from where I left off. I'm trying to be more casual about the game, but like always, I still want to optimze my account and my time.

At the moment I really only have two questions:

1. I completed most of the dunguons on level 25, but their run times have now drastically increased. Spider is now at 2:30 mins, which is respectible, Dragon is at 4:30 which is on the long side and the other two are just too long. The waves take the longest. I don't expect to get Seer anytime soon, so I am not sure if this will improve. 

My question is should I stick to my quicker level 20 runs for farming purposes? Are the level 25 rewards THAT much better?

2. I logged in throughout the year to get the free legendary characters. I pulled what shards I still had and got some fairly decent champs. I'm wondering who should be next to levle up:

Uugo - Seems great overall and would help me finish faction crypts.

Ninja - Seems like a great champion and would help me grab some quick stars for faction wars. I know I am going to need a lot more to progress, but he could be use elsewhere.

Ursula the Mourner - Same as Uugo.

 Nothing else seems to be jumping off the pages to me. Attached is my current roster.

Good to be back. Let me know your thoughts.




Jan 23, 2022, 20:5601/23/22

To your first question - no, 25 is not worthwhile really. The real comparison is between 20 and 24. The consensus is pretty much that 24 is slightly better if you only care about gear. If you're taking much longer on 24, just stick with 20.

To your second - hard to answer that question without knowing what you are trying to advance in. Your roster of 60s seems pretty deep already. I don't know if any of the three you mentioned will help you hugely anywhere, but I guess if I had to pick one, I'd go with Ninja. But I could give you a much more accurate answer if I knew what your focus was.

Jan 24, 2022, 23:1801/24/22

Thank you for your input regarding the dungeons. That helps a lot.

I hadn't asked that question. I guess in general it would be to advance in missions, clear waves faster in doom tower/dungeons, widdle away at faction wars and get back to Gold IV. 

For arena, my team has been artiber -> lysandra - > madem serris -> kael. I think it's time to switch kael out for Astalon or possibly someone else I haven't used yet (Lua maybe).

In general, it seems like Ninja would be a good place to start.

Jan 25, 2022, 01:4301/25/22

1.  The  Dungeon  you  farm  just  depends on  your  plans

Stage  20  -  Better  for  Event  points

Stage  25  -  Better  for  Leggo  gear  drops

Stage  24  -  A  Fair  Blend  of  Both  -  Event  points  &  Leggo  drops

If  your  plan  is  to  get  points  for  Fusion  event,  Stage  20  would  be  best

If  your  plan  is  to  get  better  gear  in  general  for  your Heroes,  Stage  25  would  be  best

If  your  plan  is  to  get  a  mixture, but  not  the  best  in  either  category,  Stage  24  would  be  best

2.  I  don't know  which  Faction's  you  have  finished  so  I  can't give  a  clear  answer  on  who  you  should  level  up  next  to  60.

All  I  can  do  is  give  you  recommendations of  heroes I  have  leveled  up  for  my  teams.

Minus  the  3  heroes you  already  mentioned

A  few  heroes on  your  roster  who  I  would  level  include:

-  Umbral Enchantress

-  Golden  Reaper

-  Cardinal

-  High  Khatun

-  Fenax

-  Warchief

-  Vrask

-  Visix

-  Ursine  Ironhide

-  Seneschal

-  Jareg

-  Elder  Scarrd

-  Coldheart  2nd  one

-  Renegade

-  Cage  Breaker

-  Peydma

-  Yoshi

-  Skytouch  Shaman

Most  of  these  heroes I  am  telling you  to  max  to  lvl  60  I  already  own  at  lvl  60.

The  only ones  I  don't have 60 are  some  of  Leggo's  which  I  haven't pulled  from  shard.

3.  You  mentioned an  Arena  question  in  your  comments.

You  have  several  teams  you  could  use.

Arena  Offense:  I  would  go  with  a  Speed  Team

Option  A:  Golden  Reaper  or  Lyssandra  -->  Arbiter  -->  Madam  Serris  -->  Astralon 

Option  B:  Lyssandra  -->  Kymar  -->  Ghostborn  -->  Astralon 

Arena  Defense:  I  would  go  with  Resistance Team  or  Cheese  Team

Option  A:  Duchess  -->  Zelotah  -->  Iron  Brogni  -->  Rhazin

Option  B:  3  Heroes  Die  -->  Cardinal -->  Skytouch  Shaman  -->  Ghostborn  -->  Astralon

I  could write  more  Arena  teams,  but  I  don't   feel  like  writing a  wall  of  text  so  I  just  gave  2  options for  reach.

Feb 4, 2022, 17:5702/04/22

I've been meaning to reply to this since I've been playing again for about two weeks. Thank you for all of the insights and advice. First, let me answer your questions Player J

1. Factions wars - I have High Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs, Demonspawn, Banner Lords and Barbarians fully done. Knights I'm at the final boss. Dwarves, Ogryn and Skin are mid 50s. Lizardmen and Undead are really low. Lizardmen I could progress and if I leveled some up, but for Undead, I sadly don't have really good characters that are worth taking to 60. 

2. I opted to level Uugo and Ninja to 60. Uugo is fully booked, but I am holding onto lego books because I am not sure if I should book Astralon for his A3 or to book Ninja, Smashlord or The Tower. I have 18 books, so I have some wiggle room. I have some new duplicates that I will share that will likely need to be booked.

In any case, I'm trying to figure out what I want to do and I have some idea. I just had a pretty crazy shard pull (which I will share in different post) and that might change what I want to do in the near future. That being said, here are my current goals so to speak.

1. Farm Arena Gold IV - I feel like my speed team is solid over all, but I keep getting beat by other speed teams. My Arbiter's speed is sitting at 335 and I can't get it higher without having some tripple or quad speed rolls.  Farming gear, but this one is going to be determined by RNG.

2. Progress through faction wars: This will require leveling, moving gear around, etc. I think I can make some progress with leveling certain champs or moving gear around. However, as I get further into Undead, Lizardmen and Dwarves and Ninja, I'm going to need different champs.

3. Tag Team Arena - This has never been a huge goal of mine, but it seems like this would be a good investment of time.

So yeah, still trying to figure things out. Any insights are always appreciated.

Feb 4, 2022, 18:0902/04/22
Feb 4, 2022, 18:13(edited)

335 speed is more than enough for G4. What's your current setup? I see two workable ones:

1) Arbiter + Kreela + Sinesha + [someone]. Do you have Skullcrown? That's a classic blender comp.

2) Arbiter + Umbral + Ghostborn + Turvold.

As for tag:

Team 1 - Team 1 above

Team 2 - Kymar + Lyssandra + Ghostborn + Turvold - make sure that Ghostborn and Turvold are slow enough that the team wakes up before they go

Team 3 - Rhazin + Duchess + Brago + Tower  

Feb 4, 2022, 20:0302/04/22

1. Current setup - Arbiter (335 - boost turn meter) + Lyssandra (265 - boost turnmeter and decrease enemy turn meter) + Madam Serris (Midnight Ritual) + (Astralon - Nuke)

Skullcrown I sitll haven't acquired. Kreela is speed tuned for CB, so she might be a good fit for Arena speed/blender team.

I will try out your Team 2 and 3 to see how they work.


Feb 4, 2022, 21:2402/04/22

D u have seeker, sandlashed, or vogoth?

Feb 4, 2022, 21:4702/04/22

Sandslashed survivor? Yes. The others I do not.