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Faction wars

Faction wars

Sep 20, 2023, 13:4909/20/23

Faction wars

How do you guys do it. I want Lydia so bad. I completed 4 factions now. Hitting a solid wall with the other. How do you cope with gear swapping and silver usage. Do you swap gear from you main toons or not. Its like 1 mil for each toon swapping back and forth. I do runs like 10 times before trying something els then its another gear swap .

Is it possible with 1 60 and 4 50s ... my team now is Decon, Anchorite, Fenax, Cardinal, Aniri.. (Decon and aniri lev 60)

Stage 17 i kill round 1 and 2 under 2 min . Then round 3 foli kills fenax with block revive and ime out. I ran this like 20 times now. I fail every run due to foli.

I konw i need better gear but i can simply not afford it. And tomorrow i need another 10 mil for the next 2 team.

Is there a better strategy, maybe one of you had the same problem with silver usage and gear management.

Any way rant over

Sep 20, 2023, 20:4409/20/23

Perhaps you can concentrate on 1-2 Factions at a up the champions, let the equipment rest on them so you do not have the silver costs to swap every day. 

It might take a tad bit longer...but can save you tons of silver.

Another perhaps a bit naive up the skills on stage 2 as much as possible so you can straight up kill Foli on stage 3?

Cardinal and Aniri are both revivers...perhaos you could exchange one of them for a damage dealer or debuffer?

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