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Saved Teams & Skill Instructions

Saved Teams & Skill Instructions

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Aug 11, 2021, 13:2708/11/21

Saved Teams & Skill Instructions

Saved Teams & Skill


Using Team Setup allows you to create Saved Teams of Champions and give them Skill Instructions.

  • Saved Teams are preset, pre-selected teams of Champions that can quickly be chosen to be used in Battle in a couple of taps.
  • Skill Instructions allow you to give Champions in Saved Teams special instructions about which Skills you want them to use, and when you want them to use them. It allows you to override the default AI prioritization of a Champion's Skills so that when playing on Auto, your Champions use their Skills in the order you want them to.

Saved Teams

You are able to create two groups of Saved Teams - one for PvP Battles (like Classic Arena and Tag Arena), and one for PvE Battles (such as for the various Dungeons). You can save up to 10 Teams in each of these groups.

There are no Saved Teams for Classic or Tag Arena Defenses, but you are able to set Skill Instructions for your teams - as shown at the end of this guide.

Creating a Saved Team

To create a Saved Team, just hit the Team Setup button from within the Team Selection interface prior to any battle.

Once there, select a new team, then select the Champions you want to use in that team from your Collection.

  • The Slot order is the same as in other team selection interfaces - with the Leader being in the far-right Slot.
  • You can also name your Saved Team if you want to.

Setting Skill Instructions

After selecting your Champions for your Team, hit the "slider" icon to open up the Instructions setup interface.


This is where you set your Skill usage instructions and define the prioritization for each team member's Skills.


This is done by selecting a priority for each Champion's Active Skills. There are five priority options:InstructionDescriptionDefaultA skill with this instruction is used according to the Champion's standard AI.Don't UseA skill with this instruction will never be used throughout a Battle.1st ChoiceA skill with this priority will always be used if the Skill is available.2nd ChoiceA skill with this priority will always be used if the 1st choice Skill is not available.3rd ChoiceA skill with this priority will always be used if the 1st and 2nd choice Skills are not available.

Each skill can only be assigned one of the above priorities. However, there is also another instruction that can be assigned in addition to those 5 Instructions:InstructionDescriptionOpenerA Skill with this instruction will be used the first time that Champion gets a turn in the first Round of a Battle. After that Turn, that Skill's priority will change to whichever other Instruction is set.

The "Opener" flag functions as an additional instruction that will supersede any other instructions for a single turn. It can be assigned to any Skill (including Default Skills) along with any other Instruction.

  • For example, a Skill can be set to both "Don't Use" and "Opener": in which case, that Skill will be used on that Champion's first turn, but will then be ignored throughout the rest of the Battle and will not be used again.

There are a few limitations to setting Skill Instructions:

  • Each Skill can have only 1 priority (not including being set to "Opener").
  • Each Champion can have only one Skill set to each of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Choice options - otherwise, there would be conflicts.
    • To make this easier, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Choice Instructions should be set in order, and will become available after the preceding priority has been assigned.
  • Each Champion can have multiple Skills set to "Default" or "Don't Use".
  • A Champion's Default Skill's priority cannot be changed directly but can be affected by the Instructions of other Skills.
    • "Opener" is also the only Instruction that can be set for a Champion's Default Skill - if you want your Champion to use their Default Skill on their first turn.
    • If you want to only use a Champion's Default Skill, you can set all other Active Skills to "Don't Use".

Arena Defense Skill Instructions

Even though you cannot select a Saved Team Preset for Defense in the Classic Arena or Tag Team Arena, you can still give those teams Skill Instructions. All you have to do is hit the "slider" icon and assign the priorities for each of your Champion's Skills.


Arena Defense Teams are not included in your 10 available PvP Saved Teams.