Basic Guide: UI and Bastion

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25 June, 2018, 2:01 PM UTC

Greetings, Warriors! And welcome to the first leg of your epic journey in the world of Raid: Shadow Legends.

As you may know, every new player has to go through a brief tutorial, that in turn explains the basic aspects of the game. Yet it is also useful to have a written-out reference to the most crucial moments and mechanics. That is where this guide comes in.

Bastion and UI Elements

As a new player, the first thing you will see after completing the tutorial is your Bastion and all the structures in it.


These are the UI elements:

  • Player Portrait. This allows you to access your game & account settings;  
  • Resources tab. It gives you a tally of your crucial resources. More details will be provided in this guide;  
  • Inbox. Items such as rewards and certain purchases are collected here.  
  • Chatbox. Allows you to access general and Clan chats.  
  • Shop. Items that are purchased for Gems or via bank transactions can be accessed here.  
  • Quests. A list of your Daily, Weekly and Monthly quests. Remember to check them frequently and claim the rewards for Quests that you have completed!  
  • Friends. A list of your allies.  
  • Daily Gifts. You can view and claim your loyalty gifts from here.  
  • Champions. This is the Champion index, allowing you to view Factions and individual Champions. Important: this is where you outfit your Champions with might Artifacts.  
  • Battle. This brings you to the Game Modes menu, where you can choose to pursue the Storyline Campaign, Dungeons, battle other players in the Arena or access the Clan menu.  

Apart from the user interface, buildings in the courtyard of your Bastion also represent essential game functions:

  • Portal. This allows you to summon Champions through the so-called Shards.  
  • Tavern. This is where you view and upgrade your Champions.  
  • Sparring Pit. A mighty combat arena where Champions practice and gain experience. Remember to check in often to promote them to the next level!  
  • Market. Shrewd traveling merchants will be happy to sell you a variety of Artifacts, Shards, and even Champions. Provided you have silver in your purse.  
  • Gem Mine. This allows you to produce Gems - a strategically important resource. The Mine itself can be upgraded to boost its output.  


To progress through Raid unhindered by the various mighty challenges will require efficient resource-management. And the first step to achieving that is learning what resources you have available. They are as follows:


  • Energy. This type of resource is required to fight in the Campaign and Dungeons. The higher the difficulty of the level that you are facing, the higher is its cost in Energy. Remember, even if you are unable to beat the level, whatever Energy you spent on the attempt will be burned regardless!  
  • Arena Tokens. Each Arena Token allows you a single battle against another player’s Champion Team in the bloody sands of the Arena.   
  • Silver. The importance of this currency must not be underestimated. You need it to purchase items at the Market, summon Champions, upgrade Champions and Artifacts.   
  • Gems. Another type of currency, much harder to obtain and therefore precious. They are required to buy powerful boons in the Store as well as to perform certain actions in the game, such as refreshing the list of offers in the Market tab or your opponent list in the Arena.  

Game Modes

Finally, this is the list of Game Modes that are instantly available:

  • Campaign. This is the game’s main storyline. Gather mighty Champions and lead them to victory over the Demonic Legions that seek to unravel Creation itself. You are rewarded with Champion experience, Shards, Artifacts and even Champions.  
  • Dungeons. Brave numerous dangers and face mighty foes to gain Elemental Potions, powerful Artifacts and more.  
  • Arena. Battle other players to gain renown and receive rare resources in reward.  
  • Clans. Search for a Clan to join, or create one here.  

This concludes our recap of the basics! In other guides, we will talk about Champions, Artifacts and much more.

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7 July, 2019, 3:40 PM UTC
Thank you for sharing your knowledge! :)
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16 December, 2019, 4:32 AM UTC
What does the Campfire do? How can I activate it?
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16 December, 2019, 3:22 PM UTC
WetworkWolf said:

What does the Campfire do? How can I activate it?
It is not active yet. Not sure we will have to see.
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