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(Patch Notes) (03.09.2019) Update 1.11 Patch Notes

(Patch Notes) (03.09.2019) Update 1.11 Patch Notes

Oct 28, 2019, 04:0410/28/19
Absolutely livid that yet again, gave my referral code to two friends, watched them use it and both didn't end up on my list, sick of spending money also for you to then bump up the prices even higher and coming out with low ranking figures, I've spent over £400 and honestly I might as well have bought something else, you need to start giving a shit about the people who play this game.
Oct 31, 2019, 10:5610/31/19

Hey, Can u guys buff the Drop Rates For Potions in The elemental keeps? Like for example I’ve used 260 Energy on Arcane keep stage 13, And Only got ONE greater potion! The rest is all lesser potions! Sometimes only 1! Even worse, getting 2-3 green shards or ONE BREW?! 

Cmon Bros, Give us a Break plz? 

Incase ur plan is to Make the drop Rates So Bad that we feel like we HAVE to Buy Pack Deals just to get Enough potions for fusions, well that’s not gonna work, lots of peeps Already Quit Playin Raid cuz of things like this! Or They used to B P2W, but they switched back to F2P cuz their not getting wat they need After buying packs of energy or watever! 

The Rhazin Fusion is okay, cuz it’s permanent, but the limited time fusions Makes it pretty much impossible! Not only that, But i got Homework, And School , and u know, LIFE to live, And Tryin to get these fusions takes SO many hours, And u guys Rigged the Rng to b so bad, it’s Crazy how long we can farm And not get the right potions we need to Ascend the champs to fuse! 

Btw, There’s NO reason For Lesser potions to drop from Any stage that can drop Superior potions! 

So there’s NO REASON for me to get nothing but lesser potions Running stage 13 Keeps 20 times! 

Seriously bros, this stuff is Driving peeps Away from the Game, And I don’t wanna see that happen! This game shouldn’t feel stressful, it should B fun! At this point It’s just frustrating, so plz increase the Drop Rate of At least Greater potions And stop giving us lesser potions for high stages plz? It’s not gonna stop u guys from making $$ So Why not Do us a favor and give us a Break? Pretty plz With a Brew on top? 

Oct 31, 2019, 11:0710/31/19

Ikr? I spent 260 Energy on Arcane 13, NO SUPERIOR POTIONS! 


buncha green shards and a few brews?! WTH 😵

At this Rate none of my Clan is even TRYING to get Harvest jack, Cuz gettin the potions to Ascend everyone takes WAY more energy than we have! And i spent 500 gems on Full energy and STILL don’t have all the potions i need! And 3 of the champs I already had MAXED ascended! Not only that, But i need energy to Actually LEVEL THEM UP but I’m usin so much energy on potions, it seems impossible 😵😵
Oct 31, 2019, 11:1510/31/19
Agreed! so many other games WITH arena Btw, Have no Removing gear cost, It didn’t break the game there, And it won’t here either! 
Oct 31, 2019, 18:1010/31/19

The game is meant to have longevity, i agree some things need tweaking like energy caps and champ/vault space, but using 260 energy is just a bad run, not a broken feature. I've got greater + superior potions under 100 energy, and I've had long streaks of bad too. I used over 3,000 energy before I got a dark elf banner I was grinding for, but end game isnt supposed to come fast.

Save your champs and dont waste potions on anyone outside your CB and arena team. Save up resources for whatever event you want to be able to do well in and you will run into this problem less. I'm F2P and I wont quit because I didnt prep for an event or I'm not guaranteed potions. I occasionally push events if I feel my resources or reasonable - or if some low hanging fruit rewards are within reach - otherwise i keep grinding to improve my lineup

Nov 2, 2019, 04:0211/02/19
I try to prepare for events... but the huge energy and resource cost is Pretty crazy, It takes so much time! I don’t expect to get the fusions easy, But it shouldn’t take Tons of luck And stress to do it! Basically if F2P can’t handle em Like that, Then the fusion events R too hard and need to b fixed! Even the popular Raid youtubers Agree! I’m okay with putting work in, but This isn’t really work, it’s INSANITY! I don’t mean to Complain, But these events need to B longer so we have more time to complete em, Plarium neds to understand Lots of peeps can’t afford the crazy prices of pack deals And We got lives- We literally don’t always have time to get these fusions EVEN if we got hundreds of Gems to cover buying more Energy and stuff! The Game Being this Crazy Unfair to us, makes me NOT wanna buy anything! The RNG is set WAY to unfair- it’s not like we’re getting $$$ by winning, it’s just characters on a game! ( lots of peeps agree with that too) 
Nov 2, 2019, 10:3211/02/19
Nov 5, 2019, 22:29(edited)
Since you guys said you'd be making changes in faction wars, you might as well make changes to enchantment as well. Glyphs shouldn't be consumed when enchantment fails, only the silver much like how upgrading works. Yes I understand that keys in FW are free but heck, it's like you make us spend so much time in one stage only to have that time wasted by getting our glyphs destroyed. Put it this way, you spend 18 minutes and multiple keys in 1 stage of faction wars, get 1 glyph, only to have it destroyed and realize you wasted 18 minutes of your time for absolutely nothing at all. We should pay for the enchantment attempts but be able to keep the glyphs when they fail, otherwise FW is just a waste of lots and lots of time. IMO FW should be the most rewarding place in the game since you make use of the best champs that you have invested in, and become one of our favorite daily things to do in the game, not the most frustrating and unrewarding. When you guys first announced FW it sounded like it was gonna be the most awesome part of the game.
Nov 8, 2019, 14:1611/08/19
Nov 8, 2019, 14:18(edited)

Hello all! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I will try to comment on them one by one:

- new server please - Could you please elaborate on what you mean exactly here? I mean, we are not planning on getting more servers, for now. It may change in the future, though, for the purposes of segmentation. But, perhaps, you were referring to something else?

-  gave my referral code to two friends, watched them use it and both didn't end up on my list - There are three main reasons why players may have problems with their referral links:

1. The player that has accepted the invitation link and followed it to install the game has an internal anonymizer activated for his/her phone, so we cannot identify the device for connecting it in the system. Also, the issue may be that there are emulators involved (they too, are problematic referral-wise).

2. The game has already been installed on this phone previously.

3. The user is not new (he/she may have logged in on the new device that had not had the game installed on it before, but with the account that had already been registered before).

Regarding the first point, we can suggest resetting advertising IDs or activating them to make sure that you are visible (to put it in simpler words, make sure that the device is not hidden, this can be checked in settings) .

We are also working on improving the tool that deals with referral-related issues. Hopefully, we will be able to resolve the situations pertaining to this question more efficiently in the future.

- drop rates for the highest lvl stages in Arcane Keep - I will raise this question at the next meeting with our game designers.

- events - we will keep alternating them - easier with more difficult ones so that everyone could find something to their taste.

- Glyphs - we are not planning on changing the way Glyphs are applied. As you mentioned, Crypts Keys are only removed when you have won in a battle so farming Glyphs is not difficult. Also, with the rebalanced difficulty lvl for Crypts, better Glyphs will become more accessible.

Guys, I will now close this thread. Please feel free to write your comments about the game in Game Discussion section.
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