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(Patch Notes) (08.08.2019) Update 1.10 Patch Notes

(Patch Notes) (08.08.2019) Update 1.10 Patch Notes

Sep 5, 2019, 21:4509/05/19

OpheliaA1 said:

sinsolena said:

As stated someplace else (Generel/Spam-section):

SB is no where near the performance of coldheart, even though OpheliAA1 believes that.

Actually even Arminger (an Uncommon) seems to have a much better kit than her..

(I have not tested the multipliers.. yet)

that thread is not a champion analysis, just a rant

until you show me a correctly geared, fully maxed bowyer, then we can have a discussion

im not trying to argue or say the champion is perfect, but to have a discussion we need some point of reference otherthan just a rant

So even you haven't seen a well built Steel Bowyer since the nerf? I'm sorry I'm not letting this thread/argument die, but I still don't see any situation that it would be better to have Steel Bowyer than Coldheart. While admitting she isn't perfect is a start, I don't think anyone would like getting a broken bicycle with jagged metal spikes sticking out of it and being told "What do you expect, it isn't perfect" as a response. 

You also said in response to what I previously said that

"she's a late game champion. she needs those stats, and high level bosses,

she needs the situation she was made for

every champion performs best in their designed situation.

a coldheart isnt gonna crit for 3 milion on a champion. it needs the final level dungeon bosses to do that. context matters here significantly"

the one situation she was built for was nerfed so she has no situation she is good for anymore, and whatever Coldheart crits the enemy champion for, Steel Bowyer will crit for less because of coldheart's higher base attack, so she wasn't designed for that either. If you are saying she is supposed to be a PVP unit now with her 1 shot AOE Enemy Max HP Damage, then why does she do nothing beneficial for PVP fights? Her accuracy decrease on skill 1 doesn't mean anything because Accuracy and Resisitance are screwed up stats, her 2nd skill heals her for 50% damage, which would be fine if she was able to survive a hit, which she is not, and her 3rd is an AOE based on Enemy Max HP, and arena meta currently seems to be AOE Counter and Defense scaling units, meaning her attacks will do almost no damage and will get herself killed. If her Enemy Max HP damage also ignored 50% defense or destroyed 30% of the damage, that would be something, but currently she is a unit with no useful situation, no useful skills, and no use whatsoever.

Sep 24, 2019, 19:0609/24/19


Oct 12, 2019, 08:1410/12/19
TurboLv said:

Amar Ghosh said:

An option to open a specific Affinity Keep for 24 hours has been added. It costs 200 Gems for Magic, Spirit, and Force Keeps. And 300 Gems for the Void Keep

So, they will still be open on days they were supposed to be?

U really think they can be open now by gems only?

Ofcourse they wil rotate as usual, just now u have option to open them in different day.

Nov 9, 2019, 22:0411/09/19
I'd really love some more champions soon as I saw the advert on tv I downloaded Raid: Shadow Legends and I'm now addicted such a great game definitely the best game I've played so far. Thank you so much guys 
Nov 19, 2019, 20:2411/19/19
Awwsome game!
Nov 23, 2019, 09:2311/23/19
لا اله إلا الله 
Nov 23, 2019, 21:1011/23/19
Nov 23, 2019, 21:10(edited)
Yummy patch perhaps kinda o.p
Nov 11, 2021, 14:5811/11/21
No love for ma'shallad I see.  Worst legend of the lot and not a single adjustment 

You  have  got  to  be  kidding.  Ma'Shalled  is  already  far  too  good  beyond  the  Stats  and  fully  booked  is  a  true  killer.

True  Fear  isnt  supposed to  stop  the  opposing Teams  players  from  ever  taking  a  turn,  but  when  Ma'Shalled  puts  out  his  True  Fear  and  Leech,  the  match  is  over  for  the  opposing team.

I  have  Madame  Serris  and  her  True  Fear  barely  stops  the  opposing players  from  taking  a  turn  at  about  a  25%  rate,  while  Ma'Shalled  is  around  80%  effective  at  stopping  turns  of  opposing players.

The  issue  is  that  True  Fear  has  a  50%  Debuff  Rate,  but  you  would never  know  it  when  playing.

My  Opinion  is  that  Ma'Shalled  should  be  Nerfed  like  my  Madame  Serris  was.

Nov 11, 2021, 15:1311/11/21

Xarq said:

Crashed 3 times in 1 hour today.  Please fix.  I'm on a Galaxy S9.  I also tried restarting my smartphone, but that didn't help.

Hi Xarq, at what stage did you crash, did it just freeze or exit the app?

were you on wifi or data?

I'm  using  a  32gb  iPad  and  i  can't  leave  it  Auto- Battle  on  any  areas  except  the  Labyrinth,  any  of  the  Ascend  bosses  or  in  Campaign for  Farming.

The  worst  case  is  the  Spider-Den  and  it  doesn't matter  if I can  kill  it  in  3  minute,  the  Game  will  crash  every +/- 8  turns.      

The  Ice  Golem  and  Dragon  are  the  2nd  most  crashed  plays,  with  the  Fire  Knight  as  the  best  of  the  4,  but  the  game  still  crashes  around  the  15  to  20th  turn.

If  deleting  all  my  other  apps  on  my  iPad would help,  i  would get  ride  of  them,  because i  mainly  use  my  iPad for  this  game.

Any  ideas  are  appreciate.  Thx