(Patch Notes) (07.05.2019) Update 1.7 Patch Notes

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Community Manager
7 May, 2019, 11:11 AM UTC

Greetings from Plarium!

Update 1.7is live now! This time, we shifted our focus to some significant Balance adjustments and changes as we prepare for bigger features to be released. However, there are several new additions as well. Let’s take a closer look at what we have in store:

New Features

Referral Program

Invite your friends to check out Raid: Shadow Legends and gain rewards for their progress. As of Update 1.7, you will be able to refer your friends to the game, and the first 3 will take up special Referred Friend spots on your account. They can be viewed in the Referral Tab of your Bastion and, as these Friends gain progress through the game and gain Account Levels, you will be rewarded. You can collect these rewards in the same tab.

If your Friend stops playing the game, it will not block you from receiving the rewards either. They can be removed from the Referred Friends list and a new Friend invited in their stead. However, you can only collect rewards once per slot. Example: if you invite Friend A and they reach level 30, but then stop playing and are replaced, you will not get rewards for Friend B (who’s taken Friend A’s place) reaching Levels 10 and 20.

Progress Missions

Parts 3 and 4 of the Progress Missions are now available. Face down mighty challenges, complete the missions, and claim unprecedented rewards such Legendary Skill Tomes and a Legendary Champion - the Arbiter herself!



Up until now, we have been monitoring Masteries, the way they are used by our players and how Champions with certain set-ups perform. Based on this data, we can start making Balance tweaks to individual Masteries to make the overall experience better. And as upgrading Masteries takes time and effort, we are going to give everyone an opportunity to reset their Champions’ Masteries for free.

Note: This only applies to players who started Raid prior to 1.7 going live. This does not give an extra free reset - if your Champion’s Masteries have never been reset before, you can only reset them for free once.

For the Masteries themselves:

Offense Tree

Defense Tree

Support Tree



  • Maximum number of Clan Boss Keys a player can hold at the same time has been increased to 2
  • Clan Boss HP decreased by 40% for Easy and Normal Difficulties
  • Clan Boss Chests now drop a single stack of Potions - meaning that only one Reward slot can be taken up by Potions rather than several as it sometimes happened prior to 1.7
  • Champion Vault slots can be increased up to 200 now
  • Divine Scrolls Drop increased in the Minotaur’s Labyrinth
  • Unkillable, Block Damage, Revive on Death, Stun, Sleep, Freeze, Provoke are no longer affected by Increase Buff/Debuff Duration effects
  • Damage caused by the [Reflect Damage] buff now ignores DEF
  • Numerous Champions had their Base or Ascended Stats very mildly adjusted
  • Victories in Gold I Tier now grant 2 Gold Medals instead of 1
  • All Bosses now have increased Debuff Accuracy and Debuff Resistance
  • All Affinity Keeps will be available to new players for 7 days after the account has been created. After that, Affinity Keeps will be available as per the normal schedule


  • Counterattack is no longer triggered by reflected damage
  • Fixed the issue that caused certain status effects (buffs and debuffs) to affect the damage dealt by [HP Burn] and [Poison]
  • Increase Champion's Level in the Tavern 3 times Daily Mission had a bug that allowed it to be closed by increasing a Champion's level in Battles, it was fixed
  • HP Burn and Poison damage are no longer affected by the [Weaken] debuff.
  • Numerous minor bugs fixed

New Champions


The Goddess of Light Lumaya has many servants, but none as powerful as the Arbiter. Created from the fabric of Light itself many millennia ago, she was to be the extension of Lumaya's will, her herald, and the protector of Teleria. That is a duty the Arbiter upheld with unflinching determination, for the Shadow is as relentless as it is insidious. Indeed, though she is a mighty warrior in her own right, the Arbiter's own strength alone would not enough to win the day. As civilizations rose and fell, her solemn task remained unchanged - finding heroes worthy to lead this world's greatest Champions into battle. Countless generations of warriors rose to the Arbiter's call, and by their sacrifice Siroth was held at bay.

But now Teleria faces its greatest challenge yet. The Arbiter's power wanes and all hope seems lost. In this final moment, a sacrifice was made - the last of Lumaya's divine gift expended to summon forth a single Champion to lead the people of Teleria to victory over the forces of darkness. Though mortal now, the Arbiter yet retains considerable magical ability and skill, as well as the wealth of experience no other warrior can boast. She is still capable of guiding Champions to fulfill their destinies and shall serve Lumaya until her dying breath.

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7 May, 2019, 11:21 AM UTC
Still no fix for the Artifact Challenge 6.1/2/3? Also no news of Tournaments? I expected a lot more after all this waiting.
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7 May, 2019, 11:24 AM UTC
Was there a fix for Septimus passive not working when he attacked with counter? He never adds a count to debuffs when attacking with counter
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7 May, 2019, 11:25 AM UTC
High five Marius, forget about actual content for that sweet referral money!
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7 May, 2019, 11:25 AM UTC

The champion balancing is worse than expected for me (many legendaries are still extremely weak while others are super powerful) and I dont speak about a certain area of the game but in general.

The other additions are nice to have but nothing essential.
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7 May, 2019, 11:38 AM UTC

Dracomorph is still pretty much the worst 5*.

They should change a lot more regarding character balancing.

And why are stun/freeze/sleep not affected by debuff duration effects?

They are debuffs after all.
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7 May, 2019, 11:39 AM UTC

So no new actual content. no tournaments, no faction wars. This big update just added referral program and balancing?

Keep on grinding Raiders.
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7 May, 2019, 11:43 AM UTC

Astralith remains unusable... she would need a huge buff at nearly every point, but instead she stays a huge joke for being a legendary. 

Before you buff Rares and Epics you should fix issues with those unusable Legendaries!!!

Since the 1.7 patch the game stages don't always load completely, many times the game will freeze (campaign, CB and arena) and you have to restart. After this the energy/CB key is lost and a arena fight counts as a loss.

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7 May, 2019, 11:55 AM UTC
Hey guys thank you for making Psylar potential usable! Quick question, I've already refereed all of my friends to the game and they are getting up in levels. So now i have no hope of scoring the referral bonus, is there any chance of a solution or "post download referrals". I know its a long shot but its a feel bad that I should have waited before telling all my friends about this awesome game.
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7 May, 2019, 12:01 PM UTC

The Clan Boss changes look great. I'm in a very casual beginner guild and I've seen a lot of people have never even gotten any loot from the CB. Not everyone is intrested in spending time creating a team for CB. I've seen teams of epic lvl 50 champs doing as little as 300k per key.

This should get people more motivated, and help retain players. One big problem to get the easy boss down has been that experienced players have left once they have learned how to do 1-2m per key. Now they will be able to continue on the Normal boss in the same guild. 

To encourage players even more to do the CB, maybe display the possible loot like you do in Campaigns and Dungeons. Because new players have no idea what's in the box.
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7 May, 2019, 12:05 PM UTC

Can we have the new Accuracy and Resistance formula? it is very important for us

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7 May, 2019, 12:11 PM UTC

What a huge let down after such a long wait.... Bug fixes are nice but basically the game is still in a totally half finished state after almost 2 months of official release. 

And about masteries: you just made Giant Slayer basically obsolete because of numbers... in terms of average damage, GS now has to be used on a skill with a quadruple attack to have the same average damage on a boss than Warmaster (2.4% vs 0.6% per hit). I suppose now it's just a question of getting both on your champs...

Oh and yay we have a legendary level version of Gorgorab. What great new content... How's that for a bad joke? 
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7 May, 2019, 12:50 PM UTC

I really like the new missions and changes, however there is two things that make me sad:

1st still so many bad/useless legendaries. I don't mind them being super rare, but you should at least have no useless ones. Obviously not every legend can be top 5 champions, but there are some that are not useable at all which is sad if you pull them.

2nd I just spend about 1k or more gems on getting to giant slayer mastery, enjoyed it for about a week now, and suddenly it's worse /sad) but also I could'Ve saved HALF those gems if I waited until the update because of  scroll drops got doubled.

MAkes me sad having spent money on progress when I now just get kicked in the .... xD

Still great game and keep it up!
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7 May, 2019, 12:59 PM UTC
refferal link don't work?
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7 May, 2019, 1:04 PM UTC
About the friend's gifts... What now? I've introduced 6 of my friends to this game but now is when you give shards for that. There is nothing for us, true? We are alllvl 45-50.
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7 May, 2019, 1:17 PM UTC

Referral Program sucks for old players:

1. we already have invited our friends to the game and won't get any rewards

2. instead we have a permanent "blinking" button on the mainscreen which tells us all the time how stupid it is to be a early adopter 

3. now people are spamming with the refferal link everywhere 

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7 May, 2019, 1:27 PM UTC
Hello, Just curious if the fact that the ascension cost for Bellower being the same as an Epic champion (despite him being rare) will be addressed. 
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7 May, 2019, 1:28 PM UTC
BARO said:

Champion fixes? Fixed an issue where bellower's ascending is like an epic?
Yes, fixed
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Community Manager
7 May, 2019, 1:42 PM UTC

Hey, everyone! Dropping by to answer the questions that have been posted here so far. I won't answer each post specifically, but all points have been taken into account.

1) Champion Balance. It's true that there are many Champions that need to be looked at, and we do have a fairly long list to choose from. What is important to understand is that not every Champion is easy to fix by changing a couple of values in the damage formula or their Skill cooldown. Some might have to go through more drastic Skill changes. Both Astralith and Dracomorph are on our to-do list (though the latter is amazing for Clan Boss, so those of you who have him - that's a good niche for the time being), but will likely need to be considered far more thoroughly. We can't do them all at the same time, but our goal is to make these Balance changes far more frequent.

2) Lack of major features added. It's true that this Update lacks any major features, I've mentioned it a couple of times when asked about what can be expected. Good news, you will see a major Tournament this week. 

3) Giant Slayer Mastery. I've noticed some players express their worry about the proc chance decrease for Giant Slayer and the change to Warmaster. I do see where you are coming from, because I prodded our Game Designers with similar worries when I first saw the changes. First things first, Giant Slayer for Champions with multi-attack Skills was a tad too strong and created a very clear meta. We wanted to give players a chance to create teams that are slightly more variable. So, Warmaster was adjusted to cater to sing-hit Champions, while Giant Slayer, though slightly nerfed, remains a good choice for multi-attackers. Numbers-wise, Warmaster is the best for one-hit Skills, Giantslayer - for three-hit and above. Two-hit Skills are about even in terms of chances/bonus damage inflicted. We've also made sure all Champions can have their Masteries reset for free in case you decide Giant Slayer is no longer the top-tier Mastery you wanted for your guy or gal.

4) Issues with Challenges. These are still being looked at, unfortunately. The Challenge that requires Artifacts of a specific Rank being equipped (Rank 3 and not anything above) will get a hotfix soon. Challenges that require a specific Artifact (Offense gloves with ATK % specifically from Normal mode) will be fixed in one of the coming updates, though we hope to do it ASAP.

5) Referral. Issues that exist right now are going to be fixed today. We are also not planning to allow existing accounts to qualify for referral slots as it would be far too easy to get everything. I'll discuss this matter with the Dev Team, but I am not really sure what can be done.

6) Champions that were affected by the "No extra turn on kill with the Giant Slayer proc" can now kill, maim, and burn to their heart's content once more. The bug has been fixed. 

P.S. Added the brief spotlight for the Arbiter at the end of the Patch Notes.

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7 May, 2019, 1:56 PM UTC
PayneBlade said:

Was there a fix for Septimus passive not working when he attacked with counter? He never adds a count to debuffs when attacking with counter
Septimus still broken.  Holy sword attack doesn't work on auto. 
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