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What are the things we're working on currently (10.07.20)

What are the things we're working on currently (10.07.20)

Jul 10, 2020, 11:1707/10/20

What are the things we're working on currently (10.07.20)

Hello, guys and girls!

I’m here to present to you our promised regular updates about the things we are working on and what we have in store.

Now, I noticed that a lot of you were confused by the phrasing (or didn’t even see it) - “every other Friday”. That means that those updates will be fortnightly (note, not every Friday!).

Before I start, I would like to inform you that the release date has been shifted a little, now we’re planning to release the 2.1 patch closer to the end of the month because some features do require more time to work on than we initially estimated.

So, what are the things we’re working on currently?

  • Tag Team Arena Bazaar. We almost finished testing all of the sides of the feature.
  • We also keep working on improving the matchmaking algorithms in the Tag Team Arena, so that other players won’t be able to abuse the scoring system.
  • New Accessories are also in the testing phase. We will provide you with more details about them in the release notes.
  • One more important notice about the changes in the Arena 3x3 feature. We will change the appearance of the progress bar so that in future, the green colour will always be an indicator of the guaranteed transfer. After we have implemented the change, the scale will be tied to the position in the rating, rather than to the minimum number of points that are needed for the transfer.
  • At the same time, we’re working on the weaknesses that are relevant for Classic Arena. We’re aware of the problem with the Bronze and Silver Leagues, and we do realize how important that aspect is, so now we’re working on improving the matchmaking algorithm in these Leagues.
  • In 2.1, we will fix the bug that allowed players to exploit the Common Champion to “distract” the Boosting Speed Champion on the Arena.
  • We’re aware of the abuse with the intentional 'help' provided to players’ to take up the first places in Platinum Arena by other players. That abuse will also be fixed.

Last but not least. We would like to let you know that a new Fusion event starts this Monday! There will be a brand new Legendary available for Fusion. We do hope that you’ll absolutely like this Champion. And, of course, more details will be provided on Monday.

In the end, I want to inform you that yesterday, we had a meeting with our Game Designers on discussing the most requested QoL features, which we’re are going to release in the nearest updates. A big thank you goes to our moderators for helping us to compose this list.

Thank you for your attention and have a very good day!

Jul 12, 2020, 20:3907/12/20

Thanks for the update, appreciate very much that you share what you are working on!
Really looking forward to the classic arena fix. I initially came to the forum to post my IMMENSE FRUSTRATION at being stuck in silver and bronze arena with all 3 of my accounts for WEEKS. Good to hear you are looking into this.

I work in IT myself and am all too familiar with development delays ;) I would *strongly* advice Plarium to reduce the size of your releases. Focus on 1 or 2 things max and do the smaller releases more frequently. Don't wait till end of the month to fix the arena issues. And if you find that there is too much work in all the things you mentioned you are working on for 1 release, then focus on the classic arena 1st. There have been complains for sooooo long about this. You are losing newer players to this arena blockade.

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