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Classic Arena. The current state of things.

Classic Arena. The current state of things.

Sep 4, 2020, 15:1309/04/20

angrytermitgmailcom said:

1) "The Classic Arena has become more challenging and competitive than ever before for players in Bronze and Silver owing to several factors" - you create list of missions 1-2 years ago and u don't change it. But as you say, arena changes very much. So why u don't patch missions?

2) You fixed showing afk players to 14 days. OMG, the developers don't get tied? This fix could be done in 1 hour. And u do it for 2-4 months. Really? In what world u live? Every player in this game tell u about this problem for 3-6 months. U have 1 million feedbacks. Why u do fixes so long. U don't need players?

Missions are not impossible to complete, so why change them?

Do you work in video game development in any way, shape or form? If not then how do you know how long it takes it make changes?

Games have million of lines of coding, and when something doesn't work right they have to go through the entire code to find what is wrong, then they have to find a way to fix it, without it messing other things up within the game.  So no it doesn't take an hour to fix something, especially something as big as arena is.
Sep 4, 2020, 15:1709/04/20

Sorry to be another negative voice at the beginning (it will get less negative later, i promise).

You start your message by saying the problem is not OP players in bronze and silver which is just an inaccurate statement. I accept what you say about the player base growing organically leading to a more competitive player base, but those organically more competitive players are OP to new players. 

I rock 2 accounts, my big boy account finds it hard maintain G4 every week which is nice - I enjoy the challenge. My baby account has some good champs but trying to stay in silver is pointless because the player base is too strong for me as a new player which puts me off one of the best parts of the game.

If you could fix the bronze and silver leagues so newer player could progress there would be a greater chance of maintaining those players. But the difficulty is very frustrating given that within an hour of logging off you lose 200+ trophies and drop back to bronze. 

There are a lot of issues that people raise that sound like moans but it is only because people are passionate about the game that they get so aggressive about changes taking a long time and then not working. 

There are good suggestions by the players, if the devs listen I really think a fix wouldn't be that difficult. 

Thanks for reading. 
Sep 4, 2020, 15:1809/04/20

Absurd that I should get angry about a game with all the problems that exist in real life! Making the gameplay experience easier and more fun is simple - add levels to the classic arena so that Gold IV and Platinum players can be distributed! I have a 300 speed arena team and I don't pass Gold II, ridiculous !!!!

Sep 4, 2020, 15:2209/04/20

Nonum said:

How ridiculous!!! The missions are to assist progress in the game yes? The difficulty should be structured to your organic growth as you get build a team get stronger aim for the next mission and so on so forth... agree missions should not be easy, but I’ve played for just over 60 days, completed 3star brutal campaign, on brutal cb yet I can’t with 50 silver medals in arena! But afterwards simply rank a champ to 50 when I already have several on 60?  How bloody hard is it to change a value? In a mission? Dropping the silver medal requirement to 10 even would be a quick help, although now a fix! I’ve only just last week touched silver, passed that mission. Flew through the others as I’m way past the account strength requirement for them, yet again hit a brick wall now needing not just to touch but somehow win the 50 silver medals required! It does make you feel like just not bothering with that part of the game! Then I know there will be fusions missions for I champ I really don’t think I will need by then!!! (Aside from rhazin :-) ) 

Im guessing that you spent a bit of money to have all those things done within such a short time period.

One thing about spending money to progress ( not saying that you did, just in general ) is that you grow your account faster than it should be.

Arena is a completely different animal than the rest of the entire game. In the PvE ( Player vs enemy ) content, yes the enemies are a huge level but they dont use artifacts, so they dont get the same boosts to stats that players do. Also in arena attack teams can fight manual or auto, while defense teams can only fight on auto. 

In arena every champ has to be there for a specific reason or they are just food for a team with better synergy, reguardless of how strong they are. Speed is also a huge factor, if you are not faster then the team that you are fighting, then you better hope you have way more HP and Def than they do, because most arena fights are done in the first turns of every champ.

Sep 4, 2020, 15:3509/04/20
Sep 4, 2020, 15:44(edited)

1. Make classic arena to 1-2 week tournament (or something) and then everyone starts from nothing. Then those afk players wont show up anyway. 

2. Remove arena quest from daily quests. Then OP teams dont hang on list doing quest for energy potion and stay in lower tiers.

3. Then I guess it is a fair competition for those who really want's to do classic arena.

Sep 4, 2020, 15:3909/04/20
Cherub said:

Are you sure the time-span required for a player to be removed from Arena (due to inactivity) has been reduced to 14 days?

Because I can still see inactive players (who didn't even login for months) present in different Arena Tiers.

Attached 2 snaps for reference. They're from my clan activity panel. Please have a look.

PS - Kindly update the mobile version of this forum/website to support attachments. Currently, we cannot attach any files but only reply in text on the mobile version of this forum. It's such a pain to send the snaps to our PC first, to be able to share them here. After all,  we majorly play on our mobile devices, so we should be able to reply & share effectively using it only.

They said removed from matchmaking origionally, not removed from the tiers. 
Sep 4, 2020, 15:4709/04/20

My suggestion to everyone who plays RAID. Stop spending money on the game. Do not spend anything on the Game until they fix this problem. If you have not figured it out yet as long as you are spending money they are not going to fix this problem stop spending money and they will fix it immediately.


Currently, I have just about completed everything on the missions list except the arena stuff. I have everything in place for the fusion required but have not done that due to the screwed up way your missions list is functioning

You keep stating it is not possible or difficult to change the program. It is not only possible but would not take any programmer with any experience in database and interface programming no more than an hour or two to make the changes I propose at the end of this. Why I say that it is because that is how long it would take me to figure out how to make those changes if I had never looked at the code. I could do that right now and I have not written a line of code in almost 20 years.

So your EXCUSES as to why you can not fix it are BS. You are only concerned about raking in money at all costs.

When you have someone start a game and want them to play long term and spend money you hook them. Make the beginning 3 or 4 months easier by making the changes I suggest to the missions list. Make the changes I suggest to the Arena. It will fix your lower level arena and mainly new player issues disappear.

Rational on Why nothing has been done

 My take on what is going on and how to fix it.  I just happened to hold degrees in Business and Systems Analysis so I do have the education to back up my experience.  This first part is a little bit of how I see the motivations of Palarium for not fixing the issue and my rationale as to why.

To be arrogant and as egotistical as the leadership of Plarium. I would say I have more managerial and leadership experience that obviously anyone on your staff has. I know what I am going to outline can be done. However, to date, nobody at Plarium has shown that they have the capability of fixing the obvious problem. As a company, you only care about your whales and content creators who you give things too.  

Your refusal to fix the Arena problem is a little myopic and childish.  Not everyone who plays a game thinks that PVP fights are fun.  You have emphasized that aspect over everything else. You have also tied that one aspect to PREVENT mission progress for anyone but WHALES.  The strategy is to be blunt STUPID and shows I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PLAYER BASE.

Saying you can not fix it is BS. Guess you think blowing smoke up our bums is admirable or something.  I have been stuck bouncing between Bronze 3 and Bronze 4 for about 3 months now.  You are not being truthful. You have set up this game so the only people who can progress are whales. Spend money to progress or we will ignore you.

You are not going to even attempt to fix the arena issue because you are making tons of money off people buying gear just for the arena. It seems you are concerned about maximizing profits and only that.  Just confess that is the real reason you will not fix the arena and mission issues.  Seems to me the only thing you think everyone should be doing is the Arena PVP matches. I have played other games that have PVP and they did not make success in the only limited area the focus of the game.  

the glut of people who can not get out of where I am at is because you have whales buying gear and spending massive amounts to get the good champions. Not everyone has an unlimited budget. Some people like me play a game as a diversion from more serious things happening in the real world.


As a programmer, your comments about you can not fix it do not hold water. Database issues are simple to fix. AI issues are simple to fix. 

 GIGO  garbage in garbage out    That is something I learned in my first few months of programming. 

Computer programs do EXACTLY AND ONLY what you program them to do.  

This issue could be fixed with a few simple things.  

1. limit the number of legendary champions you can use at lower levels like Bronze to 1

2. Limit the number of Epic Champions you can use at the lower levels like Bronze to 1

3. Add a speed rating to the team's interface.  Like average speed/highest speed and then power

The reason for this is If I play a team that I have 20K to 30K more power I should be able to beat them but never do. That is an issue 

All of this is easily done and if your programmers tell you otherwise I would start with firing the head programmer to send a message to all the other one to start doing their jobs. Fix the problems 

Your missions list is flawed in requiring silver Area progress where it is given the current situation.  You are trying to allow for progression for newer players. this is how to fix the progress of the mission immediately

1. Lower the silver requirement to Bronze 3 or 4

2. Change the silver medal requirements to bronze and up it to say 300 bronze medals

3. Change the linear nature of the missions list if you refuse to change the silver requirements. Please do not tell me it can not be done because currently, that is exactly how the challenges list works.

Do what I suggest from code changes to QA testing to production will take about a week. Start on it on Monday next week and then roll the changes out next Friday.  yes, it is that simple. Change the programming priorities and just have the programming groups spend all their time implementing these changes.

There is an old saying "Do not piss on my back and tell me it is raining"  That is what you are doing saying you can not fix these problems.

What I think Plarium will do is two-fold.

 FIX nothing 

BAN me from the game for pointing out the actual truth of what is really going on. GREED and PROFITS above all else

Sep 4, 2020, 15:5409/04/20
Sep 4, 2020, 16:02(edited)

Really? This is all you have? This has been a massive, obvious problem for months and you 'are working on it'? I hope you realise how little faith the players base has in you and that it makes you sad at how incompetent we all think you are.

What happened to the original developers, who made a good, if flawed game, then regularly made updates until the beginning of the year? Can we get them back?

I agree, the match making is correct. I am facing the right opponents but it's not just the missions. It's the rewards and medals too. I don't care being stuck in silver 2 if that is where I belong, but if I am being given 3 star gear and I am unable to upgrade my hall, it's broken. 
Sep 4, 2020, 16:1209/04/20
Sep 4, 2020, 16:22(edited)

You want me to explain in simple words what happened ?

Because it seems at plarium you are shooting first and asking questions after...

1. You did release Platinum Arena with A VERY SMALL limit of players who can get access to that rank. Seeing how many whales and long time players there are in your game, this made the Gold IV extremely unplayable. People started to quit and their team decayed into lower ranks until no one could beat them, then they stayed there. It affected ALL the ranks with one move.

2. You started selling Speed gear while trying to bring counters to the speed meta in the arena. While it's atrociously long and tedious to farm speed gears. And yet again, you empower the whales or the people frustrated to not move or stay in higher ranks (more so in Gold IV & Platinum).

3. You even got further and started selling 6* speed glyphs, are you out of your mind ? These are EXTREMELY HARD to get and then again you give an edge to the whales or the people frustrated to not move or stay in higher ranks (more so in Gold IV & Platinum).

4. You keep releasing broken champs for Arena while nerfing or releasing utterly useless champions for all the other content. And more than this, you mostly release them through fusions with ugly paywalls.

And now you're really taking that long to bring any fixes ? What do you want ? New players to quit after 1 month ?
You clearly won't attract new players if they can't progress because early progress is through missions!

I give you some NEEDED ideas you can implement to QUICKLY fix your mess :

1. After each Arena classic reset REMOVE people defence, this way if they are away they are not a problem because you won't include them in the pool. They keep their rank until they come back. They just won't get rewards after 1 week without a defence.
But DO NOT remove their rank. Because if they start again from Bronze 1 you will create another problem!

2. Stop selling speed gear / glyphs!

3. Widen the player pool in the Platinum Arena & Gold IV, it's your biggest pool of players. And the Plat tier already has done enough damage to Gold IV and below.

4. Remove the Arena missions, move them to the Challenge. There are only 3 parts in the Challenge > Arena section, while there are more parts to the other. You failed to act for too long on the arena so you cannot leave it this way, people are giving up on the missions because of the Arena. It is the most difficult area of the game simply because you're making it the most P2W content, it's not fair for them. Arbiter is such a game changer... Give them a break!

5. Give better rewards earlier, how in hell are we getting 3* gears in Gold - Gold IV with crap 20 gems, crap books... ? Also give Bronze 4 / Silver (1-4) much more medals with better rewards. I have a friend who plays the game for 6 months and still is stuck in Silver 2 getting almost no medals and crap rewards. And he has a pretty good team. The overall level is higher, yes, you contributed to it, now adjust the ranks / rewards / medals.

Then on the long run, you can start having another plan for the arena where you could rework it completely. But leaving it this way until you come up with a rework won't do it guys. Act quick.

Sep 4, 2020, 16:1709/04/20
You don't necessarily have to fix the arena, the easiest way to improve area's QOL is to create a higher arena tier than platinum. That way in a month or two stronger players Clim up the ladder thus making gold tier available for silver players and bronze players.
Sep 4, 2020, 16:2409/04/20

LordVika said:

angrytermitgmailcom said:

1) "The Classic Arena has become more challenging and competitive than ever before for players in Bronze and Silver owing to several factors" - you create list of missions 1-2 years ago and u don't change it. But as you say, arena changes very much. So why u don't patch missions?

2) You fixed showing afk players to 14 days. OMG, the developers don't get tied? This fix could be done in 1 hour. And u do it for 2-4 months. Really? In what world u live? Every player in this game tell u about this problem for 3-6 months. U have 1 million feedbacks. Why u do fixes so long. U don't need players?

Missions are not impossible to complete, so why change them?

Do you work in video game development in any way, shape or form? If not then how do you know how long it takes it make changes?

Games have million of lines of coding, and when something doesn't work right they have to go through the entire code to find what is wrong, then they have to find a way to fix it, without it messing other things up within the game.  So no it doesn't take an hour to fix something, especially something as big as arena is.

I'm programmer with 10+ years stage. What are u talking about, I know that arena takes 1-2 sql-question to realize. Who u are? U think u very smart and nobody not knows how to make games or what. Or we didn't know the terms of fixes of such bugs. Don't think u a very smart.

Sep 4, 2020, 16:2609/04/20
Why when somebody do normal critics, then comes some stupid idiot that wants to defend stupid developers?
Sep 4, 2020, 17:0209/04/20
Sep 4, 2020, 17:11(edited)

2 to 3 months ago I was in Arena Gold 4 and stayed there for some weeks, but since then I've been going down and now find myself struggling between silver 3 and 4. I've been playing for nearly 240 days and can say that I have spent a decent amount of money in the game but still do not have Arbiter nor any of the OP champs we see in most of the arena teams... the reason I don't have Arbiter is easy to explain... I am stuck at the "Reach Gold IV in Classic Arena" mission, even though as I stated above I have already fought in Gold 4. Plarium SHOULD consider missions as completed when a player has at some moment in their time-line completed that mission. This is so easy to implement in the code.

I am a software programmer / developer and have applications running on many clients and very often update my software according to client feedback and have never ever taken more than 2 to 12 hours of work to make changes, no matter how complex it was. Raid Shadow Legends is an awesome piece of software, so I know you have a handfull of highly very skilled programmers to have accomplished this marvel. Having said that, I know that the changes most players and yourselves are proposing are easy for you to implement.

Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to play this awesome game. Don't loose players, keep them happy !

Sep 4, 2020, 17:1209/04/20

My frustration hit an all time high today, i was close to hitting silver 1 today be for servers went down. and then i come back after couple hrs and now bronze 1, And now i see after 4 resets 60's and a field of gold.

Why is it hard to break players up based on there months progression, so currently about to hit 30 day mark and would rather be facing those of the same progression such as 30-90 progression months. Is it extremely difficult to do this or laziness or rather are devs doing this to make players feel they HAVE TO PAY to play.
Sep 4, 2020, 17:1409/04/20

No trolling. Thank you plar for not changing missions. CASUAL GAME=DEAD HAME . No acchievement no win.

All weak cry ppl should become stronger watch guides insted of crying.  

Thank you plarium

Gear more important then heroes to win
Sep 4, 2020, 17:2509/04/20

Arena is an essential part of the game, yes.

The question is relative difficulty of the missions. I am easily farming 4-6lvl items on dragon but I am stuck on Silver 1 which is supposedly a mission before a lvl 50 character.

The point isn't to remove it but to rebalance it.

When you made these missions - or even look at the old videos of content creators - arena was a joke all the way to G4.

It was harder to get Dragon 20 than to get to G4; never mind Silver 4.

Yes, the changes are natural, but this affects the intended experience of the Arbiter missions. On my main account I used to never fight Arbiters in gold 4 - now, there almost aren't any account without an arbiter starting. So it is orders of magnitude more difficult to reach than it used to be.

If you want a seamless progression then test it out - match your Arena requirements with the Dungeon requirements.

I roughly need to be able to do level 15 dungeons to be in Silver 1 arena on my alt, so that is where the missions should reside.

I am speed farming all dungeons on my main and it is still difficult to stay in Gold 3/4 because of speed. That is the only factor. If i start I almost 100% win - even sometimes if i don't start. I have an Arbiter. I have good champs, I farm speed for many many months. If i find it very challenging with an existing Arbiter then it's just pointless pre-arbiter.

Again, it's not about Arena missions in or out, it's about relative level of difficulty. Consider for example a fitness test:

1 mile run in under 10 minutes

20 pushups

20 situps

sub 11 second 100 meter dash

20 jumping jacks

3 feet jump from standing position

20 feet jump with a running start

400 meters run in under 4 minutes

Guess which ones are arena?

They don't need to be removed, they need to be adjusted. Just the fact that most people finishing Silver missions already have several lvl 60 champs means that your next mission of getting a lvl 50 is just completely out of reality.

Relative difficulty - that is the issue with the missions. Adjust it so that people can finish the missions and don't need to ever get into Gold to finish the Arbiter missions. As it is, reaching Silver 4 means they are VERY far in the game and realistically you need an arbiter to get to Gold - Gold is a top PVP area, for only those who choose to specialize in it so it should be part of normal progression. Make a step five to the missions that deals with PVP, and Gold arena and like "under 2 minutes" dungeon runs and that part will give great rewards to top players, but you will get an Arbiter ahead of it.

Bottom line - I can appreciate that you want to make money, and while we all whine, your employees and investors also appreciate it. The issues isn't arena difficulty, the issue is that people can't get arbiter and that's frustrating.

Fixing Arena and balancing everything is infinitely more difficult than simply adding step 5 with a different reward and moving all Gold missions there, so that more people can get arbiter - without your speed packs they won't get into Gold anyway, so they will still buy it.

Getting lvl 6 glyphs is super hard and needs many great champs, so having an arbiter will not have an appreciable impact on it - so your speed packs will be safe for sure.

This is all you need to do as a first line fix; yu can figure out a systemic approach to arena later, but what i have suggested will simply remove the issue for new players entirely and making arena easier or removing it from missions won't be needed.
Sep 4, 2020, 17:3909/04/20

To me, this should be a simple SQL fix for the sorting, matching of Arena.  If you think it is not simple, i would be glad to adjust your queries.  I, like several people above was in gold 4 for some time, but i have not gotten Arbi yet, since i was forced down to gold 1 (i battle almost all the way to gold 3, picking and choosing battles all week) and have to earn 2 gold a battle = 300 wins to get to GH 6 quest, 350 for GH 7... so as an active every day, all day player, I still have not completed these quests. 

I will refresh and 8 to 10 matches will have a maxed Arbi and multiple Legos, normally a rotos, sifi and/or a madame... so you are telling me that 80% of the gold 1 and 2 players have all these toons, and it is not that the sql to make the matches is not set to focus on returning these types of matches?

Also, it is said that it is the influx of new players... how does an player that has not played as long as i have pass me in these missions? It simply does not add up...
Sep 4, 2020, 18:0009/04/20

Inactive accounts were NEVER the problem! You created the problem when you tried to "fix" the Platinum boosting problem with some kind of matchmaking change that was just stupid to start with. Boosting is easy to fix, yet you just don't care because it makes you a ton of money each week. You seem to think that the only accounts that go inactive are whales or people with completely built teams. I would argue that the number of people leaving the game with teams that aren't built well are higher than the number of people who have well built teams.

The problem is the number of players and the ceiling at Platinum. The solution (albeit temporary) is to add a new tier between Gold & Platinum. Call it Diamond or whatever you want. 4 tiers like all the others. You can even give stat bonuses (21%, 22%, 23%, & 24%) and leave Platinum at 25%. It's absurd that Platinum is only 300, but I guess you have some reason for it. By adding a tier, you will allow the people to move up who should be higher but have no care to spend a ton of money to get to Platinum.

Sep 4, 2020, 18:1209/04/20
Sep 4, 2020, 18:16(edited)

Arena based missions levels do not match with others missions around.... (silver1 vs campain in hard  / get 5 potions vs get 400 silver medals) for me arena quest have nothing to do in the main quest or appear in the last section

Sep 4, 2020, 18:3109/04/20

Ciero said:

Why aren't there just more tiers in the classic arena now?  Make platinum 4 tiers like the others and reduce requirements to get into some of the earlier gold/silver levels.  That lets the better teams move up, leaving gold accessible once again without having an end game team.

That's what I was saying would also be the best way to fix arena. The problem is they could add more tiers to Platinum but in in couple of months they would be right back where they started. The upper arena levels would be all clogged up again. Arena has been like like this since the spring.  It's possible the tiers would be unpassable just like they are now within a month of adding new tiers. 

A lot of new players are quitting because of this. They would either have to change the logarithm or add new tiers. If they add tiers, arena would have more levels than the campaign by the end of next year. If they change the matching, does that mean string teams only face strong teams but weak teams can pile up wins getting to gold 4 while never facing strong teams? If gold 4 is still full of strong teams, new players will still have the same problem they have now.