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Update Highlights 2.10

Update Highlights 2.10

Jul 14, 2020, 14:2907/14/20

Plarium I appreciate that some change and progress is being made but you aren't addressing the key issues that the player base has been requesting.

1.  ROADMAP -  Why have planned features fallen off the roadmap?  What is the revised plan and updated roadmap?  I believe the single biggest complaint among the player base is lack of new content.

2.  BATTLEPASS -  When is this coming and why is it delayed?

3.  DUPLICATES -  What is the solution to the duplicate issue.  This causes huge frustration to the player base.  If your plan is to convert them into shards then please elaborate?

4.  BOOSTING -  This is flat out cheating.  What is the plan to stop this, and when can we expect to see it enforced?

5.  BRONZE ARENA - What is the plan to clear out the overpowered teams in Bronze arena to make it friendly and welcoming for new or early players.

Thanks for considering.
Jul 14, 2020, 14:3707/14/20

So basically you've created a system for the patyto win players so they can get better...

Cause the better you are the better the rewards are.

No hate ,but instead of introducing new features you guys should think about balancing the game.

Players having two rotos and syphi?! Common..

How about buffing champs like moosbart ...fusion with no sense ..and the new fusion is good if you invest a lot of money for resources.

Next in line are the rewards for the cb.

A blue shield with shitty stats from the unm?!

Oh and I forgot the blue book from the nm cb .

Next thing is tag team arena .

To limit it on 12 weeks is ridiculous. There only top players in bronze 3 ,so no way to get a higher stage and according to your new system tokens to buy shards etc.

The mostly free to play players feel really disappointed..

Jul 14, 2020, 14:5107/14/20

Little confusion here...

There are more than 400+ champions in this game and if you even get rid of rares and below

you still have more than 150+ epics and above in this game

are you collecting individual shard fragments or just one shard fragment which you can use for any champions you want

because those two has fundamental difference which will have two far different reception to this update...

Jul 14, 2020, 15:3407/14/20
Is there any plan to allowing marking of duplicate champions so one can tell them apart?
Jul 14, 2020, 15:4307/14/20
You're locking good rewards to only gold tier arena teams when it already requires x number of gold bars? What complete morons........
Jul 14, 2020, 15:4607/14/20

Seriously?  I wonder who makes the decisions there?  Why should more items be AVAILABLE the higher the tier?  DO you think someone in bronze doesn't need Epic books or 4* chickens? Or someone in Silver doesn't need Legendary books or 5* chickens??  How do you think players will be able to get higher rank?

The price should just be the price and let players save up to get what they want.  

How SIMPLE is that?
Jul 14, 2020, 15:5107/14/20

I would love to see the "fragments" idea extended to faction wars.

Ideally a more generic version, though, where faction fragments could be saved up to eventually buy any champion of that faction.
Jul 14, 2020, 16:1107/14/20
Look, make the books accessible to EVERYONE, locking prizes behind ranks that help reach those prizes seems like a bad Idea.
Jul 14, 2020, 16:3907/14/20

We were promised the Hellfang Houndspawn synergy would be fixed in 2.1. Can this be confirmed?

Players who are spending money for this fusion to grind Hellfang should know his value.
Jul 14, 2020, 17:2607/14/20
Jul 15, 2020, 22:06(edited)
I’ve been playing since this game came out and notice one thing..... it’s more and more P2P with this game.  The players address huge balancing issues, major arena problems, still no battle pass fix and loads of other problems but still nothing for a fix instead more and more concepts that benefit the players that drop hundreds weekly on the game.  I understand needing to generate income but the gap is getting further and further.  Being a F2P player the game is very difficult and the rewards and nonexistent.  Look at the awards for the events, they make no sense.  F2P players have a hard time achieving a lot of the awards in events.
Jul 14, 2020, 17:5507/14/20
So devs, i'm 18 months in playing this. I now sit with 5 Rae, 4 Eva, 4 Ghostborn and alot of triple/double dupes. This, while i only have about 1/3 of the full drawable pool of unique Legendary champs. So where is a system for using those, ALL major collector games i've played have this. Also, we need to know the rates for rolling shards.. Is it pure RNG? We need to know if you run some sort of scam with different rates based on IP, spending or such. Good job killing the game slowly anyway.
Jul 14, 2020, 18:4007/14/20
Jul 14, 2020, 18:43(edited)

Hey Valk, thanks for the notes. I think the bazzarr is a whaleish tactic by Plarium and is really only gearing that mode towards P2W I get it, they keep you a float. But that means that 50% of your player base will completely ignore something your team has been working on, for what seems like a really long time. The sad part behind this is that your regular arena is broken, now you are adding another arena without fixing your first one? How does that make sense? The new champions look cool but are very meh, the ogryn is the best by far. Your new gear/accessories, bazzarr only huh? that is just ridiculous. I'm happy you are going to be moderating chat as there are a lot of sour people as well as a lot of bots that show up to try and ruin people days with their stupidity. So that gets you a "+" but for that to be the only thing in the update that is actually merit worthy, and it was part of misc... Come on plarium get your stuff in gear. There are many gacha games out there that have way more to offer. I can forsee you losing more and more players each update as they aren't substantial. There is nothing in the patch that helps the quality of life, sky peak is still closed, the campfire does nothing (put the yule tree back it game my home life). There is so much that you can do to make this a really good game but you all are too focused on your content creators and hoping they are able to reel in new people. That will soon dry up because everyone would have tried your game and abandoned it. 

You need to have a monthly "Free gear removal event" because the prices to remove a piece is just stupid. You guys like money as do we all but at some point you have to stop being so damn greedy and actually give 2 turds about your player base before you find yourself not having one. I personally still play this game every now and then because i want my arbiter. But I have slowly migrated to kings raid because there is more to do, the energy to reward and energy to stage ratio works. They don't tell you "hey we are raising the max level but you are stuck at the same energy" because of course more levels = higher energy caps. But not here. Thats my 2 cents. Keep the change. 


Jul 14, 2020, 19:3407/14/20
Jul 14, 2020, 19:35(edited)
JoinME said:

If you have not notice yet, 3v3 arena is not for new players. 

I like the idea of the need to stay in higher ranks to get better stuffs. If this is not like this, end game players will just farm weak players in bronze levels, and there is your classic arena problem again. 

And because of this announcement, there might be some end game players who are still not climbing in 3v3 rank may start working on their ranks now. Since it will take weeks to get into gold tier. 

Poutoman said:

What’s this obsession with dividing the player based into tiers with the rewards.

A bronze, starter, can’t get good stuffs on the bazaar because they are bronze? That’s not helpful at all.

Let people grind and give them a chance to get good stuff! 

New players wouldn’t want to be invested in the game if they don’t see a relative good chance towards good rewards.

This is simple stuff guys. Be more generous with start-mid players so they can spend more. Not focus entirely on whales.

Not true at all. Simply make the higher ranks reward more gold bars. Blocking off the better rewards is foolish, unfortunately it's kinda like Faction Wars, I'm not sure how they design the reward structure for the game, but it's pretty bad.
Jul 14, 2020, 21:4907/14/20
Jul 14, 2020, 21:50(edited)

If you don't bring the clan war, it won't take long. we want to clan wars. 

Jul 15, 2020, 00:2607/15/20
Jul 15, 2020, 00:31(edited)

FIX THE ARENA!! please, it's broken at the moment.

So is the Tag Team Rank Silver going to be the SAME BROKEN problem as Classic Arena? Full of level 60+ with 4 Legendaries 150,000 Power? 

Great...let's lock the reward behind that Broken rank gate. :( Plarium ....please >:(
Jul 15, 2020, 04:0207/15/20
Jul 15, 2020, 04:04(edited)

I used to play this game constantly every single day. Everyone in my life always made fun of me for spending so much time playing it. I loved this game and I hoped that it would last longer than the gacha I loved before this one. I put more money into this game than I would ever admit to anyone. 

The players have waited and waited for so many promised things that have never come and been given so many shitty or unnecessary things instead. 

“Tag team arena” is such a disappointment at a time when so many things in this game need to be addressed (and have been for months and years now). I thought tag team might be cool, like actual tag old Pokémon Stadium for N64 where you pick teams and you can remove or sub in champs as they die or if you need a different champ to better counter the other’s first team. That tag team is fun. Plarium “tag team” is really just multiple battles with different teams. Is that really tag-team? Maybe my understanding of it is just incorrect. 

Regardless, it’s extremely boring because it’s like classic arena (which I went from stable gold 3-4 to struggling to stay in silver 2 after the change, super fun!) but extended-edition! So now instead of the old, okay version of Classic arena, we have boring, unfair, and unrewarding classic arena AND boring, boring, extra-unrewarding, extended-length arena! 

Pretty much all that’s happened in the time since I started playing is that we got a harder version of campaign, harder clan bosses, artifact sorting, a ton of new food champs to dilute the pool and reduce your chance for elusive good champs, a few unbelievably OP champs were created to throw everything off balance, fixed a few bad leggos and made them unbelievably OP too, offered some mediocre leggos as rewards and fusions, nerfed some of the only good rares, started Faction Wars (where you can earn 3 star chickens and 100k silver as rewards for beating teams of lvl 110 champs in every faction and rare books for the OP bosses), AND teased everyone with the fun and rewarding one-time-only Battle Pass.

 I finally see some of the stronger players in my clan going inactive for 2-3 weeks. This is the start of the end for this game. Plarium must have some other really successful games or businesses to be so careless about the demise of Raid. I am very sad for all the players who have loved this game as much as I do. 

Jul 15, 2020, 06:2507/15/20
how about rebalancing a few useless legendary champions ffs
Jul 15, 2020, 10:1807/15/20
Jul 16, 2020, 02:45(edited)

jesus please for god  sake  make sparring pit auto level up or automatic

i fell asleep 15min to finish level up to 34(4 heroes) and i push 8 hours later the waste of freaking time 
GreenKnightCommunity Manager
Jul 15, 2020, 16:5907/15/20

Greetings and salutations.

 I am here to address the most popular questions about this update and clarify some in-game mechanics.

Fixing the arbiter bug doesn't fix the whole level 1 problem. Lyssandra has the same AI problem, and even worse, level 1's killed by hegemon trigger timely intervention which also needs to be addressed in order to fix the problem

In this instance, the Arbiter was used as the clearest example of the bug that we are fixing. The solution itself is for the Arena AI, and it will work for all champions.

Why is the ceiling so high for the bazaar? The majority of raid players will not have a chance to access the rewards that we all need so desperately. We need more improvements and we need them at a faster rate given the current condition of the game. An update should be put out weekly or biweekly until the game is stable at this point.

The Bazaar has a gradation that gives better options for players higher in the ranking. The better your teams are, the better your rating will be, and the better reward you can obtain. The Arena is a very competitive feature, and Bazaar as an "Arena shop" is a part of the competition.

Currently, we are working on a couple of significant features and some smaller ones, so there will be more content updates in the next couple of releases.

 We are going to make more regular updates: about the things we are working on and what we have in store every other Friday.

This is the link to the latest of such updates:

Look, make the books accessible to EVERYONE, locking prizes behind ranks that help reach those prizes seems like a bad Idea.

While everyone can buy books from Bazaar, their rarity will depend on your current rating placement in Tag Team Arena. Rest assured, there will be other additions to the game that will make all tomes more accessible to the players, but a bit later on in future releases. For more info, stay tuned to our biweekly reports.

The tag team points awarded really needs to be adjusted so that one loss doesn't negate the two wins you got

The matchmaking algorithm's current version should prevent such exploits by restricting your opponent pool to the players close to your rating placement. Also, one loss can negate two wins, only if the attacker challenges much weaker opponents.

The Tag Team Arena point system is based on the Classic Arena rating system. A series of battles has three fights, with the same number of points as a bet in each of them. Some examples of how it works: 

Any battle with a bet of 10 points will grant the victor 10 points and subtract them from the opponent.

Any battle with a bet of 6 points will grant the attacker if he wins 6 points but subtract 14 if he loses.

What about arena? It’s so hard. We can’t reach gold. I’m level 66. My brother lvl 59 he is leve I silver its realy so hard you have to change it

We do see a rise in difficulty in Arena and understand the current situation, but the present change wasn't the result of some massive bug but a result of players' activity in the game.

 Currently, we see a couple of obvious causes of this problem:

 1. Increase in arena activity as a result of tournaments. Which caused a rise in competitiveness and push for some of Gold IV players into the lower tier and, as a result, made promotion to gold tier itself harder. The chain reaction of this change made silver more competitive than ever. Everyone becomes better and stronger with time, and going through Arena helps us realize the weak points of our teams and improve. Our development team is working on flattening the curve of the difficulty spike.

 2. The other thing is that inactive on the Arena players are getting to Bronze before leaving Classic Arena for inactivity, so we will decrease the time-span before inactive players are removed from the Arena.

Also, we are aware of the increasing difficulty of the Arena related quests.

 There can be, and most likely are, some other reasons in recent difficulty spike, and we are working on identifying them, and applying practical solutions. Any change to the Arena will significantly affect it. Our development team is working on solutions that will improve our current balance and matchmaking for the Classic Arena.

BOOSTING - This is flat out cheating. What is the plan to stop this, and when can we expect to see it enforced?

We’re aware of the abuse with the intentional 'help' provided to players’ to take up the first places in Platinum Arena by other players. That abuse will be fixed in the nearest couple of patches.

any changes to current drop rate changes for current accessories? 

We do not plan on any changes in drop rates or classic accessories in the nearest updates.

Is there any plan to allowing marking of duplicate champions so one can tell them apart?

Yes, we are working on it. The main problem is that we do not want to overcrowd the champion portrait, so we are testing different ways to implement it harmonically.

Would there be any characters rebalances? Really waiting for better balanced legendries

Yes, we are working on more than a couple of balance changes in existing champions and the addition of brand-new heroes. More on them will be in the later updates, closer to their release.

There are more than 400+ champions in this game and if you even get rid of rares and below
you still have more than 150+ epics and above in this game
are you collecting individual shard fragments or just one shard fragment which you can use for any champions you want"
I want to clarify the Champion Fragments mechanic. Not all champions will be available to summon from fragments. Each character available for such summon has their own fragments, and by gathering 100 fragments of one champion, you will have the ability to summon him.

Have a nice day and stay safe.

Jul 15, 2020, 17:2707/15/20

GreenKnight said:

Greetings and salutations.

 I am here to address the most popular questions about this update and clarify some in-game mechanics.

Green Knight,
Thanks for the response and addressing some of our issues.  Could you address these issues:
1. Roadmap - update - what happened to the roadmap i.e Void Tower
2. Battlepass?  When is this happening
3.  Duplicates?  This is a longstanding issue raised by the player base.  What is the plan to address this?