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(Champion Spotlight) Holiday Fusion Event 2019

(Champion Spotlight) Holiday Fusion Event 2019

Dec 13, 2019, 11:3712/13/19

(Champion Spotlight) Holiday Fusion Event 2019

There are many songs of Tormin the King’s Hammer, Tormin Orcsbane, Tormin the Smith. Of his deeds and his bravery, of his cunning and wit, and of his loyalty. A hero of days long gone, he had been considered a mere fancy of Dwarven folklore by some sceptical scholars - a generalized character with traits taken from several historical figures, which would explain a long list of titles. But, in truth, Tormin indeed existed, and the tales of his adventures often have a seed of truth in them.

Born to a humble blacksmith - as is so very common among the Children of Stone, who revere the artistry of crafting metal - Tormin had begun learning the craft from the day he was strong enough to hold a hammer. He was talented and strong, though hot-blooded and oft found himself at odds with others. It was one such feud that led to Tormin injuring a rival smith’s apprentice and being taken by Jarl’s guards. His fate might have been bleak, were it not for frequent Orc raids that troubled the Jarl’s domain at the time. Every able-bodied warrior could be of use against the raiders, and thus Tormin found himself faced with a choice - be imprisoned for his crime or be conscripted into the militia. He had chosen the latter.

The saga goes on to describe Tormin’s service to the Jarl which lasted a decade and saw him rise from a mere foot soldier to a trusted Sergeant. He is said to have defended a narrow bridge across a cavern chasm alone, turning aside scores of orcish warriors. Several orc camps were raided and razed to the ground and bandits who led the raids slain by the Dwarven scouts under his command. His bravery had been enough to get him noticed by the Jarl, and when the King gathered an army to march alongside his human allies, Tormin too was called upon.

It was a stroke of luck, perhaps, that saw Tormin catch the King’s eye when he alone survived a bloody battle against the Undead and returned to the bulk of the army with a warning that would prove crucial to securing victory. Such resilience and determination were worthy of a true Dwarf, and Tormin was taken into the King’s own service.

A particularly beloved tale speaks of Tormin being taken prisoner by Jotuns - a race of giants hailing from the Mountains of Despair - and using his cunning to escape. He had convinced the Jotun Chieftain that he could craft a weapon worthy of such an illustrious leader if given tools and materials to work with. The Chieftain, driven by his lust for power and well-aware of the fabled smithing talents of the Dwarves, agreed. Tormin remained true to his word and used all he had been given to craft a magic hammer of impressive power. Though rather than give it to the Jotuns, he had turned it upon them instead. The magic of Rimefire - as Tormin had dubbed his weapon - was unleashed and allowed him to fell many foes, baffling the rest and securing his escape.

He was hailed a hero once more when he returned home, Rimefire in hand, and tales of his adventure inspired countless songs praising Dwarven ingenuity and mocking the greed of the Jotun Chieftain. Tormin himself went on to serve the King for decades until his sudden disappearance far in the frozen North of Teleria. No one knows what exactly he was doing there, nor what happened. Some say Tormin was betrayed. Left for dead in a pool of his own freezing blood, he swore to seek justice and traded his soul to a malefic winter spirit that dwelled in the icy peaks of the winterlands. Others maintain that Tormin hunted down a powerful Lych lord but was mortally wounded. Only the intervention of Sir Nicholas allowed the Dwarven warrior to survive, though the cost was steep. Some even deny Tormin’s survival at all, claiming he had perished in the icy wastes, far, far away from mortal eyes, and that neither his remains nor his mighty weapon may ever be recovered.

Yet this old saga has been given new life recently, when scouts returned, terrified and frostbitten, from their mission beyond the Mountain King’s realm. They spoke of a terrible blizzard that enveloped their party and of a lone Dwarf who walked through that storm unharmed, silent and clad in frozen armour. He led the scouts down from the treacherous mountain and into valleys below, yet did not share a single word with them. Most importantly, the stranger wielded a mighty warhammer of silver and ice. Though he had disappeared without a trace when the task was done, this mysterious benefactor had caught the attention of the Dwarven’s monarch, and new, better-equipped parties are already being prepared to venture north and bring their long-lost brother back into the fold.

Dec 13, 2019, 12:0012/13/19
The champion looks amazing, however it looks completely unattainable for anyone but the largest of whales.
Dec 13, 2019, 12:1012/13/19
Dec 13, 2019, 12:12(edited)

Hello Plarium!

Thank you for this fusion and many events in its course. The character looks amazing, so does his kit. I see him in most of the content.

However, 2 or 3 rare champions for the fusion are hard to acquire. Like Harvester, who is given for 1400 points in the summon rush. It is basically 12 void shards or 70 ancients. Not only that, there will be several occasions requiring shards.

While we can grind potions, food and stack piles of gems for the energy, the shards are much harder to gather in such quantities. 

Please consider adding some other options for getting those champions currently available in summon rushes and champion chase tournament. 

Dec 13, 2019, 12:1212/13/19
Wow, Plarium makes paid Christmas event. Who could've seen that coming...
Dec 13, 2019, 12:1912/13/19

Yaaasssss, another F2P friendly event!!

Oh wait...
Dec 13, 2019, 12:3112/13/19
Dec 13, 2019, 15:11(edited)

Another possible fusion only for P2W! 

This is Christmas only for you Plarium!  

My compliments, you are only interested in vile money. You don't care about users.

Dec 13, 2019, 12:4212/13/19
Dec 13, 2019, 12:43(edited)
I'd strongly suggest not participating in any of the events associated with this fusion. Maybe that will wake up some people in positions able to make calls to turn the boat around from the maelstrom of disregard it is sailing towards.
Dec 13, 2019, 12:5912/13/19

I strongly suggest commenting on playstores to make people know about RSL P2W aspect and avoid new players to be fooled.

Less player, less money

Less money, greedier events

Greediers events, less player

eventually when they will have no player at all maybe they'll start thinking about players, not about money.

Oh wait ... in plarium's world they will just close the game and start another p2w gambling game copying other games
Dec 13, 2019, 13:0412/13/19

Ok, I fully understand that a company needs to make a profit to stay in business and that selling shards, gems and packages is the way that needs to happen in Raid, but really, this is how you choose to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season with your player base?  

I haven't minded spending some money on this game because I've enjoyed it as a break from the day.  When I heard about the holiday fusion I looked to last year to see what had been done and saw the Sir Nic plan I thought it was a cool gift to the players to show they were appreciated.  A great legendary with a low threshold for new players, an actual gift.  Then I saw what came out today and was sorely disappointed.  Really?  Was nothing learned by the Foli fiasco?  Put in a whale based legendary fusion anytime other than Christmas.  This is making a game that I have enjoyed playing look like you could care less about not just the newer player base but your established one as well.

Three months of saving shards, gems, energy, etc. and a willingness to even support the process financially to an extent isn't enough for me to want to even attempt what was presented today.  Plarium please learn from the mistakes of the past to see what kind of image this is portraying.  Halloween events were reasonable,  this was not.

Dec 13, 2019, 13:2512/13/19
Dec 13, 2019, 13:28(edited)
Marius, скажи Сирилі хай не заходить в найближчі кілька днів в чати в "Діскорді", бо її з'їдять. Там народ сидить злий, ножі точить. Треба кілька днів почекати щоб пройшло.
Dec 13, 2019, 13:4312/13/19
Алчни копелета. Не се наядохте.
Dec 13, 2019, 14:0912/13/19

I am afraid i agree 100% with Daemonque. I was completely dissapointed in realizing the MOMENT I saw the fusion that an event I too was farming potion keeps and doing mino runs for weeks in preparation for was ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to even contemplate in the end. I refuse to stay up 24 hrs. straight farming void potions and nothing but the next two Sundays ... and the rarity of void shards, and expensiveness mean I'd also have to max. out almost every single event!

I have been a p2p player these first 5 months but 5 months in and THIS is Plariums idea of what a Christmas event for ALL PLAYERS should be? Or wait ... oh that's right ... christmas isn't for everyone apparently huh? Just the people who've been on since beta and the whales.

Is that a goblet full of COAL you are preparing to throw in our faces Marius? Thanks for NOTHING and merry christmas to you too.
Dec 13, 2019, 15:0812/13/19
Dec 13, 2019, 15:09(edited)

Please change the titel of this.. this is NOT a Holiday fusion! Christmas is the time of giving, not the time of showing the middle finger to your player base!

As much as I love the new champ that I won't get, I also hate what you did there... multiple different summoning events to get chars, 33k on the training.. you have outdone yourselfes on that one. Totally showing everyone that you do not care for your players and have not understood what a christmas event should be like. 

Makes me sad, since I love this game, but I will be leaving if this keeps on and on ... (which it most likely will)

Dec 13, 2019, 16:0012/13/19
Really don't understand why training event, summon rush to give why better rewards then Arena rewards and yet 90% of all champions are made for arena really WTF.
Dec 13, 2019, 19:4412/13/19

To any and all of the community managers, developers, or anyone else reading.

You all have created a great game with dynamic characters, interesting builds, creative outlets, and a lot of strategy for those interested in min/maxing opportunities within the game.  However, all of that amazing gameplay is currently being overshadowed by the enormous amount of negative feedback being placed on Plarium in nearly every social media corner that exists (forums, Reddit, Facebook, Youtube (from nearly all major content creators)).  The game that I have enjoyed playing for nearly 8 months is now being recommended to be uninstalled by major content creators to their viewers.  I certainly hope this isn't the response you were expecting.

After the Foli issues there was a reasonable turn around from Plarium recognizing the mistakes and the anger of the community.  I whole-heartedly hope that something similar is about to happen and quickly.  I want to keep playing a game that I value, and have supported financially, but actions such as what happened today is definitely making me, and a LOT of the community reconsider.

I realize there may not be a direct response to this post, but please respond to the community as a whole and quickly so that the game isn't irreparably harmed.

Dec 13, 2019, 21:5612/13/19

Welp, today's fusion event is the last drop for me. 

Plarium better be ready to pay google to delete my reviews regarding this game, cuz I will be releasing a lot of bad reviews both writen and in video while streaming, about this game.

Gotta prevent inocent folks looking to have fun, from falling into the trap of playing this money grabing scam!

Dec 13, 2019, 22:0012/13/19
apsugevorkyan said:

Please consider adding some other options for getting those champions currently available in summon rushes and champion chase tournament. 

Such poor, inocent person... you better go back to dream land cuz this aint happening in the real world
Dec 13, 2019, 22:0712/13/19

I can't believe you decided to make christmas fusion more difficult that Brakus. This should be time where you provide something for players of all levels not top 5% of spenders. I love the game but anymore I would not recommend or tell my friends about it. You are killing your own game.

Dec 14, 2019, 06:5512/14/19

Are You serious Plarium, 1400 points for rare champion in summon event without even x2 on blue shards?! Thormin the Cold does not worth it.. 

Sad Christmas, Plarium!

Dec 14, 2019, 08:3712/14/19
Dec 14, 2019, 08:48(edited)

What a disappointing event... For real !

To be able to make the fusion and all your events, you need to spend approximately 350€ to be able to remotely compete in these events.

It is the bare minimum to be able to at least achieve A PART of these events, A PART !

What the hell guys ? Who is taking those decisions ? It seems completely disjointed with your community.

All in all last events I have spent 50e to not even be able to achieve half of some events... So it's really starting to be disappointing and I'm sure I'm paying more than the majority of your playerbase. Do you really want to discourage players like me ? Are you only looking for one shot purchases & big wallets ? And not regular small spenders ?

This is so so bad. I don't even know what more to say. All of your events are pure trash, none of us can compete. I'm really thinking that you've build your game on frustration for the players to have compulsive purchases.

My entire guild said they are going to skip the event because it's undoable... Shows how good the situation is.

Please take actions!

Dec 14, 2019, 10:2012/14/19

Loserion said:

Really don't understand why training event, summon rush to give why better rewards then Arena rewards and yet 90% of all champions are made for arena really WTF.

100% it's really funny how they are making all the new champions like Tormin the cold for Arena and its pointless to even focus on Arena and all Arena event rewards are worthless haha.

1) Platinum tier chest is worthless and you need to wait a week for it.

2) its almost impossible to stay on top 300 which is ridiculous so what is the point of Arena?

really need to change the arena 

1) Make a top 3 places that will great rewards example first place 1 sacred shard second place 2 void and third place 3 ancient shards give top 50 something like from 97-90 250 gems 90-80 200gems  80-70 150gems  70-60 100 gems  60-50 50 gems 

2) allow more player into Platinum tier  like 1,000 minimum