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(Champion Spotlight) New Champions (10.10.2019)

(Champion Spotlight) New Champions (10.10.2019)

Oct 11, 2019, 15:1510/11/19

(Champion Spotlight) New Champions (10.10.2019)

After their defeat at the hands of the Elves and the nascent Human Kingdoms, the Orcs fled eastwards, fracturing into warring clans and tribes. Much like the surviving Barbarian cultures, these do not form a unified society. Some Orcs are merciless raiders, all too happy to prey on the week. Others strive to follow the ancient codes of honour and desire to rebuild the legacy of their people. Teela - who was yet to earn her monicker ‘Goremane’ - had been born into the former kind of clan.

Life in the den of raiders and slavers is often brutal and short, and Teela had to learn to survive from the moment she took her first steps. Where more fortunate warriors were pampered and trained, she had to fight for scraps, steal, nurse her wounds with what meagre supplies she had. It was a hard life. But it made Teela strong. Strong and vicious enough to put down warriors twice her size and earn her place at the head of countless raiding parties.

Her reputation grew with every successful foray, but it was a stroke of strange luck that had truly thrust the Orc warrior to glory. Her raiding party came across a caravan transporting a scholar from Aravia and overwhelmed the guards without trouble. When the terrified elf pleaded for his life he mentioned a weapon of great importance, something that had apparently set out to find in the first place. Though not usually one to show mercy, Teela agreed to release the scholar in exchange for everything he knew. It was thus she had learned about the Hexdrinker Scimitar - an ancient weapon buried somewhere within the far western reaches of the Deadlands.

Chancing that the scholar’s information was true, Teela led her raiders on a long march across the dunes. The map recovered from the caravan guided them to a burrow that predated even the Barbarian tribes that controlled the area. It had not been left unguarded, of course, and the attempt to breach it called several scores of skeletal warriors to life. Teela and her fellow Orcs fought tooth and nail and even pushed the Undead back into the burrow. It was then a Revenant spirit burst from its sarcophagus, cutting down several brutish Orc warriors with contemptuous ease. It would have continued its rampage were it not for Teela’s ferocious counterattack.

She charged the Revenant, overwhelming it with a barrage of slashes and cuts. Though she herself had been wounded, pain would not keep her away from the foe. Teela and the Undead warrior exchanged blow for blow, neither finding a critical advantage until the Orc lost her weapon and was forced to fight like a cornered animal. Fortunately, she was good at that.

Throwing herself at the Undead, Teela managed to snap its ancient bones and wrest the scimitar from its deathly grip. It was only with the slash of its shadow-cloaked blade that the spirit was finally struck down and dissipated into nothing with one final howl of fury. Teela stood over nothing but scattered ashes, her hair had gone white as snow, save from her own blood staining the ends. No matter how she tried, that dirty crimson never faded away. But it was a small price to pay for her trophy, for the Scimitar possessed many powerful enchantments and allowed her to weaken her foes and even allow her allies to feed on the life force stolen away by the blade. With such a mighty weapon in hand, the legend of Teela Goremane had truly begun.

Grohak the Bloodied hails from a time of legends and tragedies long removed from Teleria’s current war. Back then, the Orcish civilization had been at the peak of its power and threatened to overturn the might of the Elven Kingdom. All it would have taken was a single leader to unite the fractured clans, and the tide of savage steel would have swept away all in its path until it crashed against the very gates of the Palace of Aravia.

Becoming that leader had been the goal of Grohak’s life ever since he first tasted victory and heard the bellowing cries of his clansmen calling out his name. He sought out challenges worthy of a warrior of legend, learned to fight the hated Elves in a way that deprived them of their advantages. Indeed, Grohak - or most Orcs for that matter - would often struggle to match the speed and sheer dexterity of their foes. But the young warchief perfected fighting techniques that would cripple and slow down Elven warriors, making them easy prey for his unbound fury.

Perhaps, he would have seen his dream realized eventually - or died gloriously in battle - were it not for the machinations of Siroth and the interference of the Arbiter. Just as the conflict between the High Elves and the Orcs reached its bloody crescendo, the dark legions of Siroth tore through the veil between realms. They invaded Teleria in force, massacring or subjugating anyone who dared to resist. It was then the Arbiter sought to recruit the mightiest mortal warriors, and Grohak had been one of the heroes to be called upon.

He resisted, at first, crying out against the Arbiter’s will as his destiny was snatched away from his very grasp. Eventually, however, Grohak accepted his new role and led countless Champions to do battle against Demonspawn hordes. He had triumphed in countless duels before the invasion was thwarted, laying many a demon low and surviving grievous wounds. Some of them could not be healed in full even by the Arbiter’s power, thus Grohak emerged from this victory scarred and forever marked by the crimson colour of his skin - a colour he had gladly embraced and brought to display on his armour.

It is no secret that true legends often rise as a beacon of hope when the hour is darkest. And so it was now. When the Orcs invaded the Kingdom of Aravia, scattered its army, and burned many of its fortresses, it was the ruler of the High Elves, Basileus Roanas who rose up to rally his people against the savages that sought to destroy everything they held dear.

A marksman without peer during his life, he led the Elven armies in a daring counteroffensive that broke the back of the horde and drove the invaders back to the very borders of the Kingdom. Roanas was credited with personally slaying a score of Orcish warlords and chieftains in the course of that campaign, for his arrows never missed their mark. Be it a black heart, a chink in the armour, or an exposed throat of a towering Ogryn.

Roanas’ army was poised to meet the newly-gathered Orc forces under Grohak the Bloodied in a battle that would have become the stuff of legends for generations to come, yet fate had different plans. The great White Eagle - the Arbiter’s own messenger - arrived on the eve of that fateful clash, bearing dread news from the east. Siroth’s demons, the missive said, were invading Teleria and their numbers were legion. The Arbiter implored the mortal armies to stay their hand and reach a temporary truce. Though it pained him to do so, the Basileus of the High Elves knew the worth of the Arbiter’s words and ordered his forces to withdraw from battle.

Soon after, the Arbiter arrived in person. She had already spoken to the Orc warlord and bound him to her will. But, unlike Grohak, Roanas did not require threats or force to make his decision. He bowed his head in acceptance and reached out to take the Shard that would bind his soul forevermore.

From thereon he fought for Lumaya’s Light through the ages, first joining his rival - Grohak - in thwarting the Demon invasion that threatened Teleria, then answering the summons from the Arbiter and those appointed by her to face a myriad of foes and dangers. As ever, the Basileus’ arrows strike swift and true, and woe betide those who stand against him.

Long before the rise of Kaerok, many self-proclaimed kings ruled the lands, though few of them were more than tyrannical warlords and slavers. It was an age when the strong thrived and exploited the weak without mercy and with no law to stop them. Yet it was also the age when Mankind forged its own destiny in the fires of battle, and the foundations of civilisation were laid by the heroes and visionaries.

Born into one of the ancient clans, Skarg had to learn the craft of battle from an early age. His kin were humble hunters, yet theirs was an inhospitable land in the north. Battling the elements, the beasts, and slavers, the clan had become strong and respected. They sought to maintain their own ancestral lands and cared little for the squabbles of others around them. Alas, that made them undesirable to the would-be rulers of the land.

Skarg had barely come of age when his village was razed to the ground by the bloodthirsty berserkers of King Rakran - an upstart warlord with the ambition of building a kingdom to rival that of the Elves. With many of their kin slain or captured, the ragtag band of survivors had no choice but to retreat into the dark mountain forests. There, Skarg led them on a campaign of vengeance that lasted many months and saw Rakran’s minions diminished by constant guerilla attacks. Finally, enraged by his warriors’ inability to crush a handful of stubborn fools, Rakran took to the field himself. Unfortunately for him, this was exactly what Skarg and his band of fighters were waiting for. They ambushed Rakran, vanquished his guard, and the would-be King himself fell to Skarg’s spear.

As victorious cheers died down around him, the Skarg reached to pick up the fallen King’s sword and held it aloft, vowing that no more would tyrants and fools threaten his kin. Skarg meant every word of that mighty oath and lived by it ever since, leading his ever-growing army to do battle against the warlords who sought to subjugate them. Over the years, he had slain countless men who called themselves ‘King’ and brought freedom to the tribes they enslaved. Even in his elder years, Skarg had no match in battle. The thunderous clarion call that heralded his arrival had sent entire armies into a terrified flight, and neither human nor monster could harm him.

Alas, Skarg had made many enemies in his life. He would not engage in mindless slaughter of those who served the defeated kings, and many of those whose fortunes he had ruined now plotted his downfall. It was at the fortieth celebration of his victory over tyrant Rakran that they struck, poisoning Skarg and his bodyguards, then converging to finish him with daggers and short swords. With the words of curses on his lips, the Elder gave battle and laid his dastardly assassins low before dropping to one knee and staring at his own lifeblood slowly ebbing away. But the sound of footsteps forced Skarg to raise his gaze to behold a woman of unearthly beauty, clad in white and gold and walking towards him.

Skarg had assumed this to be a witch’s trickery and attempted to raise his sword with what little strength still remained in his body. Yet, the stranger did not attack. Instead, she introduced herself as the Arbiter - the living avatar of Lumaya’s will - and told him in no uncertain terms that he was going to die. There was, however, another way - bind his soul to the Champion Shard and live on eternally in service of Lumaya and Her Light. Though Skarg knew little of Lumaya, he could not deny the sheer aura of power that radiated from the Goddess’ servant. After a moment of deliberation, he chose to accept. In a single blinding instant, Skarg’s wounds had been healed and the deadly poison within his veins dissipated. He was whole once more, stronger than he felt in a good decade, and filled with a new sense of purpose. The Elder bowed in reverence and pledged his sword to the Arbiter - hers to command forevermore.

A born rider and a hawk-eyed archer, Maeve serves among her Clan’s most honoured warriors. The shamans claim that she is marked by the spirits, that her clarity of mind, her cunning, and her keen aim are truly enhanced by her long-dead kindred. As per the guidance of the Clan’s spiritual leaders, Maeve covers her body in ink and devotional warpaint in preparation for battle. When time allows, she communes with the Ancestors through inhaling sacred incense and meditation, seeking their strength to add to her own.

Though it is unclear exactly how much this communion helps, few can deny that Maeve has the uncanny instincts of a master huntress. Even if her arrows cannot slay the foe with a single fell stroke, the hapless target is often wrongfooted and dazed, while Maeve is all too quick to capitalize on her advantage.

What does seem odd, however, is her ability to cut the threads of fate that the enemy’s mages and healers follow to bring their fallen warriors from the brink of death. Perhaps, there is something of value in the shamans’ ramblings after all. Or a different kind of Providence guides Maeve’s hand for reasons unknown to a mortal mind.

Not much is known about the spear-wielding warrior who calls herself Suwai Firstborn. She hails from the far reaches of the Deadlands, where the merciless desert gives way to the whispering plains of the Savannah and, further to the north, resilient forests and treacherous swamps. Though rich in game and even offering swathes of arable lands, this area is dangerous to settle. Savage Lizardmen packs often roam the plains - and especially lands near their sacred swamps and lakes - killing outsiders at will.

Suwai sometimes speaks of growing up in constant hardship, of picking up the spear as soon as she was strong enough to train with one, and of the hated beasts that claimed the lives of many kindred. Most of all, she speaks of vengeance and debts paid in blood.

Indeed, Suwai Firstborn is a vicious warrior whose ire is dark and easy to raise. When she fights, she gives it her all, striking at her foes with ruthless grace and sending fountains of blood with ever swing or thrust of her spear. The death around her only seems to drive Suwai to greater feats of martial excellence, her attacks growing stronger and more precise as hapless foes tumble and fall to the ground.

She retains much of that demeanour even in the service of the Arbiter, though through the shrewd manipulation of Lumaya’s herald, Suwai’s focus had been shifted to matters of warrior’s honour in place of simple bloodshed and blind need for revenge.

The temptation of power and immortality has always been strong, and many mages find it far too difficult to resist. Many had fallen over the millennia. Some met their doom, consumed by their hubris or slain by the Champions who brought their dark schemes low. Others, however, have endured through a mixture of cunning, luck, and sheer talent. These ancient beings cheat death in a variety of ways, though none of those can offer true salvation. The best they can hope for is the wretched existence of the Undead. Albeit for some of them, even that is enough.

Far into the dark heartlands of Stormwind Plains, a grand Mausoleum yet stands among the jagged cliffs, though many of its towers and walls have long collapsed into dust. Once a grand palace built by a civilization long gone, it now serves a far more sinister purpose. A coven of dark mages, brought back to life by the Necromancer Bad-el-Kazar, has made the Mausoleum into its stronghold. Headed by one known as Gorgorab, these sorcerers seek to delve into forbidden lore and perform vile rituals that will further their Masters’ designs across Teleria.

Despite the seeming frailty of their rotting bodies, Mausoleum Mages are not to be underestimated. Though hardly keen on engaging they adversaries head-on in fair battle, the necromancers are powerful magicians indeed, capable of crippling their foes and boosting their minions.

An unseen terror stalks the streets of Arnoc, killing at night and draining the lifeblood of its victims. Bands of militia and city guard scoured the slums countless times, yet failed to deliver any results. Dozens of them had been found dead on several occasions, slain by this mysterious murderer with horrifying ease. It had not taken long for the rumours to spread through the city, and terrified citizens to speak of a demon whose eternal hunger drives it to kill and feast on the souls of those it kills.

The truth is only marginally less terrifying. The culprit is no demon, but a master assassin who had been hanged in the city square several years ago. Whether by the hand of a dark mage or his own enduring hatred and the will of Siroth, this merciless warrior burst forth from his grave and now endures in Undeath.

Apparently the execution has not dulled his murderous talents either, it merely gave the assassin a thirst for the blood of the living. Thus armed with his own skills and the vile predatory instincts of a vampire, he roams Arnoc and metes out misguided vengeance against all who cross his path.

Though a monster without any doubt, the Defiled Sinner is also a very capable warrior, and his talents enable him to battle numerous enemies at once with shocking efficiency. Some less scrupulous heralds of the Arbiter may wish to bind him to their will rather than send him back to the grave.

Foul-mouthed, violent, and extremely good at punching faces - assuming she can reach them, but if not, guts and groins will do - Gala Longbraids is truly an epitome of a proper Dwarven Lady (according to her own words, anyway). Indeed, many surface-dwellers would be shocked to realize that Gala is, in fact, part of the nobility, a daughter of a respected Jarl and the heir to an ancient bloodline. The slack-jawed shock of that realization evident on their faces has never failed to amuse Gala thus far.

Though she struggled with her overbearing and overprotective father in her childhood, Gala’s particular talents did not go to waste. After watching his daughter getting into far too many brawls with her coevals, the old Jarl had begrudgingly allowed her to be trained in the various arts of the warrior. This had proven to be a wise decision when the legions of Siroth invaded, besieging the Jarl’s fortress and very nearly bringing it to ruin.

Never one to entertain the thought of being a damsel in distress, Gala seized one of the ornate hammers from the castle’s armoury and joined the fray. Even grizzled soldiers of the Jarl’s Honour Guard could not help but let their jaws drop for just a moment upon seeing Gala smash into the screeching mass of claws, fangs, and horns that swept through the fortress. It was not just breathtaking talent, but also her fearlessness, and the sheer aggression of her technique. Gala fought like an enraged she-bear, and no armour, enchanted or not, could save the demon scum from her wrath. Emboldened, the Jarl’s guards pushed onwards with bellowing warcries and broke the spine of the demon army within a day of vicious fighting.

When the battle was done, even Gala’s father stood in awe. This, the old man said, must have been the proudest moment of his life - fighting side by side with his daughter and securing a victory worthy of their great ancestors. Of course, he still grumbled and cursed when the Kingdom was safe and Gala’s lust for adventure led her to join the King’s expedition to the Surface. But never again did he let himself get in the way of his child’s destiny.

Ogryns are often not the smartest creatures, but there are many tasks and duties where brawn matters more than brains. Arguably, the position of a jailer does require some intellect - lest some dashing rogue tricks them into handing over the keys - but no one can deny the gravity of the intimidation factor that a warden of this sort (and size!) brings to the table.

As if that was not enough, this particular Ogryn had been given the means of handling prisoners who either have a talent for magic or are in possession of magical artifacts. The runes carved into his flesh are terrible to behold, but they let this morose creature syphon the magic from his charges. And, sometimes, even turn it to strengthen himself.

While some Undead retain their skills and even a large part of their personality, there are also those who are left as little more than shambling puppets dancing to the Necromancer’s tune. The truth becomes all the more apparent as soon as one lays eyes on this ghoul.

Though tattered and rotten, his clothes still retain a glint of past splendour. His cracked bow remains murderously efficient, and that may not be just due to foul magic sustaining it, but also due to the masterful craft of the weapon itself. It would not be a stretch to assume that once, a long, long time ago, this wretched creature had been a powerful Barbarian, perhaps even a warlord, whose skill with the bow earned him honour and riches. But now little remains of that proud warrior, only anger and razor-sharp arrows directed by a malicious will.

The High Elves of Aravia have accumulated a great many relics over the long centuries of their dominance in Teleria. Some of these are dark, accursed things, tainted by forbidden magic or, worse, by the touch of Siroth’s evil. But for every item of dark lore, there is its polar opposite - an artifact steeped in benevolent energies of Lumaya’s Light, or simply grand nexuses of raw magic.

To be a caretaker of these ancient reliquaries is a rare honour indeed, and only mages whose heart is pure beyond question are granted this responsibility. It is not often they see battle, but if they do, the Reliquary Tenders bring forth the full might of their knowledge to empower their allies or heal their wounds. Some of the items in their possession even have the power to bring the dead back to life, and that is a power that can turn the tides of battle in an instant.

When the threats in the tunnels connecting Dwarven towns and fortresses become too dire for the Militia alone to face, sworn men of the Jarls are sent out to reinforce them. These men-at-arms clear away any beasts and foes infesting the vital transport arteries that keep commerce in the Kingdom running, but they also have a place in the Dwarven Armies marching to war.

Armed with powerful crossbows, Perforators excel at slaying large armoured beasts that dwell beneath the Mountains of Despair. They equally excel at handling heavily armoured foes thanks to the ingenious design of their weapons. And even if they fail to slay the target, wounds their quivers inflict are often more than enough to make a hasty retreat seem like the best possible option.

Wealthy heirs of Barbarian Clans are often among the first ranks of any raiding or invading force. They adorn themselves with bright colours and garishly decorated outfits, screaming their defiance and competing between themselves in bravery and martial skill. Sometimes, these competitions turn quite macabre and involve tallying the heads of slain enemies to determine the most prospective young warrior. One thing is certain, anyone would be wise to remain cautious when dealing with wild and eager fighters like that!

Vilespawn are half-demon, half-mortal creatures, exhibiting the traits of both. It is often hard or even impossible to predict whether their demonic nature will prevail and turn them to evil. However, as the name suggests, Vilespawn are rarely welcome among the superstitious folk of great Telerian kingdoms.

Often driven to a life of crime or even striking dark pacts with the very creatures that sired them, Vilespawn are often not distinguished from Siroth’s own minions by the commoners. However, the powers of their blood are not necessarily used in malice. Indeed, some of them can heal as well as harm living flesh. It all depends on how the Vilespawn is willing to use their talents.

Lurkers are initiate scouts in the service of Dark Elf noble houses. Be they too young or too destitute to afford proper equipment, their patrons equip these expendable soldiers with a short bow, what little leather armour can be spared, and poison for their arrows. They are rarely meant to engage the threat directly and often either observe enemy movements or support much stronger warriors from a safe distance.

Oct 11, 2019, 15:4610/11/19
Oct 11, 2019, 15:51(edited)

Ahh, good to have this thread, now I can come up with my minor, not really concern, but "thing" which I think should be addressed.

Teela Goremane is translated into Teela Goremane for the german version while she does not have any kind of special given name like Basileus Roanas.
So, now this seems to collide a little bit, 'cause you definitely can translate her into Teela Keilmähne, if you want to imply that she tears things appart or you just translate her into Teela Blutmähne, if you want to imply she and or her hair is covered in some kind of drained blood.
Otherwise it just feels odd to have english surnames in the german translation, if you do have the option to translate them.

One more thing, Suwai Firstborn is translated with Suwai Erstkind and the term Erstkind is never used, 'cause it just doesn't exist.
For her you could just translate Firstborn into Erstgeborene, 'cause this implies that she's the first one who were given birth.

Cheers Strangiii =)

Oct 11, 2019, 16:3110/11/19

Love a bit of lore behind new characters, lots to read through here! Thanks Marius :)

No idea what to make of these champs yet, some kits there look like they will shine bright, though I won't post any conclusive thoughts until they are experimented with.

Oct 11, 2019, 19:3110/11/19

Im sorry but are you even checking your messages like - most important - the thoughts from You tubers and the community behind These you tubers? (Start watching Stew Caming hundrets of ppl watching. You should better check what is coming because you didnt even see it coming. More and more People are leaving! And the most important even Player with good to endgame heroes. We just See you guys talking and talking with your eyes closed (just so say anything but nothing much important) keep ignoring and the game has no Future no more

How much time is gone since we had the last ancient double Summon? How many ppl got nothing good out of over 100 shards which takes months to farm - just to get 10 bad epics? What about the new heroes? How many are really good and usable? 80% useless heroes and the chance is gettin smaller to get anything good with every new heroes coming... GG. The F2P Player dont even have interest no more and the paying ones losses their interest and Trust in you because the wallet is bleeding and the Chance to get anything is .... 

7k points no summon Event- only Made for high casher becuase their was 3 events right before.

Its not the Charm to get legendary which is losing because you Think 35$ for 3 sacred is way to less... 

Trust is money but the community is losing the Trust in the whole concept of this game. The question you should ask yourself is "why are People paying for Trust and why they losing Trust not only in this whole game but also In you as a Person - which is much more important.

250$ = royal Guard, occult brawler, lord champfort, nazana, royal huntsmen? Oh Lord

Oct 12, 2019, 00:2410/12/19
Please stop with the reskins. You have done an amazing job creating awesome looking characters but creating copies takes away the uniqueness of existing champions and makes them less appealing and uninteresting. Just look at Teela, Gala, and Skarg, they look awesome because they are new and unique. The others are not  and this affects the overall appeal of the old champs they were based on as well. Nobody wants a copy paste champ especially a legendary copy paste champ. That's straight up lazy and disrespectful. Please take this into consideration for future champions.
Oct 12, 2019, 00:2910/12/19
I second this, i'd rather more time pass between champions being released instead of just having a bunch of reskins.  everything else is great though, keep up the good work.  
Oct 12, 2019, 03:4510/12/19
Oct 12, 2019, 05:52(edited)

Take Raid - heey we need more champions, 400 is not enough, let's copy-paste these other legendary champions and slightly change their colors - nobody will notice.

Take a real game like Dota 2. After 16 years there's 117 heroes with unique models, unique animations, unique skill mechanics, unique skill animations. New hero is released once a year. Hero skills are being tweaked in every patch changing game meta. Opportunities to customize heroes are limitless - with custom gear, taunts or even unique (and pricy) arcana skins which brings more moneys to developers' pockets.

It's a different niche blah blah however it should tell you something about attention to details. After all you expect us to shed $100s on these champions and last thing we want is to see some uncommon dupe look like (or better than) our shiny legendary.

Let's look at my favorite faction -> Shamrock was a dupe however you did put effort in making him look special and seasonal (St. Patrick theme?). Big Un and Ignatius - okay uhm.. they may be brothers or something. Towering Titan and this other orgyn were actually brothers according to lore. I mean, come on, before you were at least looking for excuses to copy-paste some of them.

Not only you're too lazy to actually put effort into creating uniquely looking heroes (rich content?), you apparently use RNG to configure their skills too, which leads to several new legendaries being instantly thrown in the vault put on a long-a$$ list of heroes-to-rebalalnce while few ones being insanely OP.

Last and not the least - 52 champs in Sacred Order and 19 in Skinwalkers? There's no common champions in several factions, yet you're adding another one to dark elves? Not like they're really needed, but where's the logic behind adding yet another fodder to faction A while ignoring faction B?

Oct 12, 2019, 06:0310/12/19

Really who cares about new champions  if i cannot max out the skills of the ones we  have now. at this moment i need 40 epic books and 35 legendary books and no way to farm them.why do i need more Champions? 90% of all the Champions in the game are shit.

they need to go to each faction and check at least all the legendary one at a time not make new champions for fuck sake. and we need books

Plariums answer zero fucks given ether give us money or quit.

Oct 12, 2019, 08:3010/12/19
I agree 100% we do not need more champions just balance the legendary you have now give a way to farm books and make new things in game why are you wasting time on new champions??
Oct 12, 2019, 09:4410/12/19
Great. You added a bunch of bad or medicore Champs. It's getting even harder to get a good Champion every time.
Oct 12, 2019, 10:1910/12/19

I honestly like that this game is not one of those mindless mobile games that you can progress through like though butter. It actually need some micromanagement and responsability when it comes to managing your account and progressing.

However, I do feel like it needs a higher energy pool, somewhere around 200, but no more since it would break the game entirely.
Oct 12, 2019, 15:3410/12/19

This rushing of new trash champs just to have them up for the fusion is really annoying. Alika is not a good champion so it would be much more fair if she could be fused out of long existing garbage champions. and you wouldnt have to copy paste so many designs in order to make it in time. at least all the legendaries should have an unique look. 

This reliquary tender is much better then alika anyway. at least she doesnt require 20 epic books.

So we just get tons of really bad champions which makes it even harder to get good ones in the future(the legos are fine though) and all this for this fusion in which nobody wants to participate since the champion AND the event rewards are very underwhelming.

so please give it a bit more love and time in the future. i dont mind waiting longer if the result is ...well, not like this...

Oct 12, 2019, 15:3910/12/19
Oct 12, 2019, 15:39(edited)
I agree even if you get a new champion it will cost a minimum of 5k energy which will cost 100$ easy to level to 60 and max out masteries and then you can max out there skills makes no sence
Oct 13, 2019, 04:4110/13/19

It is fkn insulting honestly! So lazy! These new champs could have been skin options for the old ones! 

We want balance patches, not useless fusions and pointless tournaments! Fix the game instead of making it worse! 

If you don't start rebalancing existing champions instead of adding new ones, my spending is over, since there's nothing to gain.


Oct 14, 2019, 06:4510/14/19

Hi there!

As I said in comments and posts before, I really like this game for multiple reasons. However, there are some things that I cannot just put away.

1. Please stop with the reskins. More even when you are going to epic or legendary! Those are really unique (or should be) champions from the story perspective. You have awesome graph, and a ton of champions: you don't need to rush to release more. Take more time for proper design, and make each of them something attractive from the artistic perspective. I think this point takes away a lot of bright from this kind of release. Please, take note of this point.

2. At this very moment, it's being super hard to keep on track. I'm a f2p gamer, like a lot of people. And even if you are not and you pay, to develop the champs the energy is not enough, the silver is not enough, the books are not enough, the space in the vault is not enough. I like most of the new champions, but we actually do not need more champions now. I understand it if these champions are to equalize the number each faction has, or if they are for a whole new faction, but even so, it is important not to add too much of them at this time.

3. There are a lot (but I mean, a lot!) of champions, from rare to legendary, that need some rebalance, or a lot of work. Those are the champions we already have. Please, pay attention to those as well, because a proper work needs to be done in this aspect.

On the bright side, I'm happy to see there's a lot to read from each champion. This contributes to the environment of the game, and helps to build the context and the story. Again, I think a lot of champions in this new release are good or really good, it is just not the best time from my perspective: other things need to be done.

Thanks for your job guys! Awesome game!

Oct 14, 2019, 21:1810/14/19
Oct 14, 2019, 21:19(edited)

As a long timer who has spent quite a bit on this game. I would like to say that I am very disappointed in seeing this release. It feels like no effort was made to preserve uniqueness in the game. I feel like I am playing something cheaper, far worst then when I started.

1. We have asked for more space for champions and gear - and for the 2nd time you have released a new bunch of heroes - this time awful reskins and I am literally running out of space. 

2. We have asked for skins - look above

3. We have asked for a proper re-balance of some legends that are beyond hopeless and often worst than some of the new rares added to the game. These changes are needed for faction wars as many factions do not have the right set of skills to finish all lvls. 

4. We have asked for 0 duplicates, just randomly gives us heroes that we have still not unlocked, so we can feel rewarded for our spending - you gave us some nonsense about the law of randomness. 

5. We have asked for increased silver payouts from maps as the game in the current state with faction wars added is so much more silver hungry - you have silently increased the cost of upgrading artifacts

At the current state even if I gem a lot and run maps i do not get enough silver to upgrade even 5% of my holding to lvl 16. 

Oct 14, 2019, 23:2810/14/19
I finally saw Yellow from a summon. Was so excited and happy until I read the skills and tried him out. Grohak the bloodied. He's the equivalent to a weak epic. So disappointed. 
Oct 15, 2019, 15:5910/15/19

Hello, guys! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I will try to comment on the most common points that have been brought up here. 

Our releasing new champions does not get in the way of enhancing the Skills of the already existing underperforming ones. All in good time. The 1.12 will bring the next patch of reworked Skills for several champions. 

We do see your point about skins, and we will see to it that such things are avoided in the future as much as possible.

As for the Fusion champions, we are going to be adding various ones. While Sikara and Alika may better suit the players of the middle levels in the game, there will be more champions available for crafting to satisfy almost everyone's needs. 

Oct 16, 2019, 02:2810/16/19

Cirilla said:

Hello, guys! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I will try to comment on the most common points that have been brought up here. 

Our releasing new champions does not get in the way of enhancing the Skills of the already existing underperforming ones. All in good time. The 1.12 will bring the next patch of reworked Skills for several champions. 

We do see your point about skins, and we will see to it that such things are avoided in the future as much as possible.

As for the Fusion champions, we are going to be adding various ones. While Sikara and Alika may better suit the players of the middle levels in the game, there will be more champions available for crafting to satisfy almost everyone's needs. 

Can we at least get an idea of who is “definitely” on the list. In July, Marius came out with the list showing Tomb Lord, Astralith and Draco were definitely getting buffed/reworked. If you guys came out with a list it would be nice so we can take our champs out of the vault and start building them up, such as Bloodgorged and Ma’Shalled. 

Also, can we get an ETA for the new patch. Thanks!
Oct 16, 2019, 10:0510/16/19
Oct 16, 2019, 10:31(edited)

Can we give suggestions about which champions to buff not by develepers that do not even play the game 

Richtoff the bold need some new skills and  and total status are low

Mountain King needs better skill he is useless and boring 

Maulie a champion that took us two weeks to fused and will have no play. add a counterattack buff to all allies for two turn with her a2 or a3

Also Legendary ghostborn

Amazing champion however why is the aura increase acc by 60 in crypts please change to increase speed in all battle by 30 will see a lot more play in CB Arena and dungeons.

Second his a1 make no sence please change to attacks one enemy has a 50% chance to decrease ATK by 50% 

His A3 already have decrease DEF why does he need it with his A1

Oct 16, 2019, 11:3610/16/19
Oct 16, 2019, 12:40(edited)

I pulled Grohak, the senseless today...

Who had designed him and why? What were his thoughts? I really don't know.

This is no legend at all... not even an epic... (Psylar is so much better)

Dear, Plarium Team... please, please slow down... make better offers, better rewards, create better heroes (like you did before) and everybody has fun and will spend more money for this really great game...