Arre ye able to laugh at yerself, Captain?

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13 July, 2015, 3:53 PM UTC

Arre ye able to laugh at yerself, Captain?

The Tavern be the best place to tell nautical tales, dance to ol' sea-shanties, and laugh so hard yer black Rum comes spewin' out yer nose. We Pirates be a carefree lot, so throw yer worries o'er the port bow and tell a good tale of mismanaged mischief!

Tell me o' the worst mistake ye ever made while playin' Pirates: Tides Of Fortune? 

Laugh in the face o' yer cruel fate an' keep on sailin'! Yo-ho!

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14 July, 2015, 12:04 AM UTC

My beginning days playing pirates was a fun experience

I know im sure to remember a few stories I have when I first joined the pirates,

Lets see let me take you back way back when I was just a young lad

learning the ropes, I remember a battle at this time we really didn't have names for our selves brotherhoods

where to new to give them a proper name, I remember I just joined my first BH only been a couple days playing,

And right above me was another pirate, he was a mean ol pirate, already flying in his pride and taking havens all around me sieging them..

next I find me being the target, I see they godly ol red raid tab on my screen as my heart raced, ( Oo. me thinking oh not me ye ol nasty pirate you wont take me down  ) so I get my defense out, use up my resources, and wait......................................................................

I get the raid report "you been raided" i look at the report, and cuss in that pirate tone not so nice.....

"Shiver me timbers" i almost met Davy Jones locker, i pay back my defense get them back what i can, im screaming Batten down the hatches this aint the end of it no no no im fight this one ""Oh Blimey!!!!!!""

I didn't learn the first time nor the second and the third, you would have thought by the second raid id have learned his offense was much greater then my defense, well my whole Bh's defense, he had the offense to knock me down any time he wanted, He pillaged me,

and i was fool to keep giving him the raid points he so craved and longed to get as i was just giving him just what he wanted to be in the top 10 for raids

"blow me down" and "BLOW ME DOWN AGAIN" but i learned i stopped defending,

So i messaged dat old salty pirate and showed him my jolly roger and surrendered, he gave me a break which i was surprised, Ol that son of a biscuit can actually be reasoned with

Yo Ho Ho that was my last ive ever seen much of him, so when all else fails sometimes talking is the answer, showing a little respect goes a long way even in an ol pirate game 






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14 July, 2015, 5:36 PM UTC

> talking is the answer, showing a little respect goes a long way even in an ol pirate game 


Right ye arrrr, Matey!

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