Dead Men Tell no tales

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19 April, 2017, 2:41 PM UTC

It is nearly MAY  

 and The pirates will soon be sailing our shores. Plarium will likely in these time gain a few thousands of new players also. Because soon Black Sparrow will be sailing the Black pearl and so will master Captain Hector Barbossa on the much dreaded ship the Queen Anne's Revenge.

It will be smoking canon' balls and  things will get much piratee as the tides of fortune turns again in favor of the most brutest pirate. 

How many coffers will you claim from the very treasure horde of your Enemies, How much Rum will you drink in celebration of the acquired skull cups. 

Will we likely see the fortunes turn and a new Shiv vanquished, or will Shiv come back with more slaughter. 

I heard stories of those who are going to watch the movie together.

 ?????What will you be doing come May. Will you wash your shores with new blood of your enemy as you cheer to the screams of your enemies. Or will you be drinking extra rum. ??????

Drop dead
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