start to laugh

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19 March, 2017, 12:12 PM UTC

Hi guys, take a look to this screenshot:

He came with all he has including 151 daggers WITHOUT scouting before (total risk to loose a lot of his troops)

He take nothing (no res nor troops, only the 17 sentinels by my mates) but I don't empty my haven I'd not time to do nothing 'cause...

He used two fate whirlpool to place his haven near me and go away after... 

He accelerate the raid: I know it because I'm on line few minutes before he start and AFK just 4 mins (the time to smoke a cigarette) and when I'm at the PC his haven was moved XD

The best way to do a wrong raid:

1) Total risk 2) gained nothing 3) much items spent

Next time, I could also put a little wall inside and he lose all... Two only things, all of us, can learn by this raid: He don't know how to play; he's a CCP.
So all of you are warned: take fun from him but stay on ward, he can ever swipe his visa or mastercard or take bucks from his mommy'purse!

Good hunting pirates!

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20 March, 2017, 4:10 PM UTC

 Strange. He relocated, boosted his raid, and all that without scouting? Maybe you raided one of his farms, so it was a kind of revenge? 

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