big thanx to plarium!

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5 April, 2016, 5:47 PM UTC
just wanted to say thanx to plarium for adding a new header thing! seems that to block it with abp blocks the whole screen. so much awesome! does that mean to keep my mouse scrolling i cant see what im scrolling? yay! for this, best addition so far. i so luv having to drag my harbor's scroll button its so retro 90's. maybe we could get some side bars goin aswell, maybe a good place to put some adds,or more redundant buttons. maybe its just me 
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6 April, 2016, 7:59 AM UTC


I am sorry to hear that you feel uncomfortable with this header. May I suggest you to play in Full screen mode? I hope it will resolve your issue, and you will not see any headers with ads.
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