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Accepted Suggestions

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11 August, 2016, 1:26 PM UTC

Here is a list of suggestions that were accepted by our developers. 

Please keep in mind that even if they are accepted, it does not mean that they will appear in the next update. They are in our work plans, and our developers will start working on them as soon as possible. The development team has a long-term plan of what features need to be released and when, and they closely follow their timelines. That is why your suggestions may be postponed for some time.

It may sometimes seem that the task is simple and can be done in no time and released in the next update, but when our developers start working on it, it turns out that it is not that simple and requires more time and/or resources. Additionally, technical complications may arise on the way.

We appreciate your understanding.


- Display the number of Units every member of the Brotherhood has on a Presidio.

- Change the color of blockaded Havens’ names and the ones that have Reinforcements on them.

- Expand the Resource history of the Brotherhood.

- Stop displaying the Units of banned players since they do not participate in battles.

- Brotherhood Bastion. Display in the Brethren Court the number of Defensive Units sent by each member of the Brotherhood.

- Raise the Rank at which one can see the Defense on Presidios.

- Add the option to recall all Units from the Brotherhood Bastion.

- Add server game time.

- Include more details in the descriptions of personal Achievements.

- Add the option to use King’s Pardons in the Presidio window.

- Add a search field to the Diplomacy tab in the Brethren Court.

- Add Brotherhood Bastion statistics, like the ones on Presidios.

- Make Quest descriptions more specific.

- Add the Brotherhood logo on player avatars in the Lighthouse window.


· The opportunity to change the diplomatic status between Brotherhoods from “At Peace” to “Neutral” in just one click. Currently, it automatically changes to “Allies” (Note: the 3-day timer will remain).

· Improvements to the Sketch exchange system:

- There will be a new Filter – Brotherhood – that will make it easier for Brethren to trade Sketches.

- You will be able to select the number of Sketches you would like to trade.

· Improvements to the Potion mixing system.

· New Filter in the News o’ Piracy tab. You will now be able to filter all unread messages so you do not miss any.

· Battle Reports will show the Distance to Target.

· New Filter in the Brotherhood Bastion window. You will be able to apply a filter to Battle Reports to avoid spam when someone launches a hundred attacks of one Unit on your Brotherhood Bastion.

· There will be a timer indicating how long until your probation period in the Brotherhood is up.

· Security against unintended purchases when acquiring Resources for your Brotherhood. You are now protected from making accidental purchases when accidentally double-clicking your mouse.

· You will be able to expand your Brotherhood using Voodoo Dolls.


- Count BH Bastion fights in Wars and Challenges.

- Add Raiding Tournaments.

- Improve sort option in the Pirate Stronghold.

- Add an option to remove siege from the Map.

- Remove unnecessary Notifications from the BH chat.

- The Pirate Stronghold. Add an option to hide Units in Haven like the one for Harbor.

- Add a 'sort by' menu for garrisons and fiefs.

- Increase the limit for sending the messages to the League/Coalition members.

- Show the number of Units on Prizes in a tooltip.

- Add options to Liberate and Revenge to the siege reports.

- Add a filter for Reinforcements reports.

- Add a target's name to the Unit tracking window in the bottom.

- Improve the daily log in rewards.

- Add a search option for BH in Diplomacy tab.

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