New Steam Units Are Here!

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22 January, 2015, 1:14 PM UTC

New Steam Units Are Here!
Use Idols to Research New Discoveries!
Ahoy Captains!

You should know by now that Steam-powered Units be the way of the future, Bucko… So, that’s why we be so pleased to announce the newest additions to your Steam Units and Discoveries!

Unlocking these new Discoveries will require participation in Global Missions to get yourself sufficient Idols. Go to the Smuggler’s Den, open the “Idols” tab, and select a Sketch your black heart be wishing to purchase! When you have all the required Sketches, produce enough Gears to train the new Steam Units - Mitrailleuse, Duellists, Gunslingers,Aquanauts,Zeppelin Scout, Nautilus Submarine, Gyrodyne Scout and Tempest Ornithopter.

If you lose your bearings, set sail for the Help section and cast your eyes on the information there!

Piratically yours,
Captain “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley


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