Build the Steamworks and Manufactory!

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22 January, 2015, 1:13 PM UTC

Build the Steamworks and Manufactory!
Crush Your Enemies with Steam Power!

Ahoy, Captain!

Steam-powered Units be the way of the future, my buckos… and we’ll surely be seeing more of them in the days to come. It seems a vast fleet of steam-powered contraptions from across the seas has run aground in the shallows of our fair waters, and those what can salvage them can will have all the Gears their black little hearts desire!

If you've reached level 40 or higher, set sail! This Gear Mills are there for the taking. Use your new supply of Gears to add to your Steam fleet and craft "Zeppelin" Scouts, "Nautilus" Submarines, "Gyrodyne" Scouts, or "Tempest" Ornithopters. Trust me, love, you need them to rule the Seven Seas.

You can save Gold and Lumber you’ve been spending on Gear production and use them for more suitable purposes… like buying new Units, upgrading buildings, and researching new discoveries! You can find them using your Lighthouse like all the other Targets, and they work exactly the same!

Capture a Gear Mill NOW – you can bet your boots the competition is already laying sail for them…

Your Pirate Queen,
Cpt. "Bonnie" Anne O'Malley

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