New Brotherhood Diplomatic Options!

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22 January, 2015, 1:11 PM UTC

New Brotherhood Diplomatic Options! 
Declare War And Remove Attack Limits!

Avast, Captains!

To tell the truth we’ve all been waiting for this time to come to the Seven Seas. The war is near and these are not Spaniards we should be afraid of this time, yet our enemies are like us – other captains.

Rumors have been filling local Taverns: the fights for Presidios have become insane for the past couple of months and the Brethren Court has decided to grant all Brotherhoods the ability to set five new Diplomatic Statuses for their relations with other Brotherhoods: “Neutral”, “Ally”, “Enemy”, “At Peace”, and “At War”.

“Neutral”, “Ally”, and “Enemy” statuses are symbolic, some formal statements of relations between two Brotherhoods that are in no way binding.

At the same time "At War" and "At Peace" statuses may change the whole perspective of war on the Seven Seas. The Brethren Court has decided to put the Attack Limits on Presidios, and only those Brotherhoods who agreed to declare War will have all Attack Limits removed. Those Brotherhoods who have negotiated a Peace will be unable to attack each other’s Presidios until the Peace is formally broken.

To change your Diplomatic Status, go to your Brethren Court’s “Brotherhoods” tab, select the Brotherhood you wish to interact with, and pick a new Diplomatic Status from the pop-up menu. Remember: the Leader of the other Brotherhood, or those entrusted, will have to accept or decline this offer to change the Diplomatic Status.

The reports on your Brotherhood’s interactions concerning Diplomatic statuses will come to your Envoy!

For more information consult the Help section. And remember, pirates – in this tough hour cooperation might help you. Send your parrots to other Brotherhoods and hope for the best!

Your Pirate Queen, 
Captain "Bonnie" Anne O'Malley

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