New Brotherhood Mechanics - Massed Attacks!

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22 January, 2015, 1:10 PM UTC

New Brotherhood Mechanics - Massed Attacks!
Launch Attacks With Your Brotherhood!


Ahoy, me hearties! It does my all heart good to see you fighting shoulder to shoulder with your Brethren, but a hundred captains hurling their crews one by one at a well-defended enemy is no match for a real navy! The time has come to join forces to beat your foes, and the elder captains of the Brethren Court have just the thing - Massed Attacks!

Brotherhood Leadership now have leave to deploy devastating attacks composed of offensive forces from up to three Brotherhood Members. You may deploy Massed attacks against heavily defended opponents: Presidios, Targets, and enemy Havens.

You must join an existing Brotherhood or create your own to participate in Massed Attacks. To begin participating in a Massed Attack, all Brotherhoods are recommended to begin designating Massed Attack Coordinators from their top leadership.

If you lose your bearings, set sail for the help section for more information.

Now, off you go! Bring fame and glory to ye Brotherhoods, and misfortune to you enemies!



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