New Event! Collect CaNew Event! Collect Caskets o' Fortune!kets o' Fortune!

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12 April, 2017, 1:13 PM UTC

New Event! Collect Caskets o' Fortune!

Ahoy there Captain!

It truly be a great time t’ be a pirate – a brand new event be about t’ launch!

Fer the duration o’ this Event, ye will be rewarded with special Jewels fer in-game purchases you make at the Bank! Once ye be collectin’ the required number o’ Jewels, ye will receive a powerful Reward – a Casket o’ Fortune!

There be several different Caskets ye can receive; each differs based on the Bonus Items it contains.

Once ye be receivin’ yer Casket, ye can open it to start using the Items inside immediately or, if you prefer, ye can find it later at the Smuggler's Den under the "Special" tab. All the Caskets ye receive shall be stored here unless used immediately.

Be warned, Captain, that all Jewels will expire when the Event ends.

Piratically yours,

Captain “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley

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