Avast Captains! Bugfixes

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21 April, 2015, 10:00 AM UTC

Ahoy, Captains!

The scurvy daredevils from our Pirate Crew be reportin’ on the work that’s been done while ye were plunderin' an' raidin' to yer black hearts' content.

Here be a list o’ bugfixes that we’ve implemented:

1) If you have more than 9,999 Units in the Pirate's Stronghold, the number is shown in full, without the use of the letter "K" to designate thousands.

2) Bonuses applicable to your Units will now be displayed when they’re in the Harbor.

3) When sending several Units of the same type to Raid or Blockade, their speed, number and characteristics will now be displayed.

4) Units’ travel time to Presidios is now displayed correctly in the “Send Units” window.

5) Units are now highlighted correctly in the Pirate's Stronghold

6) When taking a screenshot of a Battle Report, you now have the option not to display your Units.

7) Unit selection in the "Send" window will no longer be reset the moment more Units arrive at your Haven.

8) Troops now interact correctly with all Dread Fleet Units.

IMPORTANT! Use the "My" filter to display the bonuses of your Units in your Haven when using the "Haven" tab in the Pirate's Stronghold.

We were considerin’ throwin’ some of the engineers overboard to the Krakens, but settled on stickin' em with deck swabbing duty fer the next while!

Thank ye fer yer loyalty an’ patience, me Hearties. Weigh anchor an’ hoist yer mizzens, now – be off with ye!

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