New Game Levels!

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3 August, 2016, 4:00 PM UTC

New Game Levels!

Push Yerself T' New Heights!

Ship ahoy!

'Tis a glorious day o' change on the Seven Seas, Captain! A new Update be released:

Fer the fiercest Pirate Captain’s, who have dedicated thar lives t’ the pursuit o’ gold, parrots an’ Rum, there be an extra 25 new Levels t’ conquer!

This swashbucklin' new Update allows all Captains t’ reach the heady heights o’ Level 150 - further than any scurvy seadog ever sailed afore!

There also be slight changes t’ the Reward system, meanin’ that ye will now get different Rewards when reaching these new Levels.

Improve yer Havens! Destroy enemy Crews! Reach the highest Level ye can!

Bless yer sails,

Captain “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley

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