Captain, you have changed the history of the game!

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29 June, 2016, 12:13 PM UTC

Captain, you have changed the history of the game!

Our developers are already working on the following improvements suggested by our valued community:

· The opportunity to change the diplomatic status between Brotherhoods from “At Peace” to “Neutral” in just one click. Currently, it automatically changes to “Allies” (Note: the 3-day timer will remain).

· Improvements to the Sketch exchange system:

- There will be a new Filter – Brotherhood – that will make it easier for Brethren to trade Sketches.

- You will be able to select the number of Sketches you would like to trade.

· Improvements to the Potion mixing system.

· New Filter in the News o’ Piracy tab. You will now be able to filter all unread messages so you do not miss any.

· Battle Reports will show the Distance to Target.

· New Filter in the Brotherhood Bastion window. You will be able to apply a filter to Battle Reports to avoid spam when someone launches a hundred attacks of one Unit on your Brotherhood Bastion.

· There will be a timer indicating how long until your probation period in the Brotherhood is up.

· Security against unintended purchases when acquiring Resources for your Brotherhood. You are now protected from making accidental purchases when accidentally double-clicking your mouse.

· You will be able to expand your Brotherhood using Voodoo Dolls.

Please note that the suggestions are subject to change. Follow the updates!

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29 June, 2016, 1:04 PM UTC
Glad to see one of my suggestions up there 
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