Captains, the reward system on Prizes has been updated!

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24 June, 2016, 3:35 PM UTC

Alyona Kolomiitseva said:

I don't see any negative point here. And you?

 I have explained several times through the thread, could youcheck my posts, please?

It cost me time and money to figure out how to approach the prizes. Now that I got it you change the rules? It is not fair.

Please send this thread to the development team. They may consider to put back the previous Prizes.

I have already sent your feedback. However, they will not return the past system.

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24 June, 2016, 3:40 PM UTC

Alyona Kolomiitseva said:

1) Mini-payouts to make sure you will always have some Units to throw into the fight.

Please, see that it has no sense at all. If you want to have units you must know when to stop to play Prizes.

Tell me what I can do with 28 SOLs after win a Prize lvl 42: Nothing.

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DireWolf Sigyn
24 June, 2016, 5:26 PM UTC
being a little bit of a 'newer' player and level 66, i have been unhappy with the changes... first i would do higher level prizes since the lower levels simply did not pay off... at all... and at first i would get rewarded every two or maybe three times... and it was fair and i would grow my fleet. Then the past week i would play maybe 6 or more and only get 1 prize payout...all from high levels. The payout was nice, but it didn't make up for a lot of my losses and I had to stop.  Now playing today i win every time, yet the payoff is horrible compared to how i lost... i got troops from a high level prize! sorry, but i think ships would be better as rum consumption needs to be taken into account.. not all of us are major coiners that can buy back my losses.  i understand the games want to make people spend money to get their troops back, but for prizes that is unacceptable. I have it narrowed down to practically a science in what to send and win so I know it cannot be what I am sending. There is no point to doing prizes if you cannot have any gain. I would destroy my whole fleet if I were to empty out the lighthouse in hopes of one big prize...if i were to even have the troops to do so...
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24 June, 2016, 5:31 PM UTC

limeyjohn said:

Linda McCarty said:

Blasphemy said:

BlackBart said:

WHO wants to give it a chance when people are quitting over it !!!!!.,. Just put it back and stop messing us gamers around....please.

if they are quitting over something silly as this 

then they wasn't that into the game anyways....

Give the prizes a chance this method is already been in the other games

for over a year now, it's just being brought to PTOF

if they learned how to work this small change im sure we can...............
This isn't something silly. I've been in this game almost 2 years, and I had my prizes down to an art. I kept up with my banking, I knew what I had to lose before I won again and generally I could tell you which prize I would win big on again. I've put all the other silly as you called it, changes to this game behind me in the past, everytime there is a change it always means their sticking it to us the loyal players. And yes I've been in this game as much as 18 hrs. a day, you can't get more serious about a game as that. I've grown a BH into the top 10, and No this is the last straw for me. I count on my large prize wins, especially when I have to pay back so much to get to the point where I will win big again...If these smaller players would come into their BH's chat rooms and learn the game, learn how to do prizes, and just the basics of the game, then they would have better knowledge of how everything in the game works. But no they come in, play a few days and want to complain that they aren't given their dues? well what about us??? the long term players? The ones who have spend a fortune on this game? Who were dedicated players? and no Blasphemy, this isn't silly to me. THis is just another screw you at the players from plarium. Over the last year they started taking this and that away, then when they came out with these stupid bastions, I called it the money pit then. So then, they took away our Brotherhood adventures. So we don't get those rewards but once or twice a week, these are rewards that benefit the smaller player more than us the larger level ones. And now our prizes. Sorry, this isn't silly to me. I counted on my large prize wins. I don't want these puny wins each time. I would much rather have a large win within the 4 to 5 prizes each time. So yea, your going to lose a lot of players over this, and it's not silly. This is the most serious attack against the long time players in my book...I've been biding my time, waiting things out, well this may just be my last hurrah also. I've been a total dedicated pirate. But will not continue to allow plarium to just slap us down continually. But I will say this, even if I do stay in this game, they won't get another penny out of my pockets for these ruby packages. SO in terms they have have cut off their noses to spite their own faces....But their loss...

@ blasphemy Who on earth do you think you are to insult fellow players ?, l am said level 87 player who has decided to call it quits.

As Linda says above this is no minor change, you may be a moderator but that does not mean for one second you know more about this game than us, am telling you now, it is not working right.

My intentions where not to insult anyone 

--- Limy i understand this discussion and how many feel like the developers have screwed up for the old way in doing prizes

But we have been told that the banking system is still intact, that all that was added was small rewards now so you get a reward no mater what...

you just deduct the small reward from your banking,  Once you lose what each of the fleet you won last time cost to build, then you will win. 

It's all in the banking and you keeping up with it

some other hits to show you this is still working

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24 June, 2016, 5:35 PM UTC

If you re'above gives you an idea how to do it,

bascally the same as the old method, but now you get some small rewards even after 

you got paid...
I am a daughter of a High King who is not moved by this world for my God is with me and goes before me, I do not fear because im his
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24 June, 2016, 7:01 PM UTC

Your not fooling anyone that has been playing the game for awhile, Losing larger units for smaller units is not a reward.

Of course it kind of tickles when y'all blow smoke up our Butts, lol

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Dane the One
24 June, 2016, 7:28 PM UTC

Blasphemy said:


Your banking is still there,

just it won't calculate your old bank with the new hits on prizes but it's still there as before

any new prizes you have attack after the recent update will show the newest %

it just couldn't had the old, please don't get discourage over this update, give it a chance,

I understand your emotions, however, let's take a closer look at the situation:

FROM THE CM recently 

1) If you have ever touched a Prize (even with one Unit), it won't be affected by the change.

2) You will still get big payouts which you were used to get before.

3) In addition to big payouts you will receive small mini-payouts after raiding each Prize.

4) Small payouts will help you to keep a certain number of Units in your army even if the big payout is far away.

If you have any questions, please ask.

 After my post last night, our BH decided to do our own research this morning. It seems that it now takes far more to take a prize. Where say it use to only take 5 bonnies to do a level 1 or 2 prize, now takes twice as many. and the further up you go is the exact same thing. So it's taking double the troops to take your prizes. You may win a little, but the large rewards that the moderators spoke about don't happen. It's now designed to lose your fleet/troops. I think plarium is hoping that you'll lose all your fleet, so that you are forced to buy them back. I've seen it first hand. No longer are the days of the huge wins. and as far as those little wins, those go to be applied to the next prize. So actually not are you only losing double troops/fleet on your prizes, then you turn around and throw these little wins you gained also. So there is no wins.

I've sent out a warning to my members in our BH, explaining this and warning them to be careful or they would end up with nothing after doing prizes. I've already seen quite a few leave the game after this slap in the face. Just when we could had our banking down pat, and being able to receive large prizes you take them away from us. These players that are leaving are long time members. Seems most are just so fed up with all the other things that have been taken away from us. So maybe you'll just have a bunch of smaller members left. But I'm here to tell you that you won't win large prizes anymore. Saw it first hand. Thank you Plarium for totally ruining a great game from a year ago, and to take and take and take until you've pushed players into quitting the game..Way to go....There will be many others, count on it.

And those of us who have been playing this game for years, have not asked for this to be reformed into winning a little each time. I'd much rather have my big rewards as all my upper level members do also. Seems your catering to the lower level members now. That's fine. Enjoy your game now. Since you ruined it.

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24 June, 2016, 7:46 PM UTC

LINDA please consider this a verbal warning, If now i find out any duplicate posts from your side in every corner of the forum, it is not going to be good.


if you are going to reply in multiple make sure you have something else to come up with.

& to the rest. Enough have been said until now.

Final answer from Plarium side is "They are not going to change this prizes system"

Reason is -- There is no negative points in this prizes.

This has been successfully implemented across different platforms/games & it is working fine.

I would suggest to be attentive in the prizes & build some strategy to get bigger payouts.

Major reason behind all this complain is " old strategy is not working & you simply don't want to do a bit of work to build a new one"

Th' rougher th' seven seas, th' smoother we sail. Ahoy! ahead ye coward
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24 June, 2016, 8:25 PM UTC

LOL, So nice of you Fazi to admonish Linda for being frustrated with a change to the game designed to line plarium's pockets.

All of you Moderators should being doing just that, MODERATING NOT CHEERLEADING Plariums profit margins. I thought you all were once players. 

Players are frustrated and have a right to be. Once I reach my breaking point I too will simply stop playing and find something else to waste my money on.

Lock out the posts so the newbies can't see, haha

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24 June, 2016, 8:25 PM UTC

FaZi said:

& to the rest. Enough have been said until now.

You really think this is polite way to say to people to shut up ??
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24 June, 2016, 8:47 PM UTC

FaZi said:

"To reduce that severe impact of prizes this system was introduced. You are getting something back every time which is enough to take on another low level prize (with a possibility of a bigger payout or otherwise atleast some units)"

"4-- All we have to do is to find some strategy that will work on this new prize."

Lets look at the first point here, you are getting something back which is enough to take on another low level prize. I lost 98k on a lvl 34 prize to get 10 SOL's. 39 now being my lowest Prize how is this enough to take on anything? Next, I find it rather hilarious that a Moderator has no clue to go about this new way, your words in 4-- above. Now, enough about that. We know it's b.s. and will not be changed anyways. Still, this is a Forum, a place for players to voice there opinions on things. Why any Moderator feels the need to threaten people for doing so is beyond me. First Moderators insult people in this thread now they threaten them, glad to say I've decided not to become one, not if this is the result. I know Plarium is a business and in it to make money but in a business you NEED customers. If the main voice of your business deals with customers poorly they will eventually find somewhere else to go. I know my Haven name is Ashhole but you guys are something.

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24 June, 2016, 9:15 PM UTC

FaZi said:

& to the rest. Enough have been said until now.

Awesome . This is not the way to talk to costumers that pay money. Can't believe. I just regret the last payment I did. I'm truly offended.

Major reason behind all this complain is " old strategy is not working & you simply don't want to do a bit of work to build a new one"

Old strategy cost me time and money and I did my last payment on that basis. I'm very disappointed.

In any case it is not nice to change the algorithm without previous notice and warning. 


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24 June, 2016, 9:38 PM UTC

you are wrong, the new system is not full of good points and no bad points atall... it is totally pants me hearties.

why would experienced high level players ....leaders of brotherhoods, right down to smaller players all be so downhearted by this horrible change... do we all speak complete gobbledegook ? are we not the players? are our wishes just not important enough for the game makers undemocratic considerations?

where are all the players that want this change?.... we do not hear them speaking up for it hear on this forum....Nobody is on here saying how great it is...... the only voices that are commenting here are those that are hating this change...

we pirates do not care if its on other plarium games, we don't wamt it, we are asking please to revert to the previous setting...  or is plariums aim then to have all its games be total clones of each other, with just different pictures and diifferent names for the strongholds and havens ect? we all feel like your just putting your fingers in your ears and humming a tune over us as we are trying to speak to you about not wanting this change.

Then Fazi chastising Linda, and saying 'ENOUGH' at us all for voicing our opinions on this negative change... Fazi.. this is a forum for the players to discuss matters they feel important, unless somebody is swearing or abusive then who are you to talk to us players in such an aloof fashion? you should be here to support the regulations of the forum and not to be telling players that they can not discuss this matter on the PLAYERS FORUM... where else are players going to discuss such rude.

Bartholomew Roberts.

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24 June, 2016, 10:22 PM UTC

Yes forum regulations says no duplication of posts & linda posted that message in 3 different threads.

Enough have been said which means there are examples given from other player who got the pay out & doing fine in the prizes.

If someone won't want to understand or maybe have a dumb mind than we can't say anything about that.

You can discuss all that you want but do not repeat it over & over again. Put some sense into your next reply.

Respect the forum rules, respect the company who is giving you this free game to play (spending money is your choice, You were never asked to do so) & on top of that respect the fellow players. 

I hardly put things from a mod point of view & mentioned that in multiple threads regarding this issue. We are players, we are volunteers & atleast i won't get dictated by bunch of idiots, who are talking nonsense everywhere and guiding me about things that i have to follow.

I will repeat what has been told to us,

This prize system is not going to change. It is successfully implemented in multiple games across different platforms and everyone is doing fine.

Now you can whine about it, i won't be wasting my further time while trying to put sense in dumb minds.

& it is up to you to take my words as a mod or as a player or whatever. I don't care.

Th' rougher th' seven seas, th' smoother we sail. Ahoy! ahead ye coward
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24 June, 2016, 10:51 PM UTC
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24 June, 2016, 11:20 PM UTC

Fazi, you are the rudest moderator i have ever known here... calling us dumb and a bunch of idiots !! we players make the game not a rude bloke who thinks to get some kinda power by talking a forum position were you can talk down to players in the name of Plarium... your the one who needs to put sence into your next reply as your the one who is supposed to be representing plarium

Fazi says 'Respect the forum rules, respect the company who is giving you this free game to play (spending money is your choice, You were never asked to do so) & on top of that respect the fellow players.' ... what an idiot thing to say.

Plarium should respect the wishes of the gamers..... expessing opinions Fazi is not 'whining'.... grow up you foolish person.

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24 June, 2016, 11:28 PM UTC

ASH said:

So are you calling me dumb then Fazi, because I don't like the change or an idiot???  Come out and say it.  You think you deserve respect just because you volunteered for something, well you'll never have mine!!!

ASH, you're not dumb and certainly not an idiot, 

You're just a concerned hard core player here....

I think Fazi just got a lil carried away..

We are just trying to keep a particular view here.

one of plariums and one of the players, 

We have what is given to us by our CM's 

We try and keep the balance of plarium and our gaming experiences

From my previous post, you may find this to be quite shocking i my self isn't to happy with the change either...

But plariums already changed this, they have done the update in other games and it's been going on for months,

Pirates is last to ever get these updates, as they are tested first in older plarium games.

We either adapt to the new ways or we quit, 

I rather see you adopt and try the new way then give up and walk away...

Safe sails Capt. 


I am a daughter of a High King who is not moved by this world for my God is with me and goes before me, I do not fear because im his
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24 June, 2016, 11:43 PM UTC

omg - THIS thread is so getting out of hand.  But, let's be realistic here folks. 

I work the prizes and I work them well and have been ever since I started playing this game.  Sometimes you loose, rebuild, and then there are those HUGE payouts.  Which to me, was the fun part of the Prizes.  I have maxed mine out to level #140.  Do I do those daily - not always.  And I don't always do daily prizes either.  But, I have learned how to play them and I feel that I've done a fairly decent job of it too.  UNTIL NOW.

I see from these moderator posts that the 'bank' is still there.  It may be, but, its NOT the BIG payouts from just a few days ago.  And we KNEW something was going on with the prizes before this change because the prizes were just not paying out anything.  You can look me up on Pirates - I DO PRIZES AND you'll see my name out there quite frequently too.  If I see someone doing better than me and deserves to win - YES, I will let them win.  I could push it and do a few more - but I stop.

Now - with this NEW change - I am not thrilled with the changes made to the payouts nor am I happy about it.  Will it change the way I play the game - DEFINITELY.  Will I leave the game - not for a while, but this change has made me really reconsider PLARIUM and its logic behind its programmers AND its testers - WHICH are there any??   Before you do a release???  And do the moderators truly PLAY the game - that is not the issue here - nor should it be.  However, Moderators should understand the game and its full potential.

I have put too much into this game to get to where I am.  I've used prizes to get me to the level I am at.  Is there more to learn about this game - YES.  But to see this many people trying to make a point and all the moderators do is copy and paste the same answers or tell us to give it time - folks ... you need to listen to us as well.

I completed most of my prizes today.  And the end result - yes I got a few subs and juggernauts, but not nearly the number that I would have with the old system.  Mostly, I got lesser valued boats and floats.  Lower level players or players with lower prize levels may benefit from this new system.  But, for the big players and those who have been around a while - no, you have not treated us fairly.  I was content with the old method of prizes.  Hit a few bumps along the way, but then you hit BIG.  Which made the prizes so enjoyable yet addictive.

And, I have also seen that this 'system' is out there in the other games as well.  I play two other plarium games - and I don't see it?  I've yet to have a big payout in the other games outside of pirates.

After this experience Event - I won't be doing prizes as much.  It will be a waste of my time to do so.  Disappointed - oh yeah.


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25 June, 2016, 12:38 AM UTC

after doing a prize level 25 i have found that it now takes more than the given 36.000 points to clear...i will need another 1/4 of that again with this new system, so you plarium guys need to do updated prize tables...

i agree with Beafraid says .... she is the biggest player of prizes on the whole server and we all know to respect what she says... as Moderators will you not even approach plarium for us players wishes? or are you  just there to be thier stick to browbeat us into accepting changes we don't want.

i am so dispondant about the way this has gone and am really thinking of quitting especially after the way this has been thrust upon us without any warning.... like normal...

I am not going to comment any further but hope that other players 'Whine' (as Fazi says) on here about this crass decision to change the prizes until plarium might start to listen.

best regards


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25 June, 2016, 1:40 AM UTC
After a year of developing a system that allows a rhythm in prize rewards and sacrificed units, changing the system completely to a method that offers no hope of sustainability is ridiculous.   Looks like I'm done playing any prizes all together and finished donating another penny to Plarium until this gets revised.
ry kel
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