Special Tournament for Plarium's Anniversary!

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1 June, 2016, 1:48 PM UTC

Special Tournament for Plarium's Anniversary!

Whose Crew Will Hold Fast To The Last?

Ahoy Captain!

Plarium be celebratin’ its anniversary! There be a swingin’ party on the Seven Seas tonight! 

T’ mark Plarium's #SevenYearsStrong, ye have the marvelous chance t' give every lily-livered rapscallion this side o' the Bermuda Triangle a taste o' yer shipwrecking skills!

This Tournament be special, Captain, in this one ye be battling alone, fer the same Rankings as all t' other Captains! It’s all or nothin’ time! There be no individual Rewards just fer hitting yer targets, but if ye manage to finish highly, ye'll get some truly swashbucklin’ Rewards. 

On the other hand, ye won't be rewarded at all if ye don't place in the Rankings! It be sure t’ be a long and eventful voyage - ye have two entire weeks t’ show yer rivals who the top dog be! 

Good luck, ye scurvy mongrel!

Captain ""Bonnie"" Anne O'Malley

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