Update News! Check Out the New Features Now!

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17 December, 2015, 7:37 PM UTC

Update News!

Check Out the New Features Now!

Ahoy there, Captains!

This week, we’ve fixed some bugs and made some important updates:

Changes to the Wheel of Fortune! Introducing special discount offers for Whirlpools! The Whirlpools o' Chance and Fate can be purchased at a discount! Keep an eye on the Wheel of Fortune to see the latest offers and deals!

Changes to "Train Units" Brotherhood Adventure! From now on ye will receive points for getting Units from the Smuggler's Den and reviving Units at the Smuggler's Den as well. Now it's easier than ever to receive greater Rewards!

Changes to Tournaments! Please pay attention to the following rules regarding new Brotherhood members and their participation in Brotherhood Tournaments:

1. If ye have been a member of a Brotherhood for less than 7 days, ye will not receive any Tournament Points or Rewards!

2. If ye have been a member of a Brotherhood for less than 7 days, and ye only become a fully-fledged Brotherhood member after more than half of the current Tournament's time has elapsed, ye will receive no Tournament Points or Rewards.

3. If ye have been a member of a Brotherhood for less than 7 days, then become a fully-fledged Brotherhood member BEFORE half of the Tournament time has elapsed, ye will receive Tournament points as well as Rewards!

Arrh, that's enough chatter for now, Captains - get yerselves on deck and unfurl the main, I can hear cannons in the distance!

Piratically yours!

Captain "Bonnie" Anne O'Malley

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17 December, 2015, 8:43 PM UTC

Ok so update is okay, there is nothing so special about it.

I often heard this thing & also wanted to have something to speed up units. Some people say they should introduce package with rubies to boost train unit for let say 24 hours but i think it will help only those players who are spending $$$$.

So why don't we introduce upgrades for armory, pirate den, dutch man hanger's etc. Higher level of these buildings will reduce the time it take to train unit. (i know we can apply pearls etc. but still the time is too much)

& additionally if plarium really wants to get $$ by selling rubies, they can introduce package of boosting the train unit thing for a limited hours. But please keep rubies @ very high numbers for this so even $$ players think about it before purchasing the boost. Or alternative is boost for $. let say $1.5 for 1 day boost of train units.
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18 December, 2015, 10:38 AM UTC
Some bugs are fixed and some changes make sense. But these new sounds you introduced are killing my nerves. 
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18 December, 2015, 12:39 PM UTC
Some bugs had been fixed like getting your reports when things take place but now I see that those are messed up again, to get your reports again you have to refresh your game so with the new updates. now we have more bugs.
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18 December, 2015, 12:43 PM UTC
Captain! The reports should not get messed up after ye make the refresh and clear yer browser cache, yarrghh!
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18 December, 2015, 10:55 PM UTC
The phantom report bug does still exist but a simple refresh takes care of it. Most of the time its just not registering instantly that a new report has popped up or has been cleared. Quick refresh is all thats needed though. I can see the frustration though, being someone that tweaks when notifications don't go away :)
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