New Prize Ransack Requirements! Earn 100 Tournament Points And Get Rewarded!

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Anne Bonnie
11 September, 2015, 4:30 PM UTC

New Prize Ransack Requirements! Earn 100 Tournament Points And Get Rewarded!

Ahoy Captain!

I be crab diving with me old Crew the day betwixt yesterday and tomorrow when we stumble upon a scurvy site that filled me with sorrow, for ‘twas a message in a bottle! Some scallywagging Captains not be actively participating in Brotherhood Tournaments! They now done forced me hand and things be a changin’!

Now if ye want to share in yer Brotherhood’s success and receive Rewards, ye yerself must earn at least 100 Tournament Points during Brotherhood Tournaments. Aye, no more scallywags looking to hide behind their Brethren to save their Crew!

To sum things up, Captain, actively participate in Brotherhood Tournaments and be earning at least 100 Tournament Points to partake in yer Brotherhood’s Rewards!

Captain "Bonnie" Anne O'Malley

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15 September, 2015, 3:09 PM UTC
New to the game would appreciate any assistance
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16 September, 2015, 12:31 AM UTC

Did ye ever asked any BH what they thinkingz are on this here a subject ? ? ?

Any idea what the meaning of BH is ? ? ?

where do ye need off Plarium to lay down these Imperial laws on us here Pirates !

Shame on you Plarium for imposing these Liberal Laws on us Pirates.

Y'have no say what happens inside a BH !

Boe on you.  A real BH takes care of their own, be a day needed in Real Life or not : a BH Tournament is a BH Tournament, not some OBLIGATED work !

Another asocial update ....
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16 September, 2015, 3:31 AM UTC

My thoughts on this is it's a brotherhood achievements just because some don't get as many points this week but they can make up for it next week

and what made this nice was, the bigger more experienced players where helping the smaller players out..

I know a 100 pts isn't hard to get, but some times it is for the smaller ones that need that help

I mean , I thought we where playing a strategy game?


strategy a careful plan or method for achieving a particular goal usually over a long period of time : the skill of making or carrying out plans to achieve a goal

let us plan it out for what we think is better for our own brotherhood, we do not mind helping our BH out, it's why we are into it together, to help each other....

I am a daughter of a High King who is not moved by this world for my God is with me and goes before me, I do not fear because im his
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8 November, 2015, 3:26 PM UTC
Nemam pojma sta treba hehehe
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Anne Bonnie
9 November, 2015, 2:34 PM UTC

jasminjafa said:

Nemam pojma sta treba hehehe

jasminjafa, do you have any questions?

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