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20 October, 2017, 10:24 PM UTC

There was some nagging not too long ago about the "Invite your friends" popup (for example, here).

If you never log out

For all of you who don't like the pop-up (and since they messed it up with the last update, I got annoyed by it too), here is how to get rid of it: in popup/ad blocking extensions for your browser (I tried uBlock and Adblock Plus on Chrome) add your own blocking filter:

However, this code will disable the "Log out" function.

If you want to keep the log out functionality

Unfortunately, I couldn't get this to work with Adblock Plus. If you are using uBlock, then the procedure is the same as above, except that the code to use is > .c-modal-overlay__after-open.c-modal-overlay

How is this set

The procedure for this is fairly simple. First, go to the settings of your blocking extension:


Both of these have "My Filters" tab where you can add the above code.

You might need to reload the game, but that's it.

The popup should no longer appear but the game will still stop being responsive after it thinks you were inactive for 3 minutes (which you can easily verify because your resources will no longer be changing). However, whatever you click on, the game should become responsive and the click should work right away (without the need to "close" the nagging popup or whatever).

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22 October, 2017, 8:00 AM UTC

in my experience, the pop-up doesn't show up when you play in full screen either.


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