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For KABAMians: questions and answers

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25 February, 2017, 7:42 PM UTC

As most of you know, Kabam's servers were transferred to Plarium. I will try to address some concerns and provide the info that we have so far. To keep this topic easy to read, I'll keep it locked and add more info if needed.

1. My haven wasn't transferred / I got a level 1 haven / etc.

Short answer: after logging in, click that banner for changing maps

and pick "The Golden Coast" if you're looking for a haven from Kabam's "Pirate Bay", or on "Sirens' Strait" if you're looking for a haven from Kabam's "Golden Coast":

Long(ish) answer:

Kabam had "The Pirates Bay" (which was the first one) and "The Golden Coast" (which opened some 2 years ago). Plarium has "The Pirates Bay", "The Golden Coast", and "The Sirens' Strait". Our (Kabamians') havens appeared on Plarium's "Golden Coast" and some players from old Plarium's map showed screenshots with "The Pirate Bay".

So, I conclude:

  • "The Pirate Bay" is now the original map,
  • "The Golden Coast" is now our original map (i.e., Kabam's "Pirate Bay"),
  • "Sirens' Strait" is now the only remaining thing: Kabam's old "Golden Coast".
I have no official confirmation, but I don't see another possible explanation of what is what.

2. How do I change my name?

Above the game, click your new name:

A new browser tab/window will open. There, click on "Profile":

You'll see your profile data with "Edit" options. Click the one next to your name:

Note that you will see this change in the game only after you reload it.

2.1. Is my name the same on all the maps?

Yes, by design.

3. My cemetery's messed up, I cannot raise DCs / What's with "shipmates" and "friends"?

As another Plarium moderator explained to me:

A "friend" is close to what the "shipmates" were on Kabam: extra speed of troops and galleons, ability to raise DCs. You add them by clicking "Invite", which can be found in almost all user menus and below their haven on the map:

You can also see other players' invites to you here:

When you accept someone's invitation or they accept yours, you need to reload to have the above icon changed.

A "shipmate" is close to what we had until a bit over 3 years ago: they get to see your reports (hits on you or your blocks, hits by you,...) under "Envoy". This doesn't appear to be working at the moment, possibly because we're fresh and have many shipmates who we possibly wouldn't want to see our reports. I'll ask for further confirmation of this, but this thing under "Envoy" is quite telling:

Also, "shipmates" get the same speed benefits, but no DCs.

∞. None of this helps, I still need assistance!

If the transfer failed for you, or you need any other assistance with your account, please contact the Support. As on Kabam, you can get answers and advice on the forum, but only the Support can actually do something to your account.

If you just have questions, feel free to look around, use forum's "search" function to see if the answer was already given, or ask in the appropriate subforum.

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