How to view a screenshot web link in a parrot - by Matr

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21 February, 2017, 3:19 PM UTC

Many people trade screenshots by posting them on Free websites that cater to this kind of thing. Here's how to view them:

First, copy the parrot. HOW: hover your mouse in the upper right hand corner of the parrot you want to copy and a "copy" icon will light up - pick the icon to copy to your clipboard.

2nd:Paste the parrot into the blank parrot for reply: HOW: Left click your mouse pointer inside of the reply blank parrot. Hold down the CTRL key and press “V” to paste.

3rd Copy Link. HOW: Highlight the link in the parrot by dragging your mouse over the link while holding down the left mouse button. Hold down the CRTL key and press “C” to copy the link.

4th Paste link into browser HOW: Open a new browser window and use CTRL “V” to paste the link into the go to a link section in your browser. Press enter – the link should open.

Hint: don't paste the link into the search bar and try searching for the address. Some browsers will only search for the link and not find it. Chrome won't find a link that it hasn't indexed. Instead paste it into the blank "View Site" bar at the top.

This technique works for any web link in a parrot

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