Preventing mass defend on the BH haven you want to raid - by Matr

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21 February, 2017, 3:17 PM UTC

TIP: Attacking a BH member and preventing mass defense: If you want to raid a certain person from a brotherhood and you are concerned that the brotherhood will respond and pile defense on the haven you are raiding here is an option for prevent the mass defend. Hide your real raid amongst a number of fake raids to other BH members:

HOW: Send a 1 marauder raid to a bunch of the BH members ranked boatswain and above. For your real raid send 1 marauder and the rest of your raid troops at the real target. This makes all raids go at the same speed so they appear to be identical. With this scheme the opposing BH has no idea which captain is getting the real raid and they will have to choose which haven to defend. Of course there’s a small chance they will be successful at defending the correct haven but a 99 % certainty of annoying the hell of them. Be prepared to eat fireships.

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